Let us introduce you to a strong-willed, working dog who spent years on mountains herding and protecting its people. The one who never took failure as an answer—the Beauceron dog breed. 

This mountain dog is not limited to its strength but has so much affection to serve its owners. So, if you want to adopt this breed, here is all you need to know about their temperament and daily needs!


Height25-28 inches
Weight65-85 lbs
Life span10-12 years
Exercise needs2 hours daily
TemperamentCalm, Calculative, Energetic
GroomingHigh maintenance

Origin of the Beauceron

First traced back to the plains of France, the Beauceron dog breed started as a famous hunting dog. In the 1500s, they gained recognition and admiration among common folks when they hunted wild boar. Sooner or later, mountaineers knew how this breed’s skills would benefit them to protect their livestock. So then started the evolution of the Beaucerons we know today. 

They spent their early lives being working dogs on farms and mountains where they guarded castles and protected owner’s families. Not just this, but even during the world wars, Beaucerons were used as guard dogs. There is no doubt that this dog is strong-willed and independent when it comes to their instincts and protecting others. 

Due to their temperament and overall persona, they have gained popularity in the modern world. They have also been recognized by kennel clubs, making them essential to the herding groups.

Appearance of the Beauceron

In the next section, we’ll talk about the appearance and special features of the Beauceron dog breed. Every dog has distinctive features that set it apart from other dog breeds. Similarly, here is all you need to know about Beauceron’s appearance:

1. Size

These mountain dogs, Beaucerons, are a large dog breed, being 25-28 inches tall and weighing about 65-85 pounds. Their size and high energy levels make it challenging for them to live as an apartment dog. If you want a dog that can live well in an apartment, you should consider the Basenji, Beagles, Basset Hounds, or Pitbull

2. Coat type

The Beauceron dog breed has a thick double coat that protects them from harsh weather conditions. Being a mountain dog, their bodies are built to survive. They have a water-resistant outer layer and a comforting, warm inner coat. For the color, their coat usually comes in two colors- black and tan. The blue shade of the coat is very rare to find. 

3. Body built

As Beaucerons have always been working dogs, their bodies have evolved a certain way. They have tough muscles and a muscular build. The Beauceron dog breed has erected ears that help them stay alert. They also have thick, hairy tails and always stand with straight shoulders. Their appearance can intimidate not just their threats but also humans.  

4. Special features

One of the most distinguishing features of Beauceron is the patches on their fur coat. Not all Beaucerons have the patches, but those who do are covered in grey marks over and around their eyes, abdomen, ears, and neck.

a Beauceron dog by a stream

Personality and Temperament

Before adopting a breed, you must know their personality traits and temperament. In the case of the Beauceron dog breed—it is a roller coaster ride where we see a coconut with a hard crust and a soft heart. So, let’s get to Beauceron’s temperament and personality traits without wasting time.

1. Calm and composed

The Beauceron dog breed is known for its calm temperament. They do not react quickly and play smartly in tricky situations. They used to spend hours herding the livestock and protecting their human families, which is why they have evolved to be composed in nature. This is one of the qualities that makes them admirable for many dog enthusiasts. 

2. Courageous and calculative

Being calm and unbothered does not mean the breed gives up easily. Because Beauceron is a fearless dog breed that pays in the same coin as other dog breeds. Being excellent guard dogs, this magnificent breed does not shy away from taking the first step to attack their enemy. Their aggression and courageousness make them bold and strong service dogs.

3. Protective of their owners

Another personality trait of the Beauceron dog breed is that they are highly protective and territorial. They may look busy looking at the clouds, but if any stranger dog or human enters their territory, they will be ready to attack.

This can be a problem in the later age of Beauceron as over-protectiveness in an unwanted behavior. You must start their early socialization training and behavioral classes if you notice too much aggression. 

4. Energetic

The Beauceron dog breed is highly energetic! They need rigorous training and running sessions. They are muscular build, and their muscles require much playtime and exercise. Because they are always filled with energy, they may release it by barking or doing other unwanted activities like tearing pillows, chewing on random objects, etc. As a responsible parent, you should provide proper training to direct their energies correctly. 

5. Affectionate

Contrary to their looks and other personality traits, the Beauceron dog breed is soft. They are very affectionate towards their family members and children. When it comes to guarding or playing with children, Beaucerons are always up for it. However, we do not recommend leaving kids alone with this breed. This is because handling Beauceron’s temperament without adult supervision can be challenging.

It’s interesting how there are quite a few cases where Beaucerons are seen to have six toes. It is rare, but it has been the case!

Grooming Needs of the Beauceron

When it comes to grooming, the Beauceron dog breed is a high-maintenance breed. They need regular care of their coat and their skin. As a responsible dog owner, you must have all the dog supplies, like brushes, dog-friendly products, nail clippers, etc., while you groom your dog. 

Here are the grooming requirements of Beauceron:

1. Brushing

Beauceron is not a hypoallergenic breed, so they shed a lot here and there. To avoid getting covered in loose hair all day, you must brush your coat twice or thrice a week. You can use a wide-toothed comb and a soft, slicker brush to remove the tangles and loose hair. This will keep the shed minimal and their coat soft.

2. Bathing

Fortunately, you don’t have to bathe the Beauceron dog breed every week. You can bathe them once a month to keep their fur clean. But if your dog visibly looks dirty or smells terrible from sweat, you can give them a hot water bath. It is essential to note that you should only use dog-friendly shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Human products can cause skin irritation and infections, so it’s best to use what is made for dogs. 

3. Cleaning

Another important thing about grooming the Beauceron dog breed is keeping them clean. Skin infections due to sweat, debris, and moisture are a very common health concern in dogs. It would be best if you regularly cleaned their paw, ears, and eyes with a damp cloth. This will prevent ear wax build-up or dirt build-up under paws.

Also, eye boogers are generally okay until they occur too frequently. Keeping Beauceron clean will keep their health in check, too!

a Beauceron dog in the woods

Exercise and Training Needs

Every dog has different training needs. While some can suffice a walk session, others need rigorous physical training every day. The good news for the training enthusiast is that the Beauceron dog breed LOVES training sessions.

They require at least 2 hours of training daily, which you can exceed up to 3 hours. It is challenging to handle their training needs as a first-time owner, so if you are one, you might need professional help from dog walkers or trainers.

Here are the training requirements for the Beauceron dog breed:

1. Obedience and leash training

The very first thing to teach your dog is obedience training. You can start with basic commands like—”sit” or “stay”. To prepare them better, you can use dog supplies like leashes. This will help your dog to navigate and get guidance on what to do and what not to do.

If they follow the instructions, you should also give them a treat as a positive reinforcement. 

2. Early socialization

If you have a Beauceron puppy, we recommend giving them socialization training. The earlier, the merrier! Due to their overprotective nature, being friendly to strangers can be challