The Bavarian Mountain Hound is what you should be looking for if you want a gentle furry friend, that is devoted to you and loves you with every inch of their body. 

These dogs just love adventures in the mountainous regions or maybe sometimes a little hiking does wonders for them. But they are not for you if you are a busybody. Want to know why? Then let us delve into the world of the awesome Bavarian Mountain Hound.


Height17-20 inches
Weight37-66 lbs
Life span12-15 years
Exercise needs1-2 hours daily
TemperamentCalm, Loyal, Brave
Grooming High maintenance

Origin of the Bavarian Mountain Hound

The Bavarian Mountain Hound descends from the original hunting dogs that were known as ‘Bracken’. Brackens were known for having outstanding abilities for trailing and tracking. The Bavarian Mountain Hound was bred to be a lightweight leash trailing scent hound that could easily tread through mountainous regions. 

They had a blast in their popularity and now have become the best partners of professional hunters and gamekeepers living in the mountains of Bavaria. They are also well-renowned for their awesome “cold nose” tracking ability. Their smelling capabilities are so sharp they can distinguish between the injured game they are hunting and other animals of the same species (article).

Appearance of the Bavarian Mountain Hound

These beautiful fur babies are medium-sized dogs that maintain a majestic appearance and make great hunters. Their looks can be described as:

1. Body structure

The chest is moderately broad and deep, with a well-developed front. Their ribs are oval in shape, deep, and long. The top line of the Bavarian Mountain Hound slopes gently upwards from the withers (the tallest point on a dog’s body, aside from the neck and head) to the hindquarters. 

The back is strong and supple. Their loin is short, broad, and muscular. The upper thighs of their hind legs are strong and muscular, while their lower thighs are long and skinny.Their tail is set high, is medium in length, and slants slightly downward.

2. Head structure

The skull is comparatively broad and slightly arched. The cheeks are only moderately defined. The snout is slightly shorter than the skull and is sufficiently broad, so it does not appear pointed. The nasal bridge is straight or slightly curved. Their nose color ranges from black or dark red, of good size with wide-open nostrils.

3. Coat appearance

Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound has a dense, close-fitting, rough, glossy coat, which is finer around the head and ears and harsher and longer around the belly, legs, and tail. Their coat color ranges from biscuit, fawn, and clear tan mixed with deep red and reddish grey. The base color on their back is usually intense, and the snout and ears are relatively darker. 

Personality and Temperament

The Bavarian Mountain Hounds can be the class presidents of doggy school, with the qualities that they posses.  

1. Loyal

These fur buddies are some of the most loyal besties you’ll ever come across. They never leave, their handler’s side and form deep bonds with their handlers and their families. 

2. Calm and level-headed

These canine babies would make great ninjas if they were humans. They love a calm and quiet environment and prefer being reserved. They are definitely high-spirited but prefer staying with some level of independence.

Bavarian Mountain dogs are reserved with strangers and are always on high alert, so they will try to grab the attention of their owners whenever they feel threatened. But the Bavarian Mountain Scent Hounds quite rarely show any signs of aggression. 

3. Brave bois!

OOH! These babies are few of the most courageous bois ever! They will go lengths to protect their owner and their families. However, they are not the best to remain around young kids or small creatures, as they might try to harm them due to their hunting instincts.

a Bavarian Mountain Hound sitting proudly in the woods

Exercise and Training Needs

Bavarian Mountain Scent Hounds are not made for the suburban lifestyle. An ample space to roam around securely is an absolute necessity. They are also unsuitable for casual hunters and are mostly owned by forest dwellers and professional gamekeepers. Here’s all you need to know:

1. Physical activity

If you have a very busy lifestyle, these babies may not be, unfortunately, may not be the best for you. They either need to be with working families where they can be used as utility dogs or need high amounts of physical and mental stimulation to satiate their hunting needs. 

Going on hikes, jogging, or swimming are a few of the best ways to get them their desired exercise. Regular hourly walks to the dog parks if you do not own a large yard or garden work amazing as well. Remember that if they get bored, they may try to dig holes into gardens or yards or climb out of fences. 

2. Training

When it comes to training, these dogs are not kennel dogs, so they need to be trained to remain in one if needed. Second, they are independent thinkers, so they may become a little stubborn when they do not get their way. Setting clear boundaries and paw-sitive reinforcement is the way to go in such cases. 

Bavarian Mount Hounds are sometimes picky when it comes to choosing a favorite person. So, they might end up being comfortable with only one person. While early socialization helps intensely, we never recommend overstepping their boundaries by forcing them to interact with strangers. 

Grooming Needs of the Bavarian Mountain Hound

The Bavarian Mountain Hound is a fairly high-maintenance dog, which means grooming these bois is not a 2-minute job. But that also implies you can share your little skin care time with your precious good boy! They need:

1. Brushing

Their coat needs to be brushed very often. As mentioned above, their coat is dense, close to their skin and harsh, and they shed a good amount throughout the year. Therefore brushing them frequently with a slicker brush to eliminate knots, tangles or matting is very crucial.

2. Bathing

Since these are hunting dogs, their coat can catch up on dirt and foreign particles very often. So, you might have to bathe them regularly. But until you actually notice them getting dirty, you do not need to do it, as bathing them for no reason can wear out their body’s natural oils and moisture.

3. Fancy manicures and a multiple-step skincare routine

Since their ears droop down, they can easily trap moisture, ear wax, and dirt, causing ear infections in the long run. You must clean their ears properly with wet wipes and get rid of any dirt or foreign particles. 

And lastly, do not forget to keep their nails trimmed. While they are a physically active breed, which is why their nails automatically wear out, this does not mean you should leave them be. If you hear nails tapping on the floor, go on and trim them yourself to avoid any nail-related injuries. 

Are Bavarian Mountain Hounds Hypoallergenic?

Sadly, Bavarian Mountain Hounds are not hypoallergenic. This means that they produce allergens that can trigger sensitivities and allergies in humans. 

We recommend that if you plan to get this specific breed or any other similar breed, you should try spending time around them just to look out for allergic reactions. Allergies can vary from person to person and should not be taken lightly. 

Final Thoughts

So, will these lovely pups fit into your busy lifestyle? The answer is no (unless being busy means being busy with forest-related work). They are unsuitable for city homes with crowded neighborhoods. 

But they do make great guard dogs! They protect their families and their owners with diligence. However not prioritizing their physical health or not meeting their physical activity requirements will only lead to behavioral issues. Also, disrespecting their boundaries can cause them to be aggressive. 

If they do not fit into your lifestyle, it is better to go for a breed that is best suited for you. Most dogs were bred for their own purpose, so carelessly bringing in any of them can be harmful for both you and your dog. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bavarian mountain Hounds livestock guardians?

Bavarian Mountain Hounds are well-known hunting dogs and were bred specifically for hunting small game. So, they are not good for livestock guarding as they can be be a danger to smaller creatures such as chickens or ducks, etc.

Are Bavarian mountain dogs good around chickens?

As mentioned above, Bavarian Mountain Hounds are known for their hunting skills, especially small game. Chickens come under such creatures which they usually hunt down, so it is better to keep them away from animals such as chickens, ducks, etc.

Is a Bavarian Mountain Hound a good watchdog?

Bavarian Mountain Dogs are usually and not very aggressive, which means that they will not chase away the danger. But it is worth mentioning that they are definitely cautious around strangers. So, they will alert their handlers by barking when they sense danger.

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