Are you looking for a large-sized dog who can cuddle you up and guard your house? We have a potential dog child for you—the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog!

These muscular dogs have everything from affection to protection. We understand the struggle behind finding THE PERFECT dog breed that can settle with your family. Well, as you know, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are suitable for families. 

This article is a “just what you needed” guide for you about the breed Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs.  You need to consider a lot of points before you bring them home.  Here you can learn about their personality, temperament, grooming, etc. 


Height18-24 inches
Weight55-90 lbs
Life span10-13 years
Exercise needs30 minutes to 1 hour daily
TemperamentBossy, Social, Playful
GroomingLow maintenance
OriginUnited States of America

Origin of the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

The royal Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are rooted in the late 18th century. They originated from the southern regions of the United States. In fact, the Lane family, who lived in Georgia, bred this breed. They got their name from the Lanes as Alapahas represented royalty in their blood. 

Nicknamed Ottos, these puffed-up individuals have descended from many breeds.  Such as American  Pitbull Terriers, Old English Bulldogs, and Catahoula Leopard dogs. But, their primary ancestor, Old English Bulldogs, has become extinct. 

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs were earlier bred to capture cattle or other animals. Still, it has gained popularity due to its versatility and being an all-rounder breed. They are not only loyal and affectionate but also have a strong prey drive.

Appearance and Personality

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are a large-sized breed. They have an intimidating appearance because of their athletic and muscular body. 

1. Robust build

There is a striking difference in the overall height, weight, and body size of males and females. It is evident that males have larger heads and heavier bones than females. In the case of these stocky buddies, males are 22-25 inches long and can weigh 70-90 pounds. While females can stand 20-23 inches and weigh 55-75 pounds.

2. Beautiful coat

Besides, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs have short and shiny fur. They have different colors, like black, white, and brown-red. This dog breed is often recognized for its patches. But guess what? They look royal in all colors. 

When it comes to their personality traits, they have their unique persona. If that clicks with you, congratulations! you are one step closer to bringing Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs home.

3. Territorial

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs have strong territorial instincts. Such quality sets them apart from fellow dog breeds. Not only are they guard dogs, but they were bred to take care of livestock and property. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs can smell the threats and alert their owners.

Also, these dogs can be protective of their owners and their loved ones. This breed does not interact with new or unfamiliar people, as they can be pretty reserved. So next time you invite a guest, you can expect your dog to smell, stare and even scare your guests away.

The bonus is—this quality makes them excellent guardian dogs.

4. Loyal

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs have a lot of devotion and loyalty toward their owners. Being a trustworthy breed, they not only protect their owners but their families and small kids. 

Having the ability to bond and create strong attachments with people makes them very special and unique.

5. Affectionate

If you are looking for a dog who cuddles you, wake you up, and has physical touch as their love language, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are for you!

These muscular dogs love pamperings and admire quality time with their family members. They are an emotional breed with a lot of compassion and bond with everyone.

6. Self-assured

Apart from being “softy” at heart, they have an intimidating personality that boasts confidence and exudes self-assurance. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs got this trait from their history of being guard dogs. While being composed, they scare the predators and threats off.

In fact, at first glance, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs look like sturdy confident dogs. They are often seen with serious expressions—that pretty much defines their demeanor.

Also, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs have high prey drives. So if you plan to take them out on a walk, remember to carry a leash (or two). This will help you to stop them from running after every other rodent.  

an alapaha blue blood bulldog in the woods

Grooming Needs of the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Even though Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are not THAT furry, they can shed a lot on and off the year. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for people who are sensitive to allergies. 

1. Weekly grooming

A responsible pet owner should provide minimal grooming.  As these are not high maintenance, they only need grooming once a week or so as per the requirements. 

You should brush their fur coat once a week to clean the dust and untangle their hair. Following this once or twice a week, it will be a surprise to see yourself not covered in their hair shed.

2. Check for ear infections

Additionally, their cute floppy ears can be a home of ear infections. You must keep Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog’s ears cleaned. This will ensure that there are itchy rashes, infections, or wounds. 

3. Keep nails clean

Besides, big sharp nails can look gross on a freshly snatched body! There can be torn nails or nails filled with dirt that should be trimmed on time. Whenever you groom your pooch, make sure to have a look at their paws, as crusty nails can cause discomfort.

4. Check for illnesses

Lately, genetic illnesses are rare in these bulldogs. Still, hip dysplasia, deafness, eye problems, and skin infections can occur.

These dogs were once kept by Southern aristocrats, hence were regarded as having “Blue Blood” in their lineage!

Temperament of the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Before adopting a dog, learn how they can be with your guests, family members, and of course, you. The temperament of a dog can tell a lot about its individuality. 

