Hello! Disha here. Welcome to Toes and Paws! Scrolling through the internet looking for wholesome content to cater to your pet needs has brought you here to our side of the world. Along with a team of animal lovers, we curate the best of day care, grooming, boarding, training, veterinary care and more for your pets.

Launched in 2022, Toes and Paws is a passion project brought together by people bonding over our common love of animals.

Who Are We?

Our Pet advocates Pet enthusiasts Animal lovers Pet aficionados Devoted team Behind Toes and Paws

Disha Handique

Founder & Author

In her own words, “oh my god! Can I pat your dog?”. A serial dog petter, Disha absolutely squeals whenever she comes across animals. Growing up among them on a farm, she’s no stranger to interacting with a range of animals. Despite having a series of strange animal encounters, nothing deters her passion towards them. Obviously, there’s no such thing as having ‘too many furry friends’ in her book.

Rahul Verma

Content & SEO Director

A pet aficionado, Rahul’s always on the go. Be it dancing, skateboarding, or just chilling with his cows, a sweet calf named Lola being his favourite . Being a pet parent himself, he never shies away from making new friends on his travels. Pets or strays, he shares the same love for all of them and makes sure to take time out for his furry friends.“I believe cows to be the gentlest and kindest of creatures”.

Our Story

From pet lovers to pet bloggers: Our journey of passion and inspiration.

Being a dog mom for years, I have been blessed with my indie mix, Eugene, who is every bit spoiled and I don’t blame him for it. I know that ‘love at first sight’ is such a cliché, but I think that’s how we all feel about our babies and mine is no different.

I clearly remember him fitting in the palm of my hand and being absolutely stubborn like his hooman. Bed-time was absolutely hilarious! Eugene would be peeking out of his bed to check if he could crawl into mine. I would love spoiling him, fashioning little outfits, and rocking him to sleep. Despite being smaller than a plant, Eugene was braver than most. And a tiny dog with a big attitude? What’s not to love about that? 

In our short time together, adopting Eugene was a no-brainer and when I look back on our journey, I would choose to do it all over again. 

But what exactly pushed me to start a website on pets? Honestly, it’s simple. I love pets. And I love writing. Bringing them together seemed to be the obvious choice.

Our Impact

Making a paw-sitive impact: How we’re transforming the pet community.

Instead of just being another pet resource on the internet, I want to work on building a community focused on solving issues, sharing adorable ideas and delivering the very best we can on all there is to know about pets. As a pet lover, I’ve fostered all kinds of cuties – fins, paws, beaks – you name it! So look forward to these wonderful quips and writings to be just the thing you need on a paw-ful day! 

Hence, while I share my content with you, what we create is much bigger than just a girl and her pets. It’s about all of us building a haven to give back the love and admiration that our pets so rightly deserve. We believe that pets are the perfect best friends – never judging and with unconditional love. Focusing on delivering top-notch content, I hope for this website to become a virtual friend to understanding our pets better, and for happier pet parents.


Happy reading furr-ends! Xo