If you are searching for a playful dog breed with a rich history and looks like a diva—the Artois Hound might be the one for you!

Before adopting any breed, you must look into different vital criteria to know about them. Here in this article, we have covered everything from their personality traits to their everyday needs. 


Height21-23 inches
Weight55- 65 lbs
Life span12-15 years
Exercise needs1 hour daily
TemperamentIndependent, Social, Energetic
Grooming Moderate maintenance

Origin of the Artois Hound

The Artois Hound dog breed has its roots back in France. These ancient dogs are the descendants of the Bloodhound dog breed. Centuries ago, their primary purpose was to hunt small games. They lived in the Artois region of northern France and got their name from the area only.

Two types of Artois Hounds were found. One is the Petit Artois, and the other is the Grand Artois. As their name suggests, Petit Artois is small, and Grand Artois is bigger. Even though their size characterizes them, their abilities remain the same.

The Artois Hound dog breed is also known for its scenting skills. They were a great companion to hunters and still proved loyal to hoomans. Only the French admired and adopted them earlier, but now—this breed has made its place in every dog enthusiast’s heart. 

Unfortunately, this breed has now become very scarce. Due to the two world wars, there are few of these kinds. So, to preserve them to an extent, dog enthusiasts stood up to give a comeback and a heroic entry to the doggo world.

Even though you might not see this breed often now, one must always remember the aura they carry with themselves. This is a unique breed that adds charm to the royalty.

Appearance of the Artois Hound

Let’s talk about the appearance of Artois Hounds! Here’s what makes them different:

1. Size

The Artois stands up to a height of 21-23 inches. The overall weight of these dogs lies around 55- 65 pounds. But as mentioned, there are two varieties of Artois Hound with different body sizes, and the numbers may differ.

2. Smooth coat

This dog breed has a short, smooth hair coat, which is unusual for other hound dogs like Afghan Hounds. As the Artois Hound dog breed is a hunting dog, it also has an athletic build-up to survive harsh terrains and run after the prey. 

3. Tri-color markings

They also have markings on their body, which sets them apart from other breeds. Their tri-color usually includes a white base and black orangish patches on their ears, eyes, and legs. The most attractive part about their appearance is their ears.

4. Hanging ears

Most hound dogs have medium to long hanging ears that give them an extra edge over other dogs in appearance. You often see those drooling ears flying through the air when they run. And just so you know—the Artois Hound puppy is one of the cutest puppies out there!

5. Beautiful eyes

Also, their dark brown eyes complement their overall appearance. You can often find these dogs sitting alert, staring at a wall. Artois Hounds are highly aware of their surroundings and alert.

Personality and Temperament

Before adopting any breed, you must know about their personality. Are they introverts? Extroverts? Do they gel with the strangers or scare them away? These are some essential questions to ask. After all, you and your pup will have a long time to spend together. 

To help you decide, here are the temperament and personality details of Artois Hounds:

1. Independent thinkers

The Artois Hound dog breed is independent. If you leave them in a challenging situation, they will likely find a way out alone. They can make decisions alone. This can also be a bane as they can be stubborn with their choices. But overall, they are not indecisive due to their rich hunting history (unless they have to choose their favorite treats).

2. Playful

This hunting dog is very playful. They love to play with their owners and children of the house. They carry the same enthusiasm for playing in their adulthood as well. If you want an active breed accompanying you with sports, Artois Hounds will not disappoint you!

3. Powerhouse of energy

Another fascinating feature about this breed is their energy levels. They are always high on energy, so you might often find them asking you to take them out. They love to chase and indulge in different activities for fun. You must try to avoid boredom as, believe us—you do not want a bored Artois Hound!

4. Social dogs

The Artois Hound dog breed is also very social. They can be cautious of strangers but soon get friendly enough to walk with them. They especially like children and even follow a pup-like demeanor with them. You can also train these dogs for socialization by taking them to neighborhood get-togethers.

5. Courageous and alert

As you can tell by their pictures and poses, Artois Hounds can be very alert. Their expressions show the level of alertness they carry all day long. If they sense a threat, they do not hesitate to step ahead. Being courageous and wise thinkers makes them an excellent breed.

Artois Hound is not the breed to sit at the corner bench. Instead, they are most definitely the ones who motivate everyone to play along.
a pair of Artois Hounds hanging out together

Grooming Needs of the Artois Hound

Grooming is one of the best ways to spend quality time with dogs and care for their health. Artois Hounds have a life expectancy of 12-15 years. And did you know? You can improve your dog’s quality of life and life span by grooming, training, and proper nutrition.

