Are you looking for a dog that can fit into your apartment and does not need much maintenance? If yes, consider adopting the Basset Hound dog breed!

This well-mannered dog is all you need for a slow and peaceful living. Basset Hounds have the personality and appearance to win anyone’s heart- here, we’ll start by winning yours! We have everything you need to know about this magnificent breed. 


Height14-16 inches
Weight40-65 lbs
Life span10-12 years
Exercise needs1 hour daily
TemperamentAffectionate, Lazy, Easy going
GroomingAverage maintenance

Origin of the Basset Hound

History: It all started in 16th century France when the basset hounds originated from their long ancestral history to the bassets we know today. The very first ancestor of this breed was the laconian or spartan hound. The ancestors and descendants were masters at their game! This is why the French aristocrats used this opportunity to breed and give rise to Basset Hounds. 

These dogs were not just loyal companions but true hunters. The Basset Hound dog breed has been trained and evolved to scent and track small games like hares and rabbits. They were so quick at their game that no prey would go out of their way to challenge the Bassets. 

The breed gained media coverage and was mentioned by several authors. This is when 1884, the Basset Hound club was formed, and the breed became famous among young dog enthusiasts. Unfortunately, during World War 1, most individuals went extinct. The early 1900s were challenging, and barely 9 Basset Hounds were registered. Jumping on to the future, a virus took away this breed. This led to a massive outbreak and the closing of their club.

Coming to the best part of the story- the Basset Hounds made a heroic entry in the year 1954. In the modern world, this breed is famous for its appearance and the charm of its persona. The dog enthusiasts will resonate with the skills, abilities, and charisma of this breed- Basset Hound. 

The breed became an essential part of pop culture and media due to their droopy appearance. 

Appearance of the Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is more than meets the eye, of course. The breed’s appearance includes:

1. Size

This medium-sized breed has a short stature, which may confuse them with a small-sized breed. The basset hound dog breed is 14-16 inches tall and weighs about 40-65 pounds. The size of this breed differs in females and males, whereas females are slightly smaller. 

2. Coat

The basset hound dog breed has a short, smooth coat that does not need much maintenance. The fur is soft to the touch and comes in various shades of brown. They mostly have tri or bi-color shades all over their bodies. The color includes- black, brown, tan, white, and lemon. So you know, blue is the rarest coat color of Basset Hound. If you find one, consider yourself lucky!

3. Legs

The word Basset derives from a French translation of it- low. This pretty much describes their short stature and why the basset hounds stand low to the ground. Their legs are covered with thick, wrinkled skin. And then comes with cute little paws that also served a crucial role in hunting behind the bushes. 

4. Wrinkled and droopy skin

One of the most distinctive features of the basset hounds is their wrinkled skin. It makes them look droopy and holds relevance in their early life. As you can see, their eyes, ears, and body are droopy and wrinkled; the reason is to hold the scents of the prey. The wrinkles and droopy eyes work as a shelf or a bowl to store all the scents so they can hold on to it and keep sniffing. This makes their scenting game more potent as they can better track the scents of hares or rabbits. 

Although, their droopy and wrinkled skin adds more work to grooming! They may look sad, but believe us- they are just busy storing scents of treats and hunting them all. 

Personality and Temperament

Despite how they look so done, Basset Hounds can be great playmates and bond deeply with their owners. They also have a few cute personality traits:

1. Friendly and sensitive

The Basset Hound dog breed is sensitive, so harsh training methods do not work well. This breed is full of life and enjoys companionship. As they used to hunt in packs, Basset hounds gel very well with other dogs. At first, they might react unusually, but once they are familiar with other pets- everyone becomes their friend. This might not be as playful as other breeds, but you can play sudoku with them.

2. Affectionate with humans

If you want a loyal companion in a dog’s body- Basset Hounds are the one! They are lovely family dogs. This breed especially loves to spend time with kids. Be it monitoring the kids, keeping them safe, or playing fetch with them- this breed can be an entertainer. You can give them socialization training to be more comfortable with human communities. 

3. Loyal

Due to their rich history of hunting and protecting their human families, the Basset Hound dog breed develops deep bonds with their owners. They are very loyal and a perfect canine companion. If their owner is in trouble, they will not step back.

4. Stubborn

One of the cute yet annoying things about the Basset Hound dog breed is that they can be very stubborn. As this breed is inactive, you must push and motivate them A LOT to even brush their teeth. This is one of the reasons why we do not recommend Basset hounds for new dog owners. It can be challenging to keep them away from obesity and such health concerns due to a lack of activity in their body.

5. Easygoing and lazy

Another personality trait of Basset hounds is that they can be very lazy. They do not have any political views or any opinions on anything. In short- Basset Hounds are least bothered by everything and anything. Also, they are very easygoing- if there is a party, they won’t miss it. They do as their heart says; this quality also makes them different from other dog breeds. 

