If you are looking for a medium size dog who can cuddle you up and protect your house, Aidi is for you. The only condition this breed comes with is a space to roam around without banging into the tables or chairs.

To know about your “potential baby dog,” we have everything you need to know about this intelligent, loyal, protective, and oh-so-cute dog, Aidi.


Height21-24 inches
Weight55 lbs
Life span11-12 years
Exercise needs30 minutes to 1 hour daily
TemperamentShy, Protective, Independent
GroomingLow maintenance
OriginAtlas Mountains of Northern Africa

Origin of the Aidi

Aidi primarily belonged to the Atlas Mountains of Northern Africa, which stretch across Morroco, Tunisia, and Algeria. Here this breed was used by farmers to protect their herds of sheep and goats. They are guard dogs!

They have evolved to protect their owners and families from predators, which makes them a loyal companion. Aidi dog breeds are flexible and adaptable to harsh weather conditions as they are primarily built per the Atlas Mountains’ climate conditions.

The tales of humans and Aidis’ bond has been prevalent throughout ancient history. It was almost like they were treated as a part of their tribe called Berber. Recently, people started recognizing this adorable, tough breed, known for its intelligence and loyalty to the master, as a potential pet. 

Life Span of the Aidi

This awe-striking dog possesses an average lifespan of 11-12 years. However, this depends on health conditions, fitness, diet, and nurture. These factors may lead to the longevity and health of your furry friend. However, as they are pretty tough, they can fight off diseases during their lifespan, which is a perk!

Appearance and Personality

Aidi, also known as Atlas mountain dogs, are medium-sized dog with muscular and athletic bodies. As they originally belong to a place with harsh weather conditions, they have a dense, thick coat that is wiry from the outside and cozy from the inside.

Here are some personality traits of Aidi: 

1. Critical thinkers

Apart from being friendly and jolly with other family members, these furry individuals are famous for their critical thinking skills and loyalty to their owners. 

2. Protective

Aidis are protective, but their anger issues are very composed. They can solely move around the house, take care of their belongings, and live independently for moderate periods. 

3. Loyal

Their loyalty to their owners and being alert to threats make them unique to newbie owners or experienced trainers. Aidi get praised a lot for their commitment to families. They are friendly with children and love to spend time with other family members.

4. Medium energy level

These canine creatures can be laid back in their lifestyle. As a parent, it is essential to take Aidi on regular walks and exercise sessions and also to stimulate their mind for mental health. This way, they will be more active and fun to be around. In addition, the owner must not force their pet into something they are continuously running away from, as this will make Aidis lose trust in their owner. 

Like any other animal, they also need some patting, treats, and love from their owners. Moreover, gelling up with strangers is not their thing. They are more towards being an introvert who either shy away from new people or don’t interact with them. 

Despite their popularity in their native Morocco, Aidi dogs are rare outside of North Africa!

Grooming Needs of the Aidi

Aidis have a rough outer coat and a plush undercoat of trim to medium length; this enables the owners to groom them with no hard work!

1. Brushing their coat

Brushing their furry coat once or twice a week while foaming them in a dog-friendly shampoo would be a great way to keep that thick coat shiny and healthy. Similarly, it is also essential to regularly trim the extra fur around Aidi’s eyes or nose. 

2. Check for infections

Like most dogs, the Aidi can also be prone to ear infections, eye boogers, and nail problems if not groomed properly. Long hair can often cause many of these issues. Hence, trimming the hair and nails is a must.

aidi dog sitting on a mountain top

Temperament of the Aidi

We have said a lot about these furry dogs, Aidis being tough, ruff, protectors, and all brave stuff, yet underneath lies a soft, soft furry pooch who craves attention and loves to spend time with children.

1. Shy buddies

Aidi can be picky when it comes to finding a friend. They are reserved and usually take a new face as a threat. As they can be shy with other dogs and people, they will eventually learn to interact with furry friends and hoomans if trained and put into social situations. 

2. Protective

Aidis are not aggressive, but they are always ready to fight off! They can get into a full-on “super-dog” mood if they sense a threat! Unfamiliar faces are usually a red signal to them. They are also pretty calm, composed and will not bite people around the streets for no reason.

3. Independent and brave

Due to their original responsibilities, they are known to be courageous and never step back from facing a threat. They are smart enough to make decisions independently and act with bravery. However, even though most of their picture poses are “I am a tough guy,” they are pretty cuddly and happy kids who love to play in big areas.

Exercise and Training Needs

These dogs LOVE to be trained, played with, and taught to protect their owners. They are well-built with muscles and a heavy lean body structure, which makes them a great athlete. Plus:

1. Daily workout

For their training, inexperienced owners need help being consistent with the challenging exercises. Aidi dog needs at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of activity daily and a nutritious diet. 

2. Positive reinforcement training

In addition to this, Aidis can be overprotective. That behavior must be controlled and handled with patience and positive reinforcement training. They can be trained in a garden or an area big enough for these woofers to roam freely.

3. Let them solve puzzles

Besides being overprotective, these canine creatures are brilliant and are known for their critical thinking skills. Hence, it is essential to stimulate them mentally with puzzles and games (they’ll love hide & seek).

Aidis have evolved this way for centuries and have dealt with heavy training to survive the most challenging conditions of the mountains of northern Africa. So if they are left to laze around or are not trained, they can show behavioral problems.

4. Early socialization

Lastly, Aidi can be rude to strangers; they must be trained at their “puppy stage” to learn and behave well with others instead of throwing claws at everyone.


With Aidi by your side, you are in for a treat! They can gatekeep your house with pride and love. Even first-time dog owners can train and grow their bond quickly, as these dogs are relatively easy to please. Lastly, they are adorable, happy-go-lucky, and loyal to humans and their families. 

If you want to experience being a responsible “dog owner” and live a life with a loyal canine companion, you and Aidi will have the best time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Aidi dogs friendly?

YES! Aidi dogs are very friendly and jolly with family and children. They love to play with them while also protecting them from threats. However, as they are comparatively bigger than a baby, it is advisable not to leave the two alone. Apart from this, Aidis can gel well with humans.

Where are Aidi dogs from?

Aidis are from the Atlas Mountains of northern Africa. They evolved in harsh weather conditions, so they even have a double layer of fur coat to keep them warm and safe.

What is the size of Aidi dog?

Aidi dog grows almost 21- 24 inches in height and 23-25 kg in weight. Females are generally smaller than males, but the difference is not that huge.

What is the lifespan of Aidi?

An average life expectancy of the Aidi dog breed is 12- 14 years. However, if a healthy diet, exercise, and mental stimulation are given to the dog, there might be chances of longevity.

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