Do you want a “fun to be around” breed with curiosity and love for squirrels? If yes—then you should adopt Ariegeois. It’s an old breed that holds a special place in the hearts of dog enthusiasts. 

But before you adopt them, you should know everything about their personality, training, and grooming needs. After all, it’s good to see what you are bringing home. And Ariegeois won’t disappoint you!


Height22 inches
Weight60-65 lbs
Life span12 years
Exercise needs1 hour daily
TemperamentCalm, Expressive, Energetic
GroomingLow maintenance
OriginAriege region, France

Origin of the Ariegeois

The Ariegeois dog breed has its roots back in the Middle Ages. It is an old breed that originated from breeding various hound dog breeds. They were found in the hilly terrains of the Ariege region, France. The primary purpose of breeding them was for them to hunt!

Local hunters and dog enthusiasts bred them for specific specifications. These dogs now have the skills to hunt with the physical attributes of a diva! This breed has exceptional scenting and tracking skills. Ariegeois can hunt small animals, and let us tell you- they are the best in their work.

They have won the trust of thousands of hunters to date. Surprisingly, there are still hilly areas in the Ariege region where these dogs hunt small games. They are appreciated more for their skills than their companionship in those areas. However, many modern city people have also started showing interest in adopting this majestic breed. 

Appearance of the Ariegeois

Ariegeois is a medium sized dog breed with a height of about 22 inches and weighs around 60-65 pounds. With a life span of 12 years, these dogs live as warrior queens. Although life span depends a lot on the quality of life they live. Their grooming, training, and nutrition play an essential role there. 

1. Short coat

Coming back to their appearance, these dogs have a soft and short fur coat. They are white coat color, with markings on their heads, ears, and eyes. The black or brown marking compliments the overall persona of this breed.

However, the marking can be seen as orange, black, or brown patches. Orange marking is often on their eyes, while black and brown can also be seen on their paws. 

2. Hanging ears

They have ears like every other hound dog. The typical hanging ears give them an appearance people look back at! Also, Ariegeois puppies are the most adorable and big enough to be a cuddle companion. 

3. Easy to manage

Also, you would be surprised to know that Ariegeois has comparatively low management compared to other hound dogs like the Afghan hound and Alpine Dachsbracke.

Personality and Temperament

1. Social bees

Ariegeois are kind and gel well with people. They might not be the best family dogs, but when it comes to being a trusted companion- they’ll your heart. These dogs love to play with children. Being well-mannered is what comes naturally to them.

You will not find them sitting aloof; instead, you can find them getting pats from everyone on the street.

2. Energy balls

Due to their rich history of hunting, they are always high on energy. You will barely see them resting under the sun. For them, the perfect date looks like running after squirrels while you fetch them treats! This quality makes them a great breed to train.

With so much energy, they can release it in several physical and mental activities.

3. Independent thinkers

When we say the Ariegeois dog breed is an independent thinker, we don’t just mean they can decide which treat to eat. No! We also mean that if they have to make a decision to protect you, it will be a wise one. They can pose themselves as stubborn, but nothing that cannot be improved with behavioral training.

4. Adapt to other dogs

Ariegeois used to hunt in packs, so they bond very well with other dogs. They are the ones if you already own dogs and want a dog who does not make them feel threatened! They accept the presence of other dog breeds. Don’t be shocked when you find them licking each other’s ears.

5. Not aggressive

Ariegeois dog breed is more tilted towards a calmer temperament. They are not at all aggressive unless they sense a strong threat. They are protective and can be too focused on their hunting instincts. This can be mistaken as aggression, as they are eager to track the smells. Otherwise, they are very calm and friendly even with the strangers around.

6. Expressive

This dog breed is also known for its ability to express. If they sense a threat, are excited, or are overwhelmed—they will be vocal about it. They bark or howl to let their owners know about how they feel. They have their way of expressing that sets them apart from other breeds. 

7. Fast learners

Another exciting personality trait about Ariegeois is that they are great for training. Especially for positive reinforcement, you can teach them at an early stage. Even Ariegeois puppies are fast learners and adapt well to the environment. You can teach them ways of civilized behavior very quickly. 

Note: Every dog has a different pace of learning. It would help to keep patience and not force or beat them to learn anything. 

an Ariegeois dog staring into the distance

Grooming Needs of the Ariegeois

We all love grooming! When you can spend every Friday night doing skincare, why not our poochs? Ariegeois LOVE grooming sessions. So here’s some grooming essentials to keep in mind:

1. Low maintenance

The best thing about them is they are low maintenance. They have short, smooth fur coats that do not require daily grooming. For brushing their fur, you should use a soft bristle brush. Please remember that using human combs for dogs can scratch their skin and cause wounds.

Rest, using a dog-friendly comb, you can brush their hair once a week. This will remove all the unnecessary hair shed.

