People who know American Hairless Terrier see how this breed has been limited to its looks. And well, this is unfair. There is so much about this breed that is yet to be uncovered. 

In this article, we have got everything from exciting stories about their life to their daily needs. So, before you adopt this majestic terrier, you have all the information you need!

So, let us cut right into it!


Height10-18 inches
Weight7-14 lbs
Life span14-16 years
Exercise needs30 minutes daily
TemperamentExpressive, Social, Playful
GroomingModerate maintenance
OriginLouisiana, United States of America

Origin of the American Hairless Terrier

American Hairless Terriers, aka AHT, has an exciting story. They were a surprise for the world. It all started when a couple in Louisiana, United States, found a hairless dog. They tracked down that dog to be an offspring of Rat terriers. Rat Terriers were furry dogs, but this unique breed came to life due to mutation. Today, we call it the American Hairless Terrier.

The couple named the first breed “Josephine.” Later, they bred more such offspring together, created siblings, and bred again. They made a whole army. They were bred somewhere in the mid-1970s. 

Today, they are admired worldwide. American Hairless terrier dog breeds were primarily used to catch rodents. Soon, they also became a part of modern streets. 

Appearance of the American Hairless Terrier

This hairless breed stands up to 10-18 inches in height while weighing around 7-14 pounds. The American Hairless Terrier dog breed always shows off its smooth skin. You can imagine their sleek and graceful walk on a model’s runway. They have fox-like ears and have got their appearance from their ancestors. 

This dog breed is a fitness freak, and you can tell that by their body structure. American Hairless Terriers are breeds known for “bare”ing with charisma.

Personality and Temperament

Who says you cannot have a personality if you don’t have fur? The American Hairless Terrier dog breed has more riz than any other breed. Here are some striking personality traits that you should know about.

1. Intelligent

It would be unfair to limit these smart cookies for their hairless appearance. There is so much more to them. The credit goes to their sharp attention and intelligence. They love challenges and can beat anyone in puzzles! So yes, you have got a competitor. 

The American Hairless Terrier dog breed is a great dog to train. They can not only learn things fast but also make training sessions full of awe moments. 

2. Energy bombs

Have you ever come across an endless battery? We are talking about American Hairless Terriers. They can wake you up on your worst days and rock you around on your best ones!

Be it fetching or giving a performance at a party, they are always ready to shine! The only drawback is that there is no stopping them. You must keep up with their energy levels to be their friend. 

Whoops! That’s hard, but is it worth it? Hell yeah!

3. Social bees

Did you know that the first thing American Hairless Terriers do after waking up is check their social media? You’ll be surprised that this dog breed loves gossiping with hooman friends. They are extroverts who love to play with children and enjoy getting attention. 

Have you decided to adopt an American Hairless Terrier dog breed? Then get ready to know about all the neighborhood gossip from the best source!

4. Cautious and alert

We have a solution if you are a paranoid hooman who keeps thinking some stranger will attack. The American Hairless Terrier dog breed, aka AHT, is known for its barks. Firstly, they are alert to their surroundings and bark enough to wake the whole neighborhood.  

This quality makes them excellent guard dogs. They are always ready to fight for their owners till their last breath.

5. Problem solvers

Do not expect these clever dogs to give up! The American Hairless dog breed is famous for their “never give up” attitude. They are always ready to solve the mysteries! Mainly when it includes stealing the treats from the shelf! This breed has a way around things that can even be comical for hoomans.

6. Cuddle bunnies

Their size makes them perfect for cuddle sessions. They are neither too small, not to be cozy, nor too big to handle. They are a small to medium-sized breed. American Hairless Terriers love to bond and spend quality time with their owners.

7. Expressive

After knowing the traits above, you must have imagined their temperament to be expressive. They can show affection in multiple ways, such as physical love or protection. American Hairless Terrier dog breed wear empathy on their sleeves. This quality makes them unique. 

Not just this! But these curious minds can either be TOO EXCITED or TOO LOW. Nope- there is nothing in between!

an American Hairless Terrier on a woodland walk

Grooming Needs of the American Hairless Terrier

We have good news! The American Hairless Terrier dog breed is hypoallergenic! Meaning they are an excellent pet for people who are sensitive to allergies. As they have very minimal hair coat, they barely ever shed. This also means that you do not need to hair brush them regularly.

We put them into the category of moderate maintenance in terms of grooming. This is because of their skincare needs. As they do not have fur, it also removes sun protection. There are precautions and care that are essential to keep their skin healthy.

Like all dogs, American Hairless Terriers also need bathing and basic cleaning. This can include:

1. Skincare

As mentioned above, their skin is sensitive to the sun. So, to avoid getting sunburns and skin infections, you must take precautions. This includes slathering them in sunscreen every day. Please make sure that you use dog-friendly sunscreen and moisturizers for them. 

Human products can be very harsh and cause further alarming situations. Also, it would help if you get dope clothes for your dog. This will give them extra protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

2. Dental and eye care

Another essential point is that these canine companions are susceptible to dental issues. Cavities are one of the most common problems in dogs. So, it is vital to keep checking for dental problems. 

Also, eye boogers can be expected in dogs unless it’s too much. You should consult your veterinarian if your dog is facing any such issue.

3. Paw and ear checks

Being so energetic demands a lot of play and activities. But what happens after they are home is more serious. The American Hairless Terrier can bring a lot of dirt and infections during plays. It can all be stuck in their paws. You should regularly clean their paws and nails. 

