What do you prefer? A dog with fighting skills or a dog with a soft heart? Ah—let us rephrase the question! Do you prefer a dog with fighting skills and a soft heart? If yes! Meet the American Mastiff.

This miraculous breed can win everyone’s hearts with its striking demeanor. They have a unique personality that adjusts well with a lot of people. If you want to adopt this breed, you are in for a ride. Learn everything about this dog, from their personality to their training needs. 


Height30-36 inches
Weight150-200 lbs
Life span10-12 years
Exercise needs1-2 hours daily
TemperamentReserved, Affectionate, Protective
GroomingLow maintenance
OriginUnited States of America

Origin of the American Mastiff

This breed is a “customized breed,” as Gen Z would say. The breeders wanted a dog with the power of a mastiff, but it must cost them fewer veterinary visits. So, to make that happen, they bred English Mastiff and Anatolian Mastiff. And there they had it- a brand new breed called American Mastiffs!

They have their roots in the United States of America. And let us tell you—these big lads have an astonishing history of attacking the enemies. Even the soldiers during the war feared their temperament. So that you know- the original mastiffs originated from England. Later, they migrated to the United States by the Europeans.

They gained everyone’s admiration too soon to be true! Today, they are excellent family, therapy, and service dogs. Their history gives them an upper hand for their remarkable heritage and values. Over the years, American Mastiffs have the strength to fight and a heart to melt for.

Is this not enough to make you fall for this remarkable breed? Well, we are not here to give up! Let us dig more into their appearance and personality.

Appearance of the American Mastiff

Let’s talk about their appearance! American Mastiffs have unique characteristics that set them apart from other dog breeds.

1. Gentle giants

Generally, they stand up to 30-36 inches. The males are bigger than the females. Also, the weight of these dogs goes around 150-200 pounds. They are a large-sized dog breed that can intimidate anyone with their persona. They have tough muscles and broad shoulders that compliment their look. 

2. Unique nose

American Mastiffs have a unique feature, which is their nose. They have a black nose that takes all the limelight. It looks like a mask. And the list of impressive features does not end here!

3. Edgy features

They look edgy with their medium-sized eyes and arched body structure. As you can tell by their looks, they do not have long fur on their body. But they do have very dense, short hair and wrinkles on their face.

4. Furry tails

Even if fur coats do not cover them, their tails are furry. They walk with their heads up and muscular bodies. They can intimidate thieves and threats!

Personality and Temperament

Knowing about a dog’s appearance is not the only factor. One criterion is to judge them for their temperament and personality. Every dog is different. We must not stereotype them. Yet, some features stay in a particular dog breed. 

Here, we have the temperament and personality traits of the American Mastiff dog:

1. Gentle and Kind

The” Mastiffs of America” are often judged for their temperament. But let us make it clear to you! American Mastiff dog breed has strong mother instincts. This quality makes them gentle and kind towards puppies and hooman kids. They are nurturing towards others and can be empathetic towards their owners’ feelings.

2. Protective

If you believe a dog can be gentle or aggressive, American Mastiffs will prove you wrong! Along with a strong sense of loyalty, these mastiffs have saved their hooman families in war. Their history gave them the upper hand to protect their owners today. If you want a large-sized watchdog, the American Mastiff dog breed is for you!

3. Family dogs

Coming to the next point: American Mastiffs can fit with a bug family. They love seeing people around them. Apart from protecting their families, they love having quality time. American Mastiff dog breed has a keen sense of bond with the kids and family members. They may not hop around all day but will spend memorable time with everyone.

4. Reserved

If you are an introvert who cannot bear hopping goofballs in the name of a pet, American Mastiffs are for you! These dogs can be reserved and have a calm demeanor. They like to save their energy instead of talking to strangers. One of their striking features has to be how composed they are being reserved. (They silently judge other dog breeds as being extra).

5. TBH, they don’t give a F-

Another fantastic feature of this breed is they are unapologetically themselves. They are laid-back personalities that bother about almost nothing. It can also be challenging as such behavior can become a problem during training. For them to be sociable, you will need to train them at an early age. If they grew up at a foster house, ensure they were prepared for basic obedience.

American Mastiffs are the dogs who lowkey sit at the corner of a party, avoiding all the gossip! They- don’t wanna know.

So, if you also struggle to start a conversation, welcome to the world of Mastiffs!

Grooming Needs of the American Mastiff

The best part about American Mastiffs is that they have short and dense hair and they are relatively low maintenance. But you still need to groom them. Duh.

1. Weekly brushing

The thick hair protects them from extreme weather conditions. At the same time, short hair means little cleaning. Trust us when we say this- dogs with short hair coat saves you so much time and energy. 

2. Wipe them to remove dander

Yet, the American Mastiff dog breed is not hypoallergenic. They do not shed a lot of hair but danders are very common. Danders are the dead skin tissues that come off with dead hair. This can cause allergies in humans. So, if you are sensitive to allergies, please consider searching for different breeds. 

3. Don’t bathe them often

Another good point about this breed is that they can skip bath days. They don’t need to bathe unless they look dirty or have been in a messy fight over a squirrel. But it would help if you cleaned their nails and paws. These areas can store a lot of dirt that can cause infections. 

4. Check for ear infections

There is more to their grooming. Also, ear infections are one the common health issues in dogs. Due to the wax build-up, it can cause discomfort to dogs. Apart from this, it would help if you also cared for their wrinkles. Debris and moisture can build up and cause serious infections. It would help if you dried them with a clean towel. 

