Are you looking for one of the best guard dogs for your cattle? Then why not get an Armenian Gampr? 

These dogs are such majestic beasts that are not only loyal but royal as well. They are reserved, calm-tempered, and very strong. They will tear apart savage threats to protect their loved ones and for their duties. Let us learn about these magnificent dog breeds and determine if they suit you and your family best.


Height23-26 inches
Weight80-135 lbs
Life span10-12 years
Exercise needs30 minutes daily
TemperamentCalm, Reserved, Loyal
GroomingLow maintenance
OriginArmenian Highlands

Origin of the Armenian Gampr

The Armenian Gampr is an ancient breed of dog whose history traces back several centuries. These dogs originated in Armenia. They were bred and used as utility dogs for guarding livestock.

These buddies are best suited for the rugged and mountainous terrains of Armenia. Armenian Gampr has aided shepherds in protecting livestock from wild wolves. The Armenian Gampr is the embodiment of strength. With a ripped body and perfect stance, they are the best for dog lovers who wish to raise big grumpy dogs.

Appearance of the Armenian Gampr

Armenian Gampr dogs are a large breed of dogs. These dogs are strong and have a robust build. Their appearance can be described as:

1. Robust build

Gampr dogs have a robust and powerful build with a strong bone structure. Their tails are bushy like squirrels and slightly curled. They have solid and well-padded feet with sturdy, arched toes. Many Gampr dogs even have double declaws. These features make it easier for them to move around in mountainous terrains.

2. Facial features

Their head shape is broad and with a straight or slightly curved profile. Their ears are medium-sized and often hang down.

3. Dense coat

Their coat is dense and thick and can vary from medium to long. This coat protects them extremely against harsh weather conditions. Armenian Gampr coat color varies greatly, including fawn, reddish brown, brindle, gray, etc.

Personality and Temperament

Since Gamprs were mainly livestock protectors in ancient days, they had a strict and reserved personality. 

1. Protective

Armenian Gamprs are fiercely protective of their hooman families. They are highly territorial and will do anything to defend their handlers and the livestock they protect against any threat.

2. Loyal

The loyalty of Armenian Gamprs must never be questioned. These dogs form deep bonds with their human families. They will devote themselves fully and are affectionate towards them.

3. Alert

They are always on high alert. Their keen senses make them excellent when detecting potential threats from a distance. This makes them excellent watchdogs as well.

4. Workaholic

This might sound like a funny term for a dog, but these dogs are the textbook definition of a workaholic. They are always dedicated to their duties. They take their responsibilities seriously and readily jump to protect their territory.

5. Intelligent

Armenian Gamprs are very smart and learn new tricks quickly. Their problem-solving skills and ability to make independent decisions are crucial to why they are fantastic livestock guardians.

6. Gentle giants

While they can shapeshift into scary dogs when threatened, these sweeties have a heart of gold. If trained young, they are very affectionate towards their paw-rents and make great family pets.

an Armenian Gampr sitting on a small hillock

Beige Flags of the Armenian Gampr

Just like most dogs, there are some traits of the Armenian Gamprs that can be positive as well as negative:

1. Can be rigid

Armenian Gamprs are not your typical playful dogs. They are very reserved. Although they can be affectionate with their families, they are not very comfortable around strangers. This trait makes it hard for them to get along with other dogs. 

2. Independent

These dogs prefer alone time a lot. And also their independence. Their decision-making skills have been an essential part of their guarding duties. That makes them stubborn to train at times. 

3. Need big spaces

These dogs require ample space to reside in. If you cannot accommodate such a space, it can be hard to raise Armenian Gamprs.

Exercise and Training Needs

Due to their size, Armenian Gamprs are not super into exercising. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not required. Here’s all you need to know:

1. Regular exercise

Armenian Gamprs are not a hyperactive breed. They thrive with a minimum of 30 minutes of daily physical activity. Due to their guarding skills, this breed enjoys outdoor games a lot. If they can access a secure and safe large area to run around, they benefit both physically and mentally.

2. Introduce puzzles

As for mental stimulation, you can incorporate puzzle toys and play interactive games with them. Toys and dog supplies such as feeders, licking mats, interactive and laser toys, etc. can all be fun ways to keep your dog busy.

3. Obedience training

Obedience training is one of the most important steps when raising an Armenian Gampr. They might become overprotective and stubborn if they are not taught their responsibilities early on. 

4. Early socialization

Early socialization and familiarizing them with smaller creatures and new people will reduce their chances of being wary around strangers.

If you are new to training livestock guarding dogs like this breed, you should seek professional help. These dogs are not the best for new dog owners. 

Fun Fact: Armenian Gamprs are insane mountain climbers! They can tread through steep mountainous terrains with ease.

Grooming Needs of the Armenian Gampr

These dogs are low maintenance but not very low maintenance either. You still need to groom them and provide proper care. Some requirements are:

1. Weekly brushing

The Armenian Gampr’s coat requires moderate grooming for a healthy coat. Once or twice weekly brushes can do wonders. Especially when they shed their double coat, you might want to seek professional help.

2. Clean their eyes and ears

Some Gampr dogs have droopy ears so they might trap moisture and dirt in them. Keep their ears cleaned with damp wipes and their eyes clean of eye gunk

3. Use coat wipes

Armenian Gamprs do not need to be bathed a lot. Overbathing can damage their skin and fur. Just using coat wipes works fine enough.

Are Armenian Gamprs Hypoallergenic?

Armenian Gamprs are not considered hypoallergenic. They shed regularly throughout the entire year. Their fur contains allergens such as dander and saliva. If you and your family has a history of allergies, then it is best to avoid getting them.

We always advise that if you plan to get a certain breed, you should spend time with similar breeds to look out for allergic reactions.

Final Thoughts

Armenian Gamprs are the best for farming families. Due to their diligent nature, they take their responsibilities with much seriousness. Besides this, if you are a new pet parent, there are other options than these dogs for you. You should opt for an Armenian Gampr only if you are experienced in training big athletic dogs. 

However, if you meet all the requirements and can provide these lovable dogs with enough space to run around in, they can make great pets. We suggest definitely brushing up on your pet parent experience before choosing them. Happy Paw-renting!

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