What if we tell you there is a breed that exudes elegance and can hunt animals like wild boar? Sounds fiction, right? Well, the Azawakh is here to prove everyone wrong!

This dog breed has been here for decades and has made their place in everyone’s heart. If you want to adopt this breed, you will find everything you need to know about Azawakhs. From their temperament to training needs—we have got you covered!


Height25-29 inches
Weight33-55 lbs
Life span12-15 years
Exercise needs30 minutes to 1 hour daily
TemperamentIntroverts, Independent thinkers, Affectionate
GroomingLow maintenance
OriginWest Africa

Origin of the Azawakh

Originating in the Sahel region of West Africa, Azawakh dogs are famous for their distinctive appearance. They were spread across Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger areas. Primarily, this breed was used for hunting. Azawakhs have a rich and long history of working as hunting dogs for the native, with the natives. Not only did they hunt, but herd and protected the livestock. 

Naturally, the nomads find this admirable for their elegance and speed. With their long, slender legs, they can run up to 64 km/h! This made the Azawakh dog breed the perfect hunting companion. Today, many pet owners also enroll this breed in dog sports.

Over time, nomads bred these dogs to add more skills and look to Azawakhs. Do not ever question their skills by looking at their slender body! Azawakhs used to hunt wild boars, hares, and antelopes in their time!

In recent years, Azawakh dogs have gained popularity for their unique demeanor. Due to the less work for their hunting jobs, they are now stay-at-home hooman companions. 

Appearance of the Azawakh

Firstly, let’s talk about their appearance!

1. Slender body

The Azawakh dog breed has a unique appearance that catches anyone’s attention. They have a slender body that helps them to be best at hunting. Due to their physique, Azawakhs can run and catch fast-moving prey like hares. Their athletic bodies may lack muscles to show off, but they can even hunt big games like wild boar.

2. Long legs and neck

Azawakhs have long legs that help them to show off their speed. These slim buddies can get as big as 25-29 inches tall and weigh about 33-55 pounds. Usually, females are smaller than males. 

The elongated neck and legs are another impressive feature of the Azawakh dog breed. All together, their bodies look no less than that of a diva. They exude grace and confidence when they walk.

3. Fine coat

If you know the struggle behind grooming dense coat dogs, you would be relieved to know that Azawakhs have short and fine coats. Mostly, their bodies are covered in two shades where the white skin base remains the same. Rest, the patterns and colors differ.

The coat colors can be black, blueish, red, or tanned. Markings over certain areas are common, too.

Personality and Temperament

What if we tell you that there is more to this breed than its unique appearance? Knowing about a breed’s personality before adopting it is always good. So here are the details of the temperament and personality traits of Azawakhs:

1. Independent thinkers

These slender buddies survived in the harsh terrains. They have made the tough decisions for themselves and their owners. As the Azawakh dog breed worked alone as hunters and herders, they are used to acting independently and making decisions.

To date, Azawakhs also know independent thinking and the ability to take action alone. This nature can also become a problem for inexperienced dog owners. Their independence may translate into stubbornness.

2. Good with other pets

Azawakhs worked with different dog breeds for hunting and protecting livestock for many years. This made them adaptable to the presence of other dogs and animals. So, if you are a cat person who wants a dog that treats your cats like queens as much as you do—Azawakhs are perfect for you! 

In starting, they might take time to familiarize themselves with your cats. But once you socialize them, they can all live under the same roof. (unless your cats don’t want to share your attention.)

3. Energetic

Having a rich history of hunting and herding, Azawakhs spent days and nights running around and being busy. This can be evident from the energy levels they show. Their energy levels make them the perfect dog to train, as they will always be up for a jog. Also, if you think you are taking Azawakhs out on a jog, rethink it! Because it’s Azawakhs taking you out.

4. Affectionate

Keeping aside their hunting instincts, the Azawakh dog breed can be affectionate with hooman communities. If they spend time with their owners, they can bond emotionally and be gentle. Especially if they are around children, Azawakhs can show their mother instincts. This personality trait makes them an adorable breed. Also, it is a reason for dog enthusiasts to love Azawakhs even more.

5. Introverts

Another attractive trait of the Azawakh dog breed is their reserved nature. You can expect this breed to act standoffish when meeting new people. They take their time to observe, sniff, and paw-touch strangers before letting anyone pat them.

This also makes this breed a protective and territorial breed. However, not meeting humans at all can indicate a behavior problem. You must give Azawakhs socialization training for the same.

6. Minimal barking

Lastly, their minimal barking is another reason we love Azawakhs. You will barely see them barking over random plushies or strangers. However, they bark when they sense a threat or want to alarm their owners. So, if you catch Azawakhs barking- you better not ignore it!

7. Family dogs? No.

Even though Azawakhs have the perfect temperament to be a family dog, we do not recommend it. Azawakhs can bring out their hunting instincts if not trained or handled well. They can be overly protective and fierce sometimes. Such a nature can only be handled by an experienced dog owner. If you and your family are dog professionals and have a way with tough dogs, then you can consider Azawakhs.