Also, frequent ear checkups are essential. The American Hairless Terrier dog breed might have debris and wax buildup in their ears. This can cause discomfort and infections.

Lastly, you should never shy away from taking professional services. If you are a new dog parent, taking care of American Hairless Terriers can be challenging. But, with professional guidance and learning, you can groom your dog at home!

Training and Exercise Needs

If you are planning to adopt American Hairless Terriers, you take a breath! They are one of the easiest dog breeds to train. They are active and adventurous, which makes them the perfect gym companion. 

1. Regular walks

It would help if you took them out on walks for at least 30 minutes daily for their training. Rest you can increase the time up to 1 hour. It might be hard to stop Terriers from running around. Hence, you need to teach them basic commands.

These commands can include—”sit,” “run,” “stop,” etc. Ensure that you call them by their names while you command. It will be easier for them to recognize the instructions.

2. Leash training

Also, for the beginning, you can do leash training as well. Leash training can bring positive behavioral changes in dogs. You can offer them treats and command them. Please remember not to pull hard on the leash. Training should be a fun time for them, not a punishment.

With American Hairless Terriers, you must be patient and consistent. A routine is the best way to teach your dog discipline. 

Things You Should Know About the American Hairless Terrier

1. Sunscreen

Dogs have thick fur coats for protection from warm and cold. In the case of American Hairless Terriers, they do not have any fur for protection. Due to their bare skin, they can get sunburns very quickly. It can cause itchy red skin and discomfort to dogs, which is why it is essential to cover them with dog-friendly sunscreen.

You can also cover them with a layer of clothes whenever you take them on a walk. This way, their bare skin will not directly contact the sun. 

2. Consistency and patience

One of the most essential things to remember about this breed is patience and consistency. They are active dogs but need to learn at their own pace. Forcing them or yelling at them will not do any good to them. Instead, you should be polite and patient while training them. 

They love a consistent routine of training, grooming, etc. Please make sure to fulfill all their needs on time.

3. Early socialization

As mentioned, American Hairless Terriers are social butterflies. Once they open up with someone, they can also be their most embarrassing selves. But as every dog is different, we cannot stereotype them. Some may need more socialization training than others. If your dog thinks of everything as a threat, they might need to learn socialization. 

You can take the help of professional socialization services as well.  

4. Match their energy levels

American Hairless Terriers are always ready to rock around! But they also need a companion to rock around, too. And who would that be? 

YOU! This dog breed needs a companion who can match up with their energy levels. AHTs love running, playing, and training sessions. If you are also looking forward to getting fitter, this breed will be an ultimate motivator. You can run miles with them, and they will not tire.

You should know that this breed is not the one to laze around. They have spent their early lives catching rats. Hence, you must treat their curiosity with the care they deserve.

5. Lifestyle

Lastly, American Hairless Terriers do not fit into every lifestyle. They have high training needs, so they need more than a 10-minute walk in a small room. You must provide them with the lifestyle they require for their best growth. American Hairless Terriers need an open space to run in. You should also have access to an open playground for training and play time. Moreover, as they are hairless, they can be prone to skin conditions requiring medical assistance. 

You will need to spend on their skincare needs as well. Hence, before choosing any dog, you should always consider its lifestyle requirements.

With Rat Terrier ancestors, the American Hairless Terrier is an excellent hunter of rodents and small pests.

Final Thoughts

To summarise we can say that the American Hairless Terrier dog breed has a way of charming everyone. They started as a surprising breed for Edwin Scott, and today, they surprise us all. Due to their unique traits, people should not limit their name and appearance. There is so much more to this breed that can bring warmth to your home. Especially, if you live with children, they will love to be your dog. 

The American Hairless Terrier proves that dogs don’t need fur to be cute!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do American hairless terriers bark a lot?

Yes! American Hairless Terriers bark loud and wide. Mostly, you will find them barking at strangers. Although they are social bees, they are hyper-alert about threats. If they sense something unfamiliar, they will try to alert you by barking. You can train them to understand right from wrong. This way, they will learn when to bark and when not to.

Can American hairless terriers be left alone?

You can leave American Hairless Terriers alone at home for not more than four to five hours a day. They feel safe around their owners and can suffer from separation anxiety. If you do not give them enough time, they can get aggressive. Hence, unless essential, do not frequently leave American Hairless Terriers at home. Also, you can train them to stay home alone as they grow.

Do American hairless terriers shed?

Congratulations! American Hairless Terriers do not shed, as you can guess by their name. They do not have much hair to shed. So, if you are sensitive to allergies, this breed can be your best friend. Although no dog is entirely hypoallergenic, this dog breed is least susceptible to the spread of allergies. And you know the best part? You don’t have to worry about cleaning the shed off the cushions.

How big do American hairless terriers get?

These small- to medium-sized dogs can stand up to 10-18 inches. It depends on the age of American hairless Terriers. So, if you want a lap dog that is big enough to fight off threats, American Hairless Terriers are THE ONE for you.

How long do American hairless terriers live?

American Hairless Terriers can live up to 14-16 years of age. You should note that the lifespan of a dog also depends on its lifestyle. A lifestyle that includes eating healthy and training daily will lead to a better life span. Dogs with chronic diseases are likelier to have shorter spans than healthy ones. Hence, it would help if you focused on giving your dog a healthy lifestyle to increase its life span.

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