2. Monthly baths

To remove the danders and dirt off their skin, you need to bath them. Their base coat is white, so they can get nasty very quickly. You can bath them once or twice a month. Rest, if they look too dirty, you can bathe them anytime! Just ensure to use mild dog shampoos, soaps, and conditioner.  

3. Clean their ears

Another essential part is to clean the ear wax buildup. Most hounds have hanging ears, so the Ariegeois dog breed can also get ear infections easily. The moisture and debris can make their home under their hanging ears and irritate them.

This can cause a lot of discomfort to dogs. As usually flies buzz around the ear wounds. You should often watch wax and debris buildup and clean it with a damp cloth. 

4. Check for fleas and ticks

Similar infections can also be caused by fleas and ticks (The hate of every dog owner’s life). These bacteria can be annoying as they stick to your dog’s fur and skin. They can even make Ariegeois physically sick.

It would help if you spend time grooming your dog to check fleas and ticks constantly. You can also get help from dog supplies that help to maintain dog hygiene and make your life easy!

5. Provide nail care

Lastly, Ariegeois also needs nail trimming and paw care. If you see their nails being too sharp and long, you should trim them. If not- be ready to get a new pair of slippers and curtains because, oh boy- they will tear them apart!

Also, if you do not have time to groom them regularly, please feel free to get professional service help. 

Exercise and Training Needs

Knowing that the Ariegeois dog breed does not need rigorous training is essential. You don’t have to train them to make them muscular or tough guys. But, they need enough exercise to sharpen their senses. Due to their hunting instincts, they have unique training requirements. You can also take the help of dog walkers or professionals to train your dog. 

Let’s look at the training needs of the Ariegeois dog breed:

1. The sooner, the better

We recommend you train the Ariegeois dog breed early in life. Ariegeois puppies are also very active and eager to learn. If you start training and teaching them positive reinforcement early, it will be easy for you and them to adapt to the environment. 

2. Mental stimulation

As they are hunting dogs, they are intelligent. It would help if you stimulate them mentally so they can still make decisions. Their mental ability has a direct relation to their confidence. It would be best to empower the Ariegeois dog breed by strengthening their cognitive skills.

You can enroll them in puzzles, scenting, and other challenging games. 

3. Obedience training

The first and foremost thing for any dog is to learn obedience. You can do so by teaching them basic commands and instructions. It is a slow process where patience and consistency is the key. You can teach them commands like—”sit,” “eat,” “run,” or “no”. You can learn some training techniques to handle it better. 

4. Hunting instincts

The Ariegeois dog breed has a high hunting drive, so they cannot be fully domesticated. You cannot keep them shut from their basic instincts. They have strong scenting and tracking abilities that should be nurtured.

You can take them to trek or in a fenced yard. There, they can explore small animals like rats or squirrels. You can also play scenting games with them to stimulate their senses. 

Final Thoughts

The Ariegeois dog breed is one of a kind. They are gentle yet eager to hunt. Their curiosity and calmness make them a lovable breed. If your persona vibes well with them, we encourage you to give them a home at your place. If you are willing to put in the energy and effort to keep up with their power, you can even adopt them as a new dog owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ariegeois hypoallergenic?

No, the Ariegeois dog breed is not hypoallergenic. If you or anyone in your family is sensitive to allergies, these dogs may not do well with you. Even though they have a tiny fur coat, they can shed excessively during the shedding season, usually here and there. It would help if you groom them regularly to minimize the risk of catching allergies.

Are Ariegeois suitable for new dog owners?

Yes and No. Ariegeois dog breed is usually low maintenance with little training needs. Their temperament is more towards calmer, making them great dogs for first-time owners. But, as they are energy bombs, the owner will need to put in a lot of physical effort to keep this dog occupied. If willing to give in those efforts, you can adopt this breed as a first-time dog owner.

Are Ariegeois good family dogs?

Ariegeois dog breed may or may not gel with family well. They are hunting dogs with strong prey instincts. They are always high on energy and need a lot of space for physical activities. Although, they can adjust to small families of 2-3 people, especially if children are involved. They love spending time with children and other dog buddies. Different dog breeds can fulfill that requirement if you want a family dog.

Are Ariegeois aggressive?

No. Ariegeois dog breed is not considered an aggressive breed. Their calmer and friendly temperament makes them suitable pets for humans. They are not generally aggressive unless they have a behavioral problem. You can confuse their scenting, tracking, and hunting instincts as aggression, but that is not the case.

What are the most common health problems with Ariegeois?

There are not any specific health problems that Ariegeois are susceptible to. Although, there are common problems that you can expect from a dog. For example, Infections, Hip dysplasia, Obesity, Pancreatitis, etc. Always keep Ariegeois in check with their veterinarian for health concerns.

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