Are you looking for a dog who is famous in the doggo world for its rich history? If yes, then Australian Kelpie is the one for you! They have an account of working dogs, making them a muscular and intelligent breed. 

But this information is not enough to convince you to adopt them. So, we covered everything you need to know about Australian Kelpies. Let’s get started!


Height17-20 inches
Weight25-40 lbs
Life span12-15 years
Exercise needs1.5 to 2 hours daily
TemperamentIntroverts, Independent, Disciplined
GroomingModerate maintenance

Origin of the Australian Kelpie

This fierce and magnificent breed named Australian Kelpie came to Australia in the late 1800s or early 1900s. They are the true descendants of Scottish Smooth Collie. Their primary purpose was to be a working dog when they were bred. They developed sharp herding skills and worked with livestock.

Later, the Australian Kelpie dog breed was crossed with other breeds to have a whole package of intelligence, flexibility, and agility. And did you know? Their traits and features also gave them their name! The name “Australian Kelpie” derives from the very nature of adapting to harsh conditions and versatility in herding tasks.

Undoubtedly, They soon became very famous among Australian groups. These groups mainly consisted of farmers and ranchers who used these dogs at their best potential. 

Australian Kelpie: A magnificent herding dog breed that has become a loyal companion to many people. These working dogs spent much of their lives protecting the livestock and the sheep. They can be very territorial and protect their owner’s territory and houses. 

Appearance of the Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie dog breed is a medium-sized dog known for its unique appearance:

1. Dense coat

Starting with their fur, they have a short and dense double coat that protects them from harsh weather conditions. This breed comes in different coat colors that add to their beauty. The colors include- black, red, tanned, and ash blue. 

2. Stature

These working dogs are 18-20 inches tall and weigh about 25-45 pounds. Females are slightly smaller than males at 17-19 inches. Both maids and females are lean and muscular. 

3. Agile dogs

Their perfectly balanced body can intimidate anyone. The Australian Kelpie dog breed carries confidence in their agile walk. Anyone can look and tell that they are sports dogs. Also, their erect ears complement their athletic body. 

4. Eye colors match their coats

For their eyes, it usually matches their coat color. Their eyes are sharp and almost look like they are ready to fight off any threat. This quality adds to their aura, making them more admirable for dog enthusiasts.

5. Compact feet

They have much moving work while herding, so these dogs have compact, round feet. This gives them the balance and control over their bodies. With straight legs, they can run fast as well. You will never see this dog lazing around or looking tired. They always have their heads straight up, actively seeking potential threats.

Personality and Temperament

Let’s check out the fun and unique personality traits of the Australian Kelpie:

1. Intelligent and independent

When we say Australian Kelpie is an intelligent breed, we do not only mean that they analyze situations well but are also highly trainable. They are fast learners and may or may not throw tantrums during training sessions.

As this breed can think independently, the Australian Kelpie has mastered solving problems on the go. They can assess it and act independently if they are ever in a critical situation.

2. Active breed

Their energy levels are always high. If you are looking for a breed that can challenge your inner runner- the Australian Kelpie is the one for you! They love to be outdoors and release all their energy through physical activity like running, fetching, barking, and tearing up the curtains. They are always high on energy and need extensive daily exercise. 

3. Disciplined

Australian Kelpie has an extraordinary work ethic. They are loyal to their owners and would do anything to follow the rules. As they spent long hours protecting the livestock and herding, it has become part of their gene code. They are highly disciplined and keep control of all situations.

4. Loyal and protective

From their temperament, it is evident that they are highly protective of their territory. Being loyal to their owners makes them more admirable for dog enthusiasts. Australian Kelpie dog breed connects on an emotional level with humans.

They have a rich history of being a loyal companion. Not only this but they get attached to their human families over time.

5. Playful

Another fantastic trait of the Australian Kelpie is its playful nature. Contrary to their general persona of saying “No, you are not funny” to everyone, this dog breed loves to play! They can be comical and even pull your t-shirt to invite you to the game. Especially around kids, they release bursts of energy and laughter.

6. Family dogs

The Australian Kelpie dog breed gels well with the family, but only if the family checks all these boxes for them!

These dogs are great for families who-

  • love to spend time outdoors
  • actively participate in training sessions
  • give them space to play
  • are social, and can teach them socialization skills

And, of course, having children in-house is a bonus for these canine buddies!

7. Introverts

It is safe to say that the Australian Kelpie dog breed can be reserved and secret. You will need to enroll them in socialization classes. Their territorial behavior can also hinder being friends with other doggos and humans.

Fun fact: Australian Kelpies can easily be a teacher’s favorite student! These nerdy dogs make sure to follow all the rules and will ensure that everyone in the class does, too!
an Australian Kelpie chilling in the woods

Grooming Needs of the Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie has a particular grooming regime that supports their lifestyle in the great outback:

1. Dense coat

Australian Kelpies have a short and dense double coat, which protects them from harsh weather conditions. Even though the coat is short, they shed a lot due to the heavy hair on their body.

They mostly shed around the seasonal changes like spring or fall, but you can expect to shed throughout the year. Eliminating the shed is impossible, but you can reduce it with proper grooming.

2. Weekly brushing

Caring for Australian Kelpie’s coat health is essential to keep them mentally fit. This includes brushing their fur at least 2-3 times a week. This will remove all the excess hair shed instead of spreading it all along the corridor. You must use a slicker brush to comb them, not a human hair brush.

Human products can be rough on their skin and can cause irritation and skin tears

3. Must bathe them

This active breed plays outdoors, so they can easily harm their skin. From getting debris to infections- it becomes a common problem in dogs. To avoid skin allergies from dirt and debris, you must bath them.

Usually, they are lower maintenance than other breeds, as Australian Kelpie does not need bathing sessions daily. If you notice them being dirty, having a tough day in the soil, or smelly, you can bath them.

4. Maintain oral care

Needless to say, oral care is also an essential part of grooming. No one likes having a bad breath, so you must brush your dog’s teeth daily. To be sure of any dental problems, you should take them for regular check-ups. These canine companions rely on their canines daily, so you must care for them.

And there is more!

Rest grooming essentials for the Australian Kelpie dog breed are:

  1. Eye boogers are expected unless they are in massive amounts. It can suggest eye infections. If you notice eye infections in Australian Kelpie, please consult your veterinarian.
  1. Although Australian Kelpie has erect ears, there can be an ear wax build-up. You must keep their ears in check for infections and clean them with a damp cloth.
  1. Fleas and ticks are also prevalent in dogs. These bacteria can cause discomfort and skin infections in dogs. They can make your dog sick if not cured. It would be best always to have the dog supplies for grooming and keeping their skin healthy.

Exercise and Training Needs

Australian Kelpies are always high on energy. It would be best to direct it effectively instead of letting them waste it on barking and hiding your slippers. You must train these muscular buddies for at least 1.5 hours a day, which can extend up to 2 hours. This includes walking, physical exercises, and even mental stimulation. 

So here are some training essentials for Australian Kelpies:

1. Obedience training

Before teaching your dog anything, you must teach them basic commands and how to respond to them. This also includes positive reinforcement with the treats and commands. For example, if you want Australian Kelpie to learn not to jump over the sofa, you can command them to “No” or “Stop.” You can toss a treat if they stop and adhere to the intrusion. If not- try again!

2. Socialization

As the Australian Kelpie dog breed can be reserved and shy with strangers, you can teach them socialization. It is best to teach them early as adapting to the civilized social environment will be easier. If not trained for socialization, Australian Kelpie can show destructive behaviors. 

3. Mental stimulation

It is essential to know that Australian Kelpie needs mental stimulation. This breed is intelligent and relies on critical thinking for making decisions. To keep their mental health in a good space, you should indulge them in puzzles, scenting games, agility training, etc.

4. Leash training

Only take the leash off if your dog is fully trained and knows more about the city than you. We recommend leashing Australian Kelpies whenever you take them out. They can run after small animals and even be furious about random objects. It would be best to keep an extra leash while having dog walks. You can give your dog proper leash training. So next time you go out, they bring the leash to you!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are an experienced dog owner, The Australian Kelpie dog breed is excellent for you. This breed is active and always up for running errands or rigorous training sessions. However, we do not recommend this breed for new dog owners due to Australian Kelpie’s high energy levels and grooming needs.

It can be challenging, and you might need to get services for dog walking, training, and even grooming for the well-being of Australian Kelpies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Australian Kelpies hypoallergenic?

Australian Kelpie is not an hypoallergenic breed. If you are sensitive to allergies, this dog may not suit you well. Due to their short yet dense fur, they shed a lot. We put them in the medium to heavy shedders category as they shed mostly during seasonal changes. To minimize the shed, you can groom them properly.

What is the life expectancy of an Australian Kelpie?

The life expectancy of the Australian Kelpie is around 12-15 years. This also varies on the health condition of the dog throughout the life. If a dog does not have an active lifestyle and is malnourished, it will affect their life expectancy. Grooming, training, and giving dogs healthy nutrition are essential. Underlying diseases and conditions also determine a dog’s life span.

Do Australian Kelpies bark a lot?

Yes, Australian Kelpie barks a lot. If you have an ick for dog barks, this breed might not be for you! Due to its history of being a herding and working dog, it can make many barking noises. You might also find them barking at the strangers entering their territory. However, unwanted behaviors can always be corrected with training. 

How to train an Australian Kelpie?

The first thing to do to train Australian Kelpies is to socialize them and teach them basic obedience. As they have high energy levels, they need rigorous training. It is essential to also stimulate them mentally with challenges. These dogs can easily stretch up to 1.5 to 2 hours a day of exercise. Moreover, as this breed is easy to train, you must direct their energy in the right direction.

What are the health problems in Australian Kelpie?

Generally, Australian Kelpies are healthy dogs with relatively less chance of hereditary diseases. However, Hip Dysplasia and Progressive Retinal Atrophy can be prevalent in this dog breed. They have few chances to catch these, as Australian Kelpie is considered a healthy dog breed throughout their lives.

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