If you are considering to adopt an Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, you are on the right track, buddy! But before you bring them home, have you thought about whether this dog breed is a match for you or not?

If you haven’t yet, here is the sign to learn everything about the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog breed. From their personality traits to their daily need, we have everything you need to know about this magnificent breed. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Height18-20 inches
Weight35-50 lbs
Life span13-15 years
Exercise needs1-2 hours daily
TemperamentEnergetic, Adaptable, Bark a lot
GroomingModerate maintenance

Origin of the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

As you can tell by their name, the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog originated from Australia (duh) and has been around for quite some time now. To be precise, this dog breed was brought in by the European settlers in the 19th century, and since then, they have been a precious part of every dog enthusiast. Their fame and popularity are not only because of their distinctive appearance but also because of the skills of these dogs that set them apart from other breeds. Don’t believe us! But you cannot deny their history about how multiple British herding breeds like Smithfield and Australian Dingo were crossed to develop the ASTCD we know today. 

Moreover, if we talk about the modern era, then these dogs are more than just herding dogs. Today, a lot of people adopt them not only because of their guarding skills or ability to scare away thieves but also because of their loyal companionship. After all, even the farmers in early times adopted them as their best furry buddies! 

Appearance of the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

When it comes to the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog breed, their appearance is their identification mark. Here are more details about the physical characteristics of these dogs that set them apart from other breeds:

1. Size and body

This medium-sized dog breed is about 18-20 inches tall and weighs about 35-50 pounds. If you are us, we love medium-sized dogs because they are not too big to take up a lot of space and not too small to hide under beds. Besides their size, these dogs are very well built as they have perfect proportions, and let’s not forget their robust overall appearance that can intimidate anyone!

2. Coat

What do you see first when you look at the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog? We assume that you said “their coat,” and yes, you are correct! These dogs have a luscious double coat, which is one of their striking features you can never take your eyes off. But make no mistake- not only does this coat make them look so unique, but it also keeps them warm and protected. And anyway, what is better than a beautiful coat that is soft to the touch and is full of surprising patterns?

3. Other features

If anyone looks at this dog, there is a high chance that the person will be intimidated by the confidence and seriousness this dog breed oozes. We mean, why not? They are not called guard dogs for no reason! Their fit, muscled, and agile body makes them look like they are always ready to fight with anyone who messes their way! Moreover, if you are wondering why there is a “stumpy” in their name, then you should know that these dogs have a super short tails! So unless you actually go near them to touch their tail, you can’t see anything! 

Personality and Temperament

Learn about the personality and temperament of the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog breed and check whether or not they are a match for you!

1. Super smart

These fierce buddies are known for their intelligence and independent thinking skills. Basically, they are self-sufficient and can make decisions themselves if put in difficult situations. However, as a responsible dog parent, you also have some responsibilities! For example, you should enroll them in mental stimulation exercises that would promote their thinking skills.

2. Energy bombs

These dogs spent their early years as working dogs, being busy and roaming around. So don’t worry! The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog breed is not one to sit in one place or be a couch potato. In fact, these dogs are always so pumped up with energy that they can tire you! 

3. Strong work ethic

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is a very determined breed for work. They are super punctual and love to follow a routine every day. These dogs commit to their owners and are admired a lot by dog enthusiasts for their loyalty. If you want a dog breed that will protect your house while also bonding with you, this might be it!

4. Adaptable

Another fantastic feature of the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs is that they can adapt to any situation—be it harsh weather conditions or awkward neighborhood parties. With proper socialization, they can literally be friends with everyone. These dogs adjust pretty well unless they sense a threat from a person or a place. 

5. Bark a lot!

Last but not least, this dog might not be the one for you if you cannot tolerate dog barks! The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog barks alot and is super vocal about how they feel. This means if they want to scare away the people passing by, they’ll not only growl at them but bark to hush them away. Excessive barking can also be a behavioral problem. Hence, proper training must be given. 

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs are full of surprises. Some are born with short tails, while others have not-so-stumpy tails and shock you with their long ones!
an Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog outdoors

Grooming Needs of the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog requires moderate maintenance! To keep them in their best looks possible, here are some grooming essentials

1. Brushing

Regular brushing is essential if you want the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog’s coat to remain healthy and hygienic. Unfortunately, they are not hypoallergenic, which means not brushing will lead to tons and tons of hair being shed over your carpet. You should use a soft bristle brush to prevent matting and remove loose fur. 

2. Bathing

You should give Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dogs bathing sessions once every 4-6 weeks. We recommend that you use dog supplies like shampoo, conditioner, and soap, which are mild and dog-friendly. This will keep their skin healthy and free from dirt or sweat. 

3. Cleaning

Lastly, clearing the ear wax buildup, debris, eye boogers, and dirt under the paws is equally important! These can cause skin irritation and infection that can eventually make your dog sick. Also, ensure that your doggo is free from fleas and ticks. 

Exercise and Training Needs

With their high physical and mental needs, this bob tailed breed requires at least 1 hour of exercise, which you can exceed to 2 hours a day. Here are the everyday training essentials of this canine companion:

1. Early socialization

This activity includes exposing your dog to various situations, faces, and environments at an early stage in life. It is to prepare them for the future as growing up; it can be difficult for them to adjust to the surroundings. Early socialization will help to promote the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog’s behavior, skills, and overall personality. 

2. Daily walks

Taking your dog out on a walk every day is not only for their physical health but also for their mental well-being. Daily walks help keep your dog away from diseases and common health concerns (study). You can also incorporate obedience training and leash practice when you take your dog on a walk.

3. Agility training

The best way to motivate your dog to do physical exercise is to enroll them in agility training. When they see hurdles and obstacles and have to run through all of them to find the treat treasure, believe us- no dog will lose on that opportunity! 

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog breed is for dog parents who have active families, can play with their dog, and can even afford a trailer to train these furry buddies. This dog might not work well with first-time dog owners due to their high energy levels and rigorous training needs. Rest, Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dogs are super loyal and will never leave your side!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dogs rare?

In the modern era, the number of Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dogs has decreased tragically. They are primarily found in Australia itself, and that, too, is pretty rare now. So, if you get your hands on one, consider yourself lucky!

What is the lifespan of a Stumpy Tail Cattle dog?

The life span of the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog breed is 13-15 years. This depends on your dog’s overall quality of life, nutrition, grooming, hygiene, training, and underlying health issues. Hence, it is best to fulfill their needs and get them regularly checked by a veterinarian.

Are Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs aggressive?

Generally, the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dogs are not considered aggressive. However, if anyone picked a fight with them, these Aussies will not back off. Rest assured, with proper socialization training, these dogs can be super affectionate with everyone.

 Do Stumpy Tail cattle dogs shed?

Unfortunately, yes! The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog breed sheds enough to mess up your sweaters, and as they are not hypoallergenic, they spread allergens, too. We would suggest that you focus on their grooming and brushing to remove the loose fur.

Are Australian Cattle Dogs hard to train?

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dogs are easy to train with the right owners and trainers. They need a lot of positive reinforcement and motivation to get them to listen to the commands. But once they get a hold of it, these dogs can be quick on commands and learn complex ones as well.

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