Although their name might sound like a 70s indie band of high schoolers, this rare gem of a dog can be the best choice for you and your family. The Armant is a lovable and affectionate family dog. 

Sadly, they are an extremely rare breed. They are found exclusively in a few regions of Egypt. Let us see what raising these absolute cuddle bugs and affectionate fur buddies is like.


Height21-23 inches
Weight50-60 lbs
Life span14-15 years
Exercise needs45-60 minutes daily
TemperamentCalm, gentle, intelligent and loyal
GroomingHigh maintenance

Origin of the Armant

This elegant breed’s history that traces back to the early 20th century. Also known as Hawara dogs or Egyptian herding dogs, the Armant was bred as a working breed developed in Egypt originating in the village of Armant back in the early 1900s. Even though we do not know the exact breeds used in their creation, they are high likely descendants of Egyptian farming dogs (article).

However, according to some other studies, these dogs are descended from European herding dogs, then brought to Egypt around 200 years ago. This statement arises from the fact that the Armant shares some physical characteristics with French breeds like the Bearded Collie and Newfoundland.

Appearance of the Armant

These dogs are a breed of medium-sized dogs. Here’s a few more traits:

1. Messy looking coat

The Armant is known for its medium-length messy-looking coat. This breed has a coarse, rough coat that protects it against harsh weather and predatory animals. It comes in various colors, including black, tan, gray, yellow, or any combination. 

2. Facial features

Their fur is kind of random in color and scattered around the ears, snout, eyes, and paws. Armant dogs have eyes that are large and dark. They lie quite near to each other. Their nose is relatively big as well and is mostly black.

The Armant dog’s head is round in shape, while the snout is quite edgy at the ends. It gives off a boxy feeling around their mouth. 

3. Strong build

The Armant dog stands tall as its neck is muscular and thick. It connects straight with their upper body. Their chest is not prominent, but slightly protruded. Their chest area to the stomach does not curve but rather lies in a much more parallel shape.

It is not curved rather, it is parallel in height with its upper body. The Armant dog’s legs are straight and thick. Their tail is quite short and lies downwards.

Personality and Temperament

The Armant can be your friend, your friend’s friend, your neighbor’s friend, everything you need them to be!

1. Amazing family dogs!

Armant dogs make amazing family dogs. These dogs are fond of their family and will go to lengths for the security and convenience of their handlers. They’re amazing at helping their families and participating in their daily lives. Armant dogs are excellent with children as well. They’re very gentle with handling and interacting with children. 

Armant dogs are not often intimidated by new faces but might react if they feel threatened.

2. Social beings

Armant dogs are very gentle towards other dogs and other animals as well. They are very sociable beings and love to engage and interact with others. Armants need to be socialized while they are young. Armant dogs are quick on their wits and quickly pick up on social cues.

3. Extremely emotional

Armant dogs are quite sensitive creatures. They’re quite attentive to their owner’s/ family’s emotions. That’s why Armant dogs will need firm owners who can lead them well. 

4. Energetic

Since they were traditionally bred as herding dogs, they are always brimming with energy! They are alert and active all the time. 

The Armant is herding dog breed was brought to Egypt by Napoleon’s armies!

Exercise and Training Needs

These dogs need plenty of physical activity. Owning armant dogs is best when you can provide ample fenced space for them to run around freely and securely. 

1. Long walks

Armants do amazing when they get to go on long walks. You can take them hiking or jogging to get them their much-needed workout. 

2. Use toys

For their mental stimulation, these dogs do well if you include puzzle toys and interactive games such as treats and toy hunts, rope toys, and squeaky toys. Tug of War with rope toys is a great engaging game for you and your fluff ball to bond. 

3. Positive training

Obedience training and leash training are an essential part of raising an Armant. Positive reinforcement is always the best way to train and assign responsibilities.

an Armant dog outdoors

Grooming Needs of the Armant

These dogs are a lot of work when grooming, so you better be prepared. Before you get yourself an Armant, here’s what you need to know:

1. Weekly brushing

Their coarse fur protects them from the cold weather. But you need to be brush them at least twice a week with a bristle brush and a slicker brush. The Armant’s coat does not tangle much, but brushing is still necessary, otherwise, it can get matted. 

Armants with longer coats should be brushed every day or every alternative day to prevent the coat from matting.

2. Do coat checks

Bathe them when they are too dirty or smelly. Do weekly coat checkups so they are free of foreign particles or dirt. Trim their nails the moment you hear them tapping on the floor. Keep their oral health in check by frequently brushing their teeth.

3. Clean eyes and ears

Keep your pup’s ears can also get dirty and retain moisture. Clean their ears with a wet wipe. There should be no dirt or foreign particles in them. It can cause ear infections.

Are Armant Dogs Hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, Armant dogs are not considered among the hypoallergenic breeds. Armants have thick shabby coats, so they shed a lot. The fur can trigger allergies and sensitivities in humans. 

No matter what breed you choose, we always recommend spending some time with the breed. Look out for any allergic reactions. Allergies can vary for everyone. 


Armant dogs are some magnificent breeds of dogs. They were bred only as herding dogs until their potential to be amazing family dogs was realized. If you know a large and safe area for them to run around, it can be great for their mental and physical health. 

These dogs require attention, be it grooming or exercising. If you wish to keep them, you must have enough spare time to interact them and fulfill their needs. Or else, lack of attention can cause separation anxiety and behavioral issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common health problem Armants are susceptible to?

Hip dysplasia is a common health disorder in most dogs. This is a condition in which hips do not develop properly. Responsibly breeding can reduce this issue significantly.

Are Armants suitable for new owners?

Armants are very easily trainable and extremely smart. They can understand hints and cues quickly. So yes, they are suitable for new owners. But they do need a lot of attention. So, we recommend you only adopt them if you have enough time and space.

Are armants aggressive?

Armants are highly affectionate and love their families dearly. However, you need to socialize them from an early age. Obedience training can help prevent any sort of behavioral issues.

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