Spanish Alano Español boasts a rich history of having a significant role in being protectors and hunting for their family. They are solid and muscular dogs who can be a great hooman companion for you!

If you are looking to adopt a loyal buddy, Alano Español can potentially be the one for you!

Here is everything you need to know about the majestic breed–the Alano Español.


Height24-27 inches
Weight45-65 lbs
Life span11-14 years
Exercise needs1-2 hours daily
TemperamentQuiet, Courageous, Non-aggressive
GroomingLow maintenance

Origin of the Alano Espanõl

Alano Español, aka Spanish Alano, originated in Spain during ancient civilizations. They were brought up in “ruff” weather conditions that justify their muscular body type today. These powerful dogs have gained their reputation through their sense of intelligence, the flare of confidence, and the dedication they serve to their owners.

Alanos are everything you need in a dog. They can be excellent watchdogs, even hunt big animals, or be your cuddle companion while binging tv shows with you!

Initially, these working dogs were invaluable buddies for farmers and hunters. These dogs were a major part of big hunting games, protecting properties and their owners from predators during ancient civilizations. And mind you, when Alano dogs come to the ground to fight, they mean fighting to death!

Sadly, it is said to believe that this breed got nearly extinct but made its way back in the 1990s as farmers and hunters bred them.

Appearance and Personality

The Alano Español dog breed is known for its unique physique; it has a muscled body and unique skin patterns. Alano dogs have an athletic body that helps them to run faster (enough to tire you up)—weighing about 45-65 pounds and standing up to 24-27 inches. However, females are slightly smaller than males. 

Apart from being born with a “watchdog gene code,” the Alano Español dog breed has a set of vibrant personality traits that can leave you in awe. 

1. Dominant

With their sturdy and large body size, it is evident that the Alano Español can be dominant. They can assert their commands and think of themselves as the owner of your house. 

Alano dogs also show their dominance to keep the predators away, but such behavior can be problematic during training hours. However, they are submissive to their owners as they have sheer dedication and loyalty towards them.

2. Gentle with kids

The Alano Español is affectionate as they can express remarkable patience levels towards kids. They have strong motherly instincts that guard the children of the family, making them excellent guard dogs. With such tenderness, they hold a versatile approach in their persona.

3. Playful

Contrary to popular belief, the Alano Español can be happy-go-lucky with children. As mentioned, they have a nurturing personality towards small children. However, it is recommended not to leave small children alone with large dog breeds like the Alano Español.

4. Confident

This breed carries a confident and graceful persona in their walk that can intimidate anyone, from humans to dogs. They are independent thinkers that are highly reliable companions. Praised for their strength and capabilities, the Alano Español boasts their fearlessness wherever they go.

5. Empathetic

You’d be surprised that the Alano Español can empathize with its owner’s emotions. This is because of the strong bonds they create with their owners and family over time. We know it is hard to imagine an aggressive breed to be this sensitive and intuitive! So an Alano Español can be a paw to cry on!

an alano espanõl dog standing in the woods

Grooming Needs of the Alano Español

We have good news for you! Regarding grooming, Alano Español is comparatively easy to manage because of its short and smooth coat. Although low maintenance, they still require regular cleaning and grooming sessions.

One of the essential outcomes of grooming your dog regularly is that it promotes their overall health and self-confidence.

1. Regular brushing

Regular brushing should be done using soft bristles as they have soft fur, and hard bristles can wound them. There are special toots in the market that are sensitive to dogs. There are many perks of brushing Alano Español’s fur coat like it can prevent matting, detangle hair clots, detect early signs of infections, or even get rid of bacteria like fleas and ticks.

2. Love bath time!

In addition, no one likes to smell bad! Once in a while, you can bathe these individuals. If they love water, it will be much easier to convince them to take a shower. Pay attention to your shampoo and soap, as human supplies can react adversely to dogs.

Temperament of the Alano Español

You cannot know “everything” about a dog unless you know their temperament. And the Alano Español has a surprising one!

