When you think of classy, elegant, sophisticated dogs, you think of an Afghan Hound standing gracefully with their head up and long hair drooping down. 

These creatures are intelligent and are known for their speed. They undoubtedly boast a lot of their appearance but are one of the most loyal dogs. If you want to parent an Afghan Hound, here is everything you need to know about them!


Height25-27 inches
Weight50-60 lbs
Life span12-14 years
Exercise needs1-2 hours a day
TemperamentIndependent, Alert, Calm
GroomingHigh maintenance

Origin of the Afghan Hound

This graceful hound has been here since the 19th century. Afghan Hounds used to be around the mountains of Afghanistan, which justifies the long, thick, and lustrous hair coat. 

These dogs are known for their speed, which has evolved over time as tribal people used earlier Afghan Hounds to hunt. The appearance of Afghan Hounds can be deceiving, as they have enough strength to chase and catch deer, gazelles, and big animals like leopards. 

Descended from the early wolves family, these dogs have long gowns of hair due to breeding over the years. When we think about Afghan Hounds, their royalty and grace come to mind. This is why people used to pet them earlier to boast about their wealth.

With their remarkable speed, they were used to protect families and to hunt deer or other animals. So it not only has beauty but brains and speed as well! 

an afghan hound standing in the woods

Appearance and Personality

Afghan Hounds are considered to be medium-sized dogs who are known for their gracefulness and elegance. They have a long furry coat that looks like they are wearing a gown.

The thick coat drooping down to the ground comes in different shades like reds, blacks, browns, and even cream.

Here are things you need to know about Afghan Hound’s personality:

1. Meeting new people

As for their personality, they are NOT a big fan of crowded areas. However, they love to spend time with family and owners. They take their time to trust strangers, but they are one of the most affectionate and loyal breeds once they do.

2. Protective

As they have evolved and bred to protect their owners and hunt for them, they now have defensiveness in their gene code. They are hyper-alert for the threats and give responses accordingly.

3. Family dog

YES! Afghan Hounds love to spend time with family. Although leaving big dogs with children is not recommended, the dogs can be very friendly with them and even protect them if needed. 

4. Independent

Afghans Hounds admire their solitude. They can be left alone at home without causing any worry to the owner. Afghan Hounds love to stay in places with peaceful environments. However, every dog needs to be nurtured and deserves quality time, so always stay in that!

5. Highly sensitive

Their pride and aloof nature don’t take them away from caring about their owner’s emotions. They are susceptible to emotions, so it is important not to follow harmful reinforcement activities and keep nurturing them. 

Did you know? Afghan Hounds can run at a speed of 40 mph!

Grooming Needs of the Afghan Hound

As you can tell by the looks of it—they can be high maintenance! Here’s how:

1. Coat needs to be brushed

Their long thick fur coat must be groomed with gentle care and patience. Combing them once a day to avoid any tangles or unnecessary shedding is essential. While brushing, make sure the brush does not have harsh ends that would break their hair or cause itch/rashes.

2. Look for professionals

Also, Afghan Hounds like to stay clean, so bathing them daily should be on your schedule. However, as it is a medium-large dog, it can be challenging for newbie dog parents to groom them properly, for which you can take the help of Professional Dog Grooming Services. 

Lastly, taking care of their dental health and trimming their nails is essential to maintain healthy hygiene. 

Temperament of the Afghan Hound

Well, they have a lot to boast about, especially their lustrous coat. Carrying that pride, Afghan Hounds do not tolerate being treated wrong. Let’s dig into some details about their temperament:

1. Aggression

Afghan Hounds are one of the least aggressive breeds. They are indeed alert and protective, but they are also pretty calm and composed by nature.

2. Independent

They enjoy being in their own space and have loads of me time! When it comes to spending a sunny day at the secluded corner of the beach, Afghan hounds would be the first ones to arrive.

3. Elegant

The air of elegance they carry in their personality leaves people awe-struck. They have a long face, with flares or hair on the sides, making them look no less than a Queen.

Exercise and Training Needs

Yelling at them to exercise will not work here!

Learning what pushes Afghan Hounds to exercise, like treats, positive reinforcement, head pats, etc., will help the owner train them effectively. Here are things you need to know about training an Afghan Hound:

1. A leash

Using a leash while taking them on a walk is essential, as if their eyes land on a mouse, oh boy, they will run and catch it! So to keep them safe from traffic or other animals, always carry an extra leash.

2. Daily walks

An hour-long walk is required to keep Afghan hounds fit and healthy. This will not make them lazy or obese. Moreover, this will help maintain their energy levels active without tiring them up quickly.

3. Training

As these dogs love adventure and thrill, challenging exercises will keep their muscles strong and make them feel more confident. For training, positive reinforcement, giving treats or hugs will motivate them to exercise more.

4. Mental stimulation

There is a lot of fuss about Afghan hounds being dumb, but it is UNTRUE. These dogs are alert and intelligent. From detecting a threat from a distance to actively responding with defense, they have remarkable mental abilities, even to take down a leopard. 

Therefore, the owner must nourish their minds with games, puzzles, and activities. Lastly, the essential requirement for training Afghan Hounds is to spend at least 1-2 hours daily on activities.


To sum it up, if you are an experienced dog owner, Afghan hounds can be a great addition to your family. For first-time dog parents, you might need professional help to groom and train these remarkably eye pleasers—the Afghan Hounds.

These dogs require space for themselves and to roam around or play. From being independent to being there to protect their owners, Afghan Hounds justifies them being known for their loyalty and royalty. If you want an affectionate dog with the skills of a professional hunter, Afghan Hounds are for you!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Afghan Hound hypoallergenic?

Yes, Afghan Hounds are hypoallergenic and are good for people who are susceptible to allergies. The key here is to groom the dog’s hair regularly to ensure that there is no unnecessary shed or hair fall. Even though having thick long hair, Afghan hounds do not shed a lot unless they are not taken good care of.

Why do Afghan hounds have long hair?

Afghan Hounds originally belonged to the mountains, where they faced extreme climatic conditions, due to which they have dense, thick hair drooping down their bodies. This breed is often a symbol of royalty among humans due to its elegant and graceful appearance, which sets them apart from other breeds.

Are Afghan hounds aggressive?

No, on the contrary, Afghan hounds are very calm and composed. They love to be in big, quiet spaces where they can enjoy their solitude. However, if they sense a threat, these dogs can hunt the predator down with their skills. Otherwise, they are pretty gentle with kids and families.

Do Afghan hounds shed a lot?

No, it’s surprising for a lot of people that Afghan Hounds with dense, thick hair do not shed frequently. It is important to take care of their hair by grooming, cleaning, and trimming on a regular basis to avoid any tangles or dreads, which can cause Afghan Hounds to shed.

Are hound dogs high maintenance?

Yes, hound dogs can be high maintenance due to their appearance and essential needs to be groomed regularly. In fact, if you are an inexperienced dog owner, you might need to take professional grooming care services. Along with grooming, their training can also be very harsh for first-timers, as this dog needs 1-2 hours of exercise and play to stay active.

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