But every dog is unique and should not be stereotyped. On that note, here are the details about the temperament of Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs:

1. Bossy

Having an air of self-assuredness, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are the ones to take the lead. They boast about their inner boss, which even makes them worthy of the title “CEO of the Doghouse.” They are charismatic and can steal the show with their attitude.

This quality also makes them excellent guardian dogs. But they should be trained to learn how to channel their assertiveness paw-positively. As Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs may get bossy with owners too, it can be *a little bit* hard to cope with them. (especially for newbie dog parents.)

2. Social dogs

This dog breed loves to be social with hoomans. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs can thrive on human and true family companionship. As they are known for their devotion to families, they can also be sweeter than you think with other pets and dogs. 

Socialization programs will stimulate them and help them learn about their surroundings. This way, they can be great family dogs. You need to train them to recognize what indeed is A THREAT. 

3. Playful

They are nothing but coconuts with a hard shell and a soft core. They look sturdy ‘tough guys”. But beneath that assertive personality lies a playful side. They love to play interactive games through exercises with their owners.

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs believe in bonding through playing together and fetching treats. Playful activities also keep boredom at bay.

Exercises and Training Needs

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are not the ones to be the couch potatoes. As they love training sessions, you must train and exercise your dog every day.  As if this breed gets bored for too long, it can show destructive behaviors. 

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs need at least 30 minutes of daily walking or training. With the help of positive reinforcement techniques, you can encourage your dog even to exceed 1 hour of training. Moreover, here are the points that you should consider for the training and exercise needs of Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs:

1. Physical exercises

The breed is famous for their energy and activeness, which they carry in their late adulthood. To maintain their physical fitness, daily walks or jogging a mile every day is essential. Exercises and activities can include play sessions, running, fetching, etc. 

As boredom is not something Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs enjoy, these things can avoid it. As a responsible parent, you must channel their energy into something productive. 

Yet, make sure to keep in mind that Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are Brachycephalic dogs. Due to their flat-faced structure and small nose, they are sensitive to the sun and prone to overheating (article).

2. Mental Stimulation

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are an Intelligent breed known for their independent thinking.  Mental stimulation can be with the help of agility training, puzzle toys, and interactive games. You must generally engage their mind in puzzle-solving situations. 

This will help to sharpen their mental skills and promote their self-confidence. Don’t keep too long training sessions. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs, aka Ottos, can be stubborn during training sessions. 

3. Keep it exciting

They hate monotonous and rigorous exercises. A responsible parent should keep the training sessions short or divided into slots. Another tip is to not bombard them with commands or instructions. They can show tantrums and listen to their mind instead. 

4. Obedience training

Training hours are perfect for promoting Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs into obedience training. If taught at an early age, the puppies can learn to understand commands easier with time.

Lastly, ensure to give Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs enough time to learn at their pace. They demand a lot of patience and consistency in routine from their owners.


Here are the final thoughts on whether you should adopt Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs!  If their personality and temperament check your boxes, this breed might love you back!

But, as this dog can get aggressive, new dog parents are not suitable to handle their tantrums. If such is the case, you can take help from professional care centers for their grooming and training. Lastly, being territorial, they can be very protective and loyal to their owners. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Alapaha Blue Blood bulldog aggressive?

When it comes to dogs, it is best to avoid stereotypes, as every individual differs. Generally, because of its protective and guardian nature, Alapaha Blue Blood bulldogs can be pretty aggressive. If trained properly, they can channel their instincts more productively. Rest, yes, they can be considered aggressive dogs if not trained properly.

How big will my Alapaha Blue Blood bulldog get?

In the case of Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs, there is a striking difference in the physical appearance of males and females regarding weight and height. Usually, males standing up to 22-25 inches long can weigh 70-90 pounds, while females can stand 20-23 inches and weigh 55-75 pounds. Moreover, males have bigger heads than females. It is essential to fulfill the nutritional needs of Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs as their genetics and diet can also affect their growth.

What breeds make an Alapaha Blue Blood bulldog?

Descended from various breeds of bulldogs. Alapaha Blue Blood Dogs is not limited to American Pitbull Terriers, Old English Bulldogs, Catahoula Leopard dogs, and terrier breeds. Out of these, Old English Bulldogs are almost extinct. The breeds were mixed and bred to make Alapaha Blue Blood bulldogs primarily used for protecting and catching livestock.

Are Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, no. Even though it looks like Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs do not have much fur, they have a dense coat for protection that sheds seasonally throughout the year. They can make your couch, clothes, and home full of hair shed. It is recommended that people with allergies or who are sensitive to allergies should avoid adopting Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs. However, you can reduce their shed generally by proper grooming and cleaning.

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