Draped in stunning white coats, Akbash is a fascinating breed that has gained popularity worldwide. If you want to adopt this breed, this article is for you!

Before adopting any dog, it is a MUST to bombard questions about proper grooming, personality traits, anger issues, training needs, etc. This is a guide for everything you need to know before bringing Akbash to your home.


Height28-30 inches
Weight90-140 lbs
Life span10-12 years
Exercise needs30 minutes to 1 hour daily
TemperamentReserved, Calm, Gentle
GroomingLow maintenance

Origin of the Akbash

The Akbash dog breed is an ancient breed having roots in the landscapes of Turkey. This mountain dog has a unique combination of guardian instincts and a charming appearance.

The shepherds bred them to protect them from predators and guard the livestock. Due to these practices, now the Akbash dog breed has honed this persona. Akbash is a Turkish word translated from “white head”. It suits their appearance, as these dogs are snow-white.

These breeds are big guys with historical significance. They offered to guard livestock and herds against predators like bears and wolves. In the modern world, they are known for their charm and versatility. People now appreciate their presence in their homes and couches.

Appearance and Personality

When it comes to Akbash dogs, their good looks may confuse you! Akbash hide their clever instincts and vigilance under their striking white furry coat. They are generally puffed-up, muscled-body dogs. They have a commanding sense of presence that can intimidate their threats.

These livestock guardian dogs have golden to dark brown eyes that add to their charm. But charm is not all that they have to boast about! It is the personality they carry that sets them apart from other dog breeds. Here are the personality traits of Akbash:

1. Loyal

The Akbash dog breed has loyalty embedded in the gene code! It does not only stays limited to human household or owners but even wider surroundings. They show clear signs of responsible ownership for their loved ones and family.

This instinct for loyalty is rooted in their heritage. To be precise, when you are with Akbash, they give you the princess treatment (well deserved!)

2. Protective

The Akbash are excellent watchdogs. They have the skills to be alert and assess situations. Such quality compliments their protective nature towards owners and loved ones. Akbashs can stick through thick and thin and are not the ones to step back.

They are usually not aggressive dogs, but if they sense a threat, they will be the ones to end the fight.

3. Adaptable and flexible

Akbash dogs are adaptable and can fit into different family dynamics. If they are appropriately trained, they can use their adaptability instinct. They also have excellent tolerance for harsh weather conditions. (or generally, people who annoy them!)

4. Independent thinkers

Akbash dogs are full-time working guardians who you can pay off with yummy treats! They are independent thinkers who are amazing at problem-solving and assessing situations beforehand.

However, this quality can also pose difficulties in training. They can be assertive and ignorant towards your commands. But you can teach them civilized ways with positive reinforcement training. Moreover, if they have to, they can take action independently to protect their owners.

5. Akbash are confident!

The flare of confidence and pride of the Akbash dog breed can be intimidating for dogs and humans. They are large dog breeds with sturdy and athletic bodies.

Besides, these dogs are mentally strong, and you can train them mentally too. To do so, you can start with agility training methods and puzzle-solving games.

an akbash sitting in a flower meadow

Grooming Needs of the Akbash

Akbash are usually low maintenance. The breed does not demand full attention or all-day stimulation from their owners. They love to have their space.

Another thing that these furry individuals admire is looking all snatched! With beautiful white fur coats, they love spending grooming sessions with their owners. Although not high maintenance, this dog breed still need basic grooming and cleaning. Here is the list of their grooming needs:

1. Brushing

Keeping your dog combed goes beyond the aesthetics and looks of it. Brushing can increase blood circulation and even reduce shedding. We know how leaving all their hair on your couch can be messy!

Akbash requires brushing at least once a week as they shed occasionally. You must brush them off before you wake up one day and find yourself showered with their hair. Also, brushing can also help you to detect possible skin infections from fleas or ticks. If your dog has severe conditions or allergies, seek veterinary attention immediately.

2. Dental and ear care

If your dog has a sweet tooth, cavities can try to be their besties! Akbash can get dental problems like cavities and plaque-like any other breed. So, brushing their teeth daily is essential to keep them shiny, strong, and free of any bacteria. Also, remember only to use dog-friendly toothpaste and toothbrush.

Besides, Akbash has floppy droopy ears that are an excellent place for infections to build up. Infections can make your dog sick. You should clean the built-up wax and dirt regularly at home or by a professional.

3. Overall hygiene

To prevent matting, the hygiene of Akbash does matter a lot! Parasites, debris, fleas, and ticks can deteriorate your dog’s physical health. Be it maintaining good oral health or eating nutritious food to stay fit, this breed loves to keep clean. To be precise, grooming is a therapy for them!