So, let’s look at the grooming needs of Artois Hound:

1. Brushing their coat

Even though the Artois Hound dog breed has short and smooth fur, they need some grooming. Fortunately, these dogs are not high maintenance, and their coat can easily be managed. You can brush their coat once a week to remove any dead hair shed and tangles.

This also helps to check your dog’s skin for any infections. Also, please only use a soft bristle dog-friendly brush and other supplies.

2. Showers

The Artois Hounds may or may not like to be in the shower, and good for them. Their coat is self-resistant to dirt. Unless you can see their coat being dirty or smelling bad, you can only stick to bathing them once or twice a month.

While bathing them, you should only use mild dog-friendly shampoos, soaps, and conditioner. Human products can be harsh and remove their natural oils, leading to skin irritation.

3. Ear and eye infections

Being a hound dog, Artois Hound has hanging ears, which can sometimes be a red flag. They might look beautiful, but these hanging ears can be home to bacteria, debris, and ear wax. In fact, ear infections are one of the most common problems in dogs.

This can be very discomforting for Artois Hounds. You must clean their ears regularly with a damp cloth. Also, it is essential to keep a check on their ears every now and then.

Exercise and Training Needs

This dog has moderate training needs. This is an excellent part because you only need to make 1 hour a day for their training. What should the training include? It should include dog walks, jogging, trekking, playing games, etc.


1. Basic obedience

The first and foremost thing you can do is to teach them basic obedience. This breed is a fast learner, so they will surprise you with how quickly they grasp the instructions. There are some techniques that help you train the Artois Hound dog breed.

This includes teaching them commands and how to respond to instructions. This particular part also includes tossing them tons of treats. 

For instance- you can start with some basic commands like—“sit,” “run,” or “stop.” If your dog responds to them, you can toss a treat before them. You can guide them with a slight pull on the leash if they struggle. Please ensure not to pull on the leash too hard.

2. Exercise excess energy

Another thing about the Artois Hound dog breed is their energy levels. An energetic dog should never waste their energy on barking or biting random stuff around the house. You must direct their energy effectively to avoid such unwanted behaviors.

For this, you can take them for long dog walks, play games, or even take them on a trek. These furry babies are always up for training sessions, as they see all exercises as play. 

3. Stimulate their instincts

In addition to this, Artois Hounds have a rich history of being hunting dogs. They worked with hunters for years, which is now evident in their gene code. If you adopt this dog, you must keep up with the training that stimulates their instincts.

It would be best to stimulate your dog’s scenting and tracking abilities as a responsible parent. You can enroll them in similar games that challenge their instincts. But ay! Remember not to leave them alone to run after the rodents. They can get lost and even hurt by going to strange places.

Also, here is an important note-

Every dog has a different pace of learning. Please do not beat or mentally torment Artois Hounds to exercise or learn. It is a sensitive breed and can show depressive or destructive behaviors if not nurtured emotionally.

Final Thoughts

This breed is excellent for you if you are also interested in running errands. Because Artois Hounds will also accompany you, they are low maintenance when it comes to grooming but have high training demands. If you can keep up with their energy levels and provide them with a proper lifestyle—you and Artois Hounds can live happily ever after!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Artois Hound hypoallergenic?

If you or anyone in your family is sensitive to allergens, Artois Hounds might not be the one! This dog breed is not hypoallergenic. They can spread allergens and dander heavily, especially during the shedding season. Although, you can reduce the possibility of allergies by grooming them properly and caring for their coat health. Also, you can spend time with these Artois Hounds before adopting them. This will give you a better idea of whether you are allergic to them.

Are Artois Hounds suitable for new dog owners?

The answer is yes and no. The Artois Hound dog breed has low grooming needs, so an inexperienced dog owner can easily handle it. But, as they are always high on energy, their training needs are very high. It can be challenging for newbies to keep up with their training. Hence, professionals or experienced dog owners can manage their energy levels more effectively.

Are Artois Hound good family dogs?

Artois Hound dogs are good with families due to their cool temperament. They can gel with the children as they love to play with them. But, you need to give them proper socialization training to adjust to a civilized environment. Otherwise, they may be scared or furious around humans other than their owners.

Are Artois Hound aggressive?

Artois Hounds are not at all an aggressive breed. They have a calm temperament that is admirable for dog enthusiasts. This breed is not the one to bite strangers or bark at them for no reason. However, they can be super dedicated to finding the hidden squirrel when their hunting instincts kick in.

What are the most common health problems in Artois Hound?

The most common health issue in the Artois Hound dog breed is ear infection. They have long-hanging ears, so debris, moisture, and ear wax can build up. This can lead to skin conditions in them. Also, hip dysplasia is another common health concern in dogs.

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