If you are looking for a pint-sized, goofy furry dog, Affenpinschers belongs to a group of popular dog breeds that are all about monkeying around! Contrary to their size, they are pretty, fierce, and energetic.

For those considering adding this goofball to their family, here is everything you need to know about Affenpinschers.


Height11 inches
Weight7-10 lbs
Life span12-14 years
Exercise needs30 minutes daily
TemperamentFearless, Jolly, Energetic
GroomingLow maintenance

Origin of the Affenpinscher

Affenpinscher is an ancient dog named after a German translation—of “Monkey dog.” It will be surprising to know they gained popularity through artworks, paintings, and German film stars photographed with Affenpinscher. 

Famous for their rat-catching abilities, they were adopted mainly by farmers and shop owners, while they gradually became home pets where they would catch mice during the day and play at night! Affenpinschers can harm them with their saliva and shed. 

The ape terriers are covered in a shaggy fur coat that adds to their cuteness. They are even known as the mustached little devil in one of the French sayings.

Appearance and Personality

These pet dogs have round skulls with small round bodies, forever ready to protect their owners and themselves.

1. Family dogs

Affenpinschers love to travel and socialize with their owners and other dogs. They can be identified as “ambiverts”; they can be shy and quiet with new people but be playful with family members. So yeah, they are quite a family dog.

2. Energetic

Due to their observant, nosy, and curious nature, they can get very excited and energetic. However, they are always ready to fight off the threats with the same energy. Although, it is best not to let them fight with bigger dogs. 

3. Protective

Contrary to their size, these dogs can be excellent guards as they will wake up the whole neighborhood if they see a stranger coming. 

4. Humorous

These tough guys are great play buddies and will never disappoint you with their humor. Affenpinschers often give comical expressions or even hide toys to catch attention. These tiny furry balls can be goofy and playful all day, leaving no space for their owner to be sad.

5. Territorial

They are territorial and moody as well. Meaning they’ll only cuddle you if they want to! They will probably not let you pat any other dog in front of them, as they want all attention and eyes on their funtivities.

Affenpinschers were popular with European nobility and even Napoleon’s favorite!

Grooming Needs of the Affenpinscher

These dogs are low maintenance. You can do their grooming at home easily with minimal effort. However, doing it regularly to keep their hygiene healthy is essential.

1. Trim hair and nails

For grooming, most of the care goes to their long furry hair. Their mustache adds charm to this loyal pet. They have dense shaggy fur coats, which can be troublesome as they grow over your pooch’s eyes. They will need to trim hair and nails once a month or two. 

2. Check for infections

Affenpinschers love to stay clean, so checking for infections, eye boogers, or ruffed hair is essential. Their long hair might be an obstacle so probably get that out of the way first.

3. Clean their coats

To keep them neat (& shaggy), you can comb their hair once or twice a day and clear out any hair on their face that disturbs their vision or breathing. In addition to this, due to their heavy fur, there will be shedding, so cleaning out the dried, rough hair will keep their coat clean and shiny.

an affenpinscher puppy running on a sunny day

Temperament of the Affenpinscher

1. Brave

Fearless little warriors, Affenpinschers can be both extremes- quiet and super excited. They are very attentive in any situation, making them defenders and guards.

2. Jolly

They are attached to owners and can grab your attention by goofing around you. They are not aggressive dogs, so they will probably not bite everyone. Affenpinschers are great around kids and hoomans as they can play around, cuddle, and even protect their loved ones with their “little weapon paws.”

3. Energetic

For these furry buddies, every night is a Friday night, where they get to party all day. These creatures are full of energy and charisma, making them a perfect fit for families. They are definitely not a party popper!

Moreover, their barks are usually problematic once they detect a threat or see someone new. 

Exercise and Training Needs

As Affenpinschers are small, they don’t require rigorous exercises. However, every dog has unique exercise requirements that need to be fulfilled. Here are the training needs for Affenpinscher:

1. Walks

Walking the dog daily for 30 minutes will keep them fit. Affenpinschers love to roam around wagging their tails, so taking them out for a short run or walk will keep their routine healthy and physically fit. 

2. Mental stimulation

Nature’s voices and colors and understanding of the streets are essential for Affenpinschers. You can also give them puzzles and riddles or play hide and seek to nurture their creativity, improve critical thinking, and stimulate their minds.

After all, who doesn’t like a dog with beauty and brains? 

3. Play

As these dogs love to play freely at home with toys, you can take them out and fetch them treats or balls to keep them entertained and active. They love to play with children and other dogs. Furthermore, exercising once a day should be fine, but if you want to, you can take them on a short walk or let them play alone, running behind butterflies in your garden.

Are Affenpinschers Hypoallergenic?

Yes, Affenpinschers are hypoallergenic. People with allergies can also adopt these furry goofballs, as they shed much less than other breeds. 

However, in case, you have small pets like hamsters and guinea pigs, it is best to keep them at a distance from Affenpinschers. But on the other hand, their presence would keep your house free of pests and rodents.


If you want energetic, attentive, small-sized dogs who would fight all possible threats, Affenpinschers are for you! They are low maintenance but require regular trimming and grooming sessions. 

Furthermore, they are naturally super loyal and are loved for their comical behaviors. They wear their dense furry coat with pride and shed it all along. Hence, keeping them groomed and clean should be your goal as an owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Affenpinschers shed?

Yes, Affenpinschers have a dense wiry coat, which often sheds during seasonal changes. Timely grooming and trimming sessions can reduce shedding. While they’re not as low at shedding as other breeds like a Shih Tzu, the wiry coat ensures that Affenpinschers have relatively low shedding, making them great for people with allergies.

Are Affenpinschers hypoallergenic?

Yes, Affenpinschers are hypoallergenic, so people with allergies can also keep them safely. They shed occasionally and comparatively less than other breeds making them a perfect family breed.

How long do Affenpinschers live?

Affenpinschers have an average lifespan of 12-14 years. However, proper nutrition and health checkups can help with their longevity. 

Is Affenpinscher a good family dog?

Absolutely yes! They are family dogs. Affenpinschers love to be around people and play with children. They are energetic and love to spend time indoors with family and friends. Although they can be a bit moody sometimes, they are pretty social and paw-fect companions for children and adults.

Do Affenpinschers bark a lot?

No, you will often find Affenpinschers playing or sitting quietly. However, if they smell a threat or see someone new, they can bark loud enough to wake you up. Moreover, we are sure their little playful barks will awe you!

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