As a responsible parent, you should also care for their paw health. Torn nails or long sharp nails can be uncomfortable for Akbash. And if you want to avoid being scratched with those Sharpies, trim them off or when the nails grow.

Did You Know?

The Akbash dog breed has been around for approximately 3000 years now!

Temperament of the Akbash

The world praises these dogs for their unique combination of temperament. Before you adopt any dog, be aware of how messy or cool they can be in different situations. In the case of Akbash, they are:

1. Reserved

They are cautious around strangers or unfamiliar smells. They are not oversharers for sure, but they can also pose to be rude and authoritative.

But don’t take them wrong! Instinctively, Akbash dogs have evolved to protect and keep predators away. This is why the strangers alarm them as a threat, making them seem reserved and introverted.

2. Calm and composed

The hallmark quality of the Akbash dog breed is their calm and composed demeanor. They are great as guardian dogs as they can stay calm in tricky situations. If trained well, they can channel this behavior. They love to spend time alone in the sun or with kids. They are not the dogs to bark all day.

3. Gentle

Admired for being snowy furry companions, Akbash is gentle and nurturing. as well. Apart from having protective instincts, they also have strong motherly instincts. This makes Akbash dogs empathetic and caring towards their owners and families.

When it comes to little children, they safeguard them because of their bond and affection.

Exercise and Training Needs

Akbash love their peace. What they love even more is having fun. They can sometimes get bored of a monotonous lifestyle. Hence, you are responsible for adding spice to their life!

Separation anxiety is also very common in the Akbash dog breed. They need affection and time to spend with their owners. Here are some things that you need to know about training Akbash:

1. Positive reinforcement

Rewards and treats are great ways to encourage these furry warriors to train. We know that every day going for exercise can sound tiring and boring. Hence, you can motivate your dog by rewarding them with their favorite treats like cookies, melon chunks, blueberries, nuts, etc.

Training is a great way to understand your dog and teach them commands. With positive reinforcement and obedience training, you can change their unhealthy habits.

2. Firm-hand

Akbash is not a breed that can tolerate yelling or forced training techniques. They can show behavior problems like barking, biting, humping, and many more. Thus, while training them, make sure to be patient and consistent.

DO NOT hit Akbash or any other dog; it does not help with training but instead takes their confidence away.

3. Agility training

Akbash can be very active when it comes to training and games. Agility training includes interactive activities that stimulate dogs physically and mentally. It involves jumping over the boxes, hunting for treasures, or swimming, etc.

Generally, the Akbash dog breed requires at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. For a puppy, you can start with a 15-minute walk or low-energy daily activities. Rest, you can gradually increase the minute slots. You can increase the time for an adult Akbash dog at your dog’s convenience.

It can last up to one hour of training a day, but if your doggo doesn’t want the fun to end yet, KEEP GOING!


If you can connect with Akbash, their personality, and take care of them, you can adopt one! Just keep in mind their temperament or training needs. Also, puppies would be a better choice as you can get to know them better and train them adequately over time.

It can be tricky for first-time owners to handle these dogs. So don’t shy away from taking the help of professionals like dog walkers or groomers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Akbash dogs aggressive?

No. Akbash dogs are not considered aggressive dogs. Instead, they are very gentle. People get confused as these dogs have protective instincts and intimidating personalities. So, proper training, socialization, and early exposure to different situations can make these dogs more friendly. Lastly, Akbash dogs are known for their motherly and nurturing instincts.

Are Akbash dogs hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, no. The Akbash dog breed is not hypoallergenic. It is not suitable for people sensitive to allergies as they have a dense and thick coat that sheds seasonally. You can find hair shed all over your clothes and house. As their shed can trigger allergies in some people, you can regularly groom and brush them, which will lessen the shed.

Are Akbash dogs easy to train?

Generally, yes. As Akbash loves to play and exercise, they can be good companions for training. However, their independent nature can make it challenging as Akbash can throw tantrums and listen to their advice than your commands. With the help of positive reinforcement and obedience training, they can channel their instincts and productivity while being well-mannered.

What are the pros and cons of the Akbash dog?

Starting with the pros– the Akbash dog breed has amazing guardian instincts, and despite having protective nature, they are highly gentle and soft with their loved ones. For their cons, they can be proud-y and arrogant due to their self-assuredness, and they do not entertain unfamiliar faces as Akbash dogs are reserved by nature.

Are Akbash good family dogs?

Akbash dogs are loaded with affection and care for their owner and family. They have a history of taking care of livestock and protecting their houses. Naturally, their gentle demeanor around their loved ones makes them excellent family dogs. If the family interacts and invests time in bonding with Akbash dogs, these dogs can be devoted and adapt to various family dynamics.

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