1. Quiet

Alano dogs breed is often seen sitting quietly. They are not the ones to make noises or even bark before attacking the threat. Their strategy is not to waste their energy on barking but instead assess the situation and react quietly to it. 

2. Courageous

As expected, these fearless lads can bring down the strongest players. If a threat comes towards them, without thinking twice, they will fight, not caring about their life. So next time you are home alone with Alano Español, the last thing you should worry about is thieves. 

3. Aggression issues

It is often asked if the Alano Español dog breed is aggressive. The answer is No. While the breed can be highly protective and use aggression to scare away predators, Alanos are very warm at heart. They can be very composed, even in challenging situations. 

Moreover, if any other dog teases or challenges them, the Alano Español is not the one to back off!

The Alano Espanõl was on the brink of extinction at one point of time, and is rarely found outside Spain!

Exercise and Training Needs

Training big dogs is often challenging and takes hella lot of hard work. In the case of Alano Español, you need to train them for more than 1 hour every day to keep these buddies active and healthy.

1. Require ample space

In addition, they cannot live in small spaces, so you will need ample space, a garden, or a playing field to train them properly. As training hours can extend up to 2 hours, you can divide it into slots throughout the day. Basic exercises should include dog walking or jogging with them for a mile or so. 

2. Obedience training

Moreover, training hours are also best for obedient training for Alano Español. They were used as working dogs who loved to be trained and played with if they were adequately trained. This dog breed is famous for its dominant nature that often takes time to gain the trust and respect of the trainer. 

You must prove you are even more dominant to reduce their tantrums and get the Alano Español to follow your instructions. This way, they will know the boss and who will make the rules.

Other Things You Should Know Before Adopting Alano Español

  1. They don’t get dirty too frequently as they do not have dense, thick fur that needs cleaning twice or thrice a week. Alano Español dog breed can do OK with bathing once in 2 weeks.
  1. This dog breed is immune to many health conditions; however, you should know the potential health concerns before adopting them. Besides eye infections, Alano Español is a large breed and can suffer from hip dysplasia or joint pains (article).
  1. Alano Español has wrinkles that can hold dirt and moisture, so wipe it off with a damp cloth after training or play sessions. Build up of dirt and sweat can cause infections.


We can wrap this up by saying that the Alano Español is inappropriate for new dog owners, as these dogs require professional input for training. Alanos can be an exceptional dog with unique characteristics that differentiate them from other breeds.

With their remarkable sense of loyalty, this dog breed will not only protect your family but nurture it! If you have all the boxes checked for this dog, the Alano Español will not disappoint you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Alano Espanõl aggressive?

People often confuse their protective instincts with their aggression. Alano Español has a rich history of working with hunters and farmers to protect properties and livestock, so they can show aggression to scare away predators. Generally, Alano Español can be a family dog and be affectionate towards hoomans they love.

Are Alano Espanõl hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, no. Alano Español are not hypoallergenic. Even though these dogs occasionally shed due to their short fur coat, If you or someone in your family is sensitive to allergies, you should try spending time with this dog breed to understand if you are allergic to Alano Españols. Moreover, it is best to avoid this breed if you have experienced allergic reactions to a dog’s shed or saliva.

Are Alano Espanõl hard to train?

Alano Español can be easy to train if the trainer can dominate them. As they can assert their dominance and are strong-willed, you, as a trainer, need to dominate them even more intensely to get the best out of them. This is one of the reasons why Alano Español are not the best choice for new dog parents, as they can be complex to handle without the right approach.

What are the pros and cons of Alano Espanõl?

Starting on a paw-positive note, Alano Espanõl are fearless dogs who protect their owners with loyalty for their whole life, and having said that, these dogs are highly versatile as they were bred to hunt, protect, herd, and guard. On the other hand, the cons of owning an Alano Espanõl are that they can tire you out quickly. They want rigorous training and can make it challenging for novice dog owners as they are strong-willed.

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