Azawakhs have THE PERFECT physique and grace that you can mistake them for supermodels!
an Azawakh standing in the woods

Grooming Needs of the Azawakh

The best part about the Azawakh dog breed is that they need minimal grooming. Due to their short and smooth fur, they do not require extensive grooming sessions. So you can check the box for “low maintenance.” However, this does not mean that Azawakhs are hypoallergenic. 

Unfortunately, Azawakhs are not hypoallergenic and are unsuitable for people with allergies. They shed mainly during the shedding seasons, but sheds can be evident occasionally. To avoid getting your sofa covered in a hair shed, you must groom them regularly. 

1. Weekly brushing

It is essential to brush their fur coat once a week. This will keep their skin and hair healthy as brushing removes the dead hair sheds. Please ensure to only use a dog-friendly soft bristle brush. Human combs can be harsh on their skin and tear their skin and cuticles. You can also use hound gloves as they are gentler on short coats and help to stimulate natural oils.

2. Bathe them

Another grooming essential is to bathe them. Azawakhs have short fur coats, so they collect less dirt around the playgrounds. You don’t have to bath them unless you find them exceptionally dirty or smelling lousy. But if you see their skin flay or debris, you can give these canine buddies a bathing session. 

3. Use dog-friendly products

Using dog-friendly supplies for Azawakh or any other dog breeds would be best. Human products can irritate or ruin the PH levels of your dog. You must NEVER use human shampoos, soaps, brushes, etc. Instead, you can use coconut oil for a good massage. This oil has antibacterial properties, which can help to eliminate bacteria. Also, this brings us to our next point!

4. Check for fleas and ticks

Fleas and ticks are prevalent in dogs. You must keep a check that your dog does not have any skin allergies or infections. You must also clean their ears, paws, and eyes with a damp cloth. There can be wax build-up, debris, or boogers in these areas.

Exercise and Training Needs

You would be glad to know that the Azawakh dog breed is highly trainable. Due to their history of working as hunting dogs and protecting livestock, they are quick learners. Their training requirements are far less than some dog breeds like Alaskan Malamute. Azawakhs only require 30 minutes to 1 hour a day of training. 

Now, it is the owner’s job to make Azawakhs learn at their best potential in those hours. So here is a guide on how you can plan training sessions for the Azawakh dog breed.

1. Obedience training

It would be best to start by teaching your dog how to respond to basic commands. For example, you can use commands like “sit,” “come here,” or “run.” You can use dog supplies like sticks to guide them in the right direction by pointing with them. You can also use this technique for positive reinforcement. If your dog responds to the instructions, you can treat them. This will motivate Azawakhs to show good behavior.

2. Daily walks and jogs

At least 20 minutes of their day should be spent walking or jogging. As Azawakh dogs love to run and show off their speed, you must keep their legs active. You can reduce the walking sessions to 10 minutes as they age. However, young and adult Azawakhs can walk for 20 minutes daily. 

3. Agility training

Once Azawakh is bored with daily walks, you must spice things up! It would be great if you could enroll them in agility classes. Even 20-30 minutes of agility training can keep these dogs pumped up and energetic all day. It can include physically exhausting activities such as jumping over the boxes or running around the ground. We encourage you to focus on their running a lot, as the Azawakh dog breed used to run a lot during hunting. The purpose is to work on your dog’s strengths and nurture their instincts. Also, You must have access to a large fenced yard or a ground for this. 

Final Thoughts

To summarise this, we can say that Azawakh is an elegant breed that follows the mantra of “live and let live.” They are generally quiet and can prove to be loyal companions. Limiting these dogs to their graceful bodies would be unfair, as there is so much more to them. If you plan on adopting them, it would be great to stimulate their mental skills and creativity. 

Lastly, if you are an experienced dog owner who wants a dog interested in training as much as you, Azawakhs will not disappoint you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Azawakh dogs bark?

Barely. Azawakh dog breed is known for its minimal barking. They are not very vocal about their day-to-day emotions and only bark if needed. You will only find this breed barking if they sense a threat or want to alarm their owners about something. Otherwise, it is rare for Azawakhs to bark unless they have a behavior problem

Are Azawakh aggressive?

 Azawakh dogs are not aggressive. They have a calm and reserved personality that bothers no one. It is common for people to confuse their hunting instincts with aggression. But that is not the case with this breed. Their calm temperament also makes Azawakhs a good dog for experienced families.

How big are Azawakh dogs?

The Azawakh dog breed is 25-29 inches tall and weighs about 33-55 pounds. They are a medium-sized dog breed with a sleek and slender physique. Just like other dog breeds, in the case of Azawakhs, females are smaller than males. Females can even weigh around 33 pounds.

Are Azawakh dogs hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, No. Even though Azawakh dogs have short fur coats, they tend to shed the most during the shedding season. You can groom and brush their coat every week to minimize the shed. This will remove the excessive hair shed and prevent it from spreading across the room. If you are sensitive to allergies, this breed might not be for you.

Are Azawakhs good family dogs?

We do not recommend the Azawakh dog breed for families. These dogs have high energy levels and hunting instincts. This can become a problem for families and children. It is common for dogs not to have control over their instincts. Azawakhs may pose as overly protective and destructive. In such situations, only experienced families will be able to handle Azawakhs.

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