5. Use dog-friendly products

Knowing that their tail has most of the hair is also essential. Hence, you must wash it with dog-friendly shampoo and brush. This will help you to stay miles away from matting. 

an American Mastiff outdoors

Exercise and Training Needs

Training is essential for the well-being of any dog. Especially in American Mastiffs, they have a history of being fighters. Such responsibility as a watchdog and protectors requires rigorous training. But before we train these big lads, you must teach them basic obedience.

1. Positive reinforcement training

American Mastiff responds well to rewards and positive reinforcement training. You can teach them basic commands like—”sit,” “run,” and “come.” It would help if you practiced commanding them with their name ahead. This way, they will recognize your commands better.

2. Use leashes

While training them in these basic commands, you can use leashes. The motive of the leash is not to control the dog or stop them but to guide them. You cannot run after or hold them to train as they are big dogs. Leashes make it easier. 

For example, You can toss a treat before them and command them, saying, “Eat Bella.” If they don’t move, you can use the leash to guide and pat them. If you are consistent with this, Americal Mastiffs will learn quicker. 

3. Avoid punishments

A responsible parent should avoid punishing the dog or pulling on the leash. These ways are ineffective and only make it worse for the dog. American Mastiffs can be hard to train as they often show tantrums and be laid back. But with proper motivation, discipline, and training, they can be very active.

Things to Keep in Mind About American Mastiffs

Now that you know everything about this breed, here is a list of essentials. If you missed any “MUST KNOW” information above, you will find it here. (Apart from their personality, temperament, grooming, and training needs.) Here are some key things you should know before adopting this dog breed. 

1. They need space

As you can tell by the American Mastiff dog breed information, these dogs can get huge! They need to have a space to lie around and play. It is only possible to keep the dog outdoors during the day.

And so, if you are considering adopting this breed, you need to consider having big indoor spaces. Especially if your family is big (more than three people), you must only adopt this breed if you have the space.  

2. Socialization? The sooner, the better

The American Mastiff dog breed can be very reserved by nature. This is a great personality trait unless they have behavioral problems. End of the day, dogs love humans, and humans love dogs. This dog breed must get minimal socialization training to adjust to humans.

Such quality also makes them paranoid of strangers and think of everyone as a threat. To fix such behaviors, always get help from training professionals.

3. Stubborn buddies

American Mastiffs love to have playtime. But only on their terms! As mentioned, this breed can be laid back; they need A LOT of motivation to get off the sofa. Once they are active and consistent, they can use their skills. But for that, the dog parent needs patience and discipline. They are not the easiest dogs to train as they often show tantrums. 

4. Health concerns

Before adopting a dog, you should always consider the common problems they can face. In the case of American Mastiffs, this dog breed can face health issues like hip dysplasia. Another problem they might suffer from can be face infections.

This dog breed has wrinkles on their face, so they are susceptible to debris and infections. If you notice any signs, you must seek veterinary advice and keep your health in check.

5. Finances

If you were happy thinking American Mastiffs are low maintenance and need less grooming. Well, here is a bummer. Because these lads are costly, and their training and medical needs can be hard on your pocket. Mastiffs are large dogs who need a heavy diet and medical help.

If you adopt one, you will need to feed them heavy animal protein and nutrients. This way, they can stay fit and survive for long. So, only adopt this breed if you can handle the finances they demand.

6. For newbies? Probably not!

The American Mastiff dog breed is not for new dog owners. Their needs can be tiring for a newbie to fulfill as they need to be trained with a professional strategy. They need a professional trainer or an experienced dog owner as they are inactive.

A dominant and professional hand is required to make them get off the couch and work out. For a newbie dog owner, this breed’s size can be a problem, too. 

Final Thoughts

As we move toward the end of the article, we can say that this breed is excellent for experienced dog owners. These dogs have their own set of good and bad traits. For example—they can often show tantrums and be pretty laid-back. But also, this breed has a striking personality that many people can relate to. 

If you want to adopt one, ensure you check all the boxes of their requirements. Rest assured, this dog breed will never disappoint with its loyalty and strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are American Mastiffs aggressive?

Contrary to popular belief, American Mastiffs are not aggressive. Natives bred English Mastiffs and Anatolian Mastiffs to get a calmer temperament breed. They are solid and well-built. This gives away the impression of American Mastiffs being aggressive. These dogs are protective and can fear enemies; otherwise, they are patient.

Are American Mastiffs good family dogs?

Yes! American Mastiffs are great family dogs as they are nurturing and friendly. They love to spend time with family and cuddle their owners. Their strict demeanor can confuse people to think otherwise. This dog breed receives much attention for its loyalty and dedication to its owners. Also, American Mastiffs have a history of protecting their families during the war.

How big do American Mastiffs get?

This giant dog breed can get as big as 36 inches. The height may differ for males and females, but most are around 30-36 inches tall. So, if you want a dog to protect you all day and be an excellent cuddle companion, American Mastiffs dogs are for you!

American Mastiffs are particularly protective of what? 

American Mastiffs are particularly protective of their beloved family and owners. Their loyalty and dedication are something to boast about. They have a remarkable history of protecting family during the wars. So you can never doubt their strength. American Mastiffs can fight for their family till the last breath. They are territorial and protect owners from strangers.

Are American Mastiffs hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately no. Even though they are not much furry, American Mastiffs can shed every once in a while. They also lose danders. These are the dead skin cells that can cause allergic reactions. It is common in people who are sensitive to allergies. But don’t worry, you can spend time with American Mastiffs before adopting them. This way, you will know if you are allergic to their shed.

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