Lazy, easygoing, doesn’t like being bothered, and probably would love to play sudoku. Who does it sound more like- Basset Hounds or Stanley Hudson?
a basset hound in the woods

Grooming Needs of the Basset Hound

Similar to most dog breeds, you need to understand grooming essentials of a Basset Hound before you get one. Here’s all you need to know:

1. Bathing and cleaning

Unlike what we say for other dog breeds, Basset hounds often require bathing sessions and cleaning. Because of their wrinkled skin, they can store A LOT of dirt and moisture. You should bathe these dogs every one to two weeks or if they have a messy playtime.

Also, please ensure to use the right dog supplies when cleaning them. It would be best to use dog-friendly shampoo, conditioner, and soaps for cleaning them, as human products can irritate.

2. Brushing

The Basset Hound dog breed has smooth and short fur, so you do not need to brush your coat daily. Unlike Afghan Hounds, this dog breed only requires grooming once a week. You should use a soft bristle brush to groom these dogs.

Also, as basset hounds are not hypoallergenic, you must take extra care of shedding. While you groom them weekly, you can use a mat splitter if there are any tangles. 

3. Paw care

Another grooming requirement is to clean the paws regularly. Especially after walks or training hours, you should clean the Basset’s paws to ensure no dirt. Dirt buildup under paws can lead to infections and itchiness, too. 

4. Ear and skin infections

One of the most common health problems in Basset Hounds is skin infections. Due to their droopy appearance and skin, dirt, moisture, and debris can build over time. If not treated sooner, it can lead to severe skin burns, infections, and wounds. Similarly, like other hound dogs, the basset hound also has long-hanging ears. Their floppy ears can be an adobe for ear wax or even fleas and ticks. It would be best to clean the wrinkles and ears regularly with a damp cloth. 

Apart from this, if you notice excessive eye boogers in the drooping eyes, it can also be a sign of eye infections. Please get in touch with your veterinarian for medical information. 

Exercise and Training Needs

The basset hound dog breed is inactive and needs way more motivation than other breeds. You may also need to get help from professionals to train your dog. However, starting the training early will make it easier for you to understand Basset’s behavior. 

So here are some training requirements for the Basset Hound dog breed:

1. Basic obedience training and positive reinforcement

The very first thing to start with is basic obedience training. This includes teaching the basset hound some basic commands like- “sit,” “stay,” or “run.” You can start with the simpler ones and then move towards the harder ones.

You must reward them with a treat or a favorite plushie if they follow the commands correctly. If you want to keep the treats healthy and non-addictive, you can use human foods like- blueberries, melons (seedless), bananas, or apples (seedless).

2. Daily walks

You should include at least 15- 20 minutes of walking daily for the Basset Hound dog breed. Dog walks are a great way to start the day and buckle up for exercises. You can also hire a dog walker for the same. Also, during this, you can leash train your dog.

Quick tip: you must always carry more than one leash for your dog, just in case they bite one into pieces. 

3. Agility training

Once the basset hound dog breed is ready to do the main exercises, you can opt for agility training. This can be a fun, interactive, and physically stimulating exercise to keep these dogs active. You can motivate them every day and with the help of treats. 


To sum it up, we can say that the Basset Hound dog breed is not the one for first-time dog owners. Their temperament and grooming needs are easy peasy for an inexperienced hand, but their laziness can make it challenging. Getting them active or out of the couch is not easy.

They need someone who can have experience training dogs and motivate them daily to walk. Their laziness and unwillingness to do anything- be it training or playtime can be a deciding factor in whether or not to adopt the Basset Hounds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Basset Hounds live in apartments?

Basset Hounds are great for apartment living. They are medium-sized dogs and can easily fit on a couch. However, you must fulfill their training needs by accessing an open space nearby. Also, their friendly temperament and personality can gel well with family members and children.

Are Basset Hounds aggressive?

The Basset Hound dog breed is not considered aggressive. They are friendly and calm throughout the day. But you can expect them to throw tantrums or show dominance at times. This can be an underlying behavioral problem if your dog shows excessive aggression. You must provide training to eliminate unwanted behavior.

Are Basset Hounds hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, the Basset Hound dog breed is not hypoallergenic. Even though they shed less than other hound breeds like Afghan Hound, you will still find hair shed here and there. If you or anyone in your family is allergic to dogs, Basset Hounds may not be the best fit. With timely grooming, you can avoid excessive shedding.

Why are Basset Hound’s eyes droopy?

Not just eyes, but Basset Hounds naturally have wrinkled and dropping skin. They have evolved and have this appearance due to their hunting history. Drooping eyes work as a scent capture bowl, where they trap the scents so they can keep sniffing them from their nose. Also, the wrinkled skin helps to protect their eyes from dirt. So, don’t worry, your dog isn’t sad; they are just busy tracking the treats!

Are Basset Hounds low maintenance?

Yes. The Basset Hound dog breed is a low-maintenance breed. You only need to brush their coat once a week for their grooming. A short walk in town and a few fun exercises will suffice for their training. The Basset Hounds are easygoing and demand little care from their owners. However, their stubbornness can be a concern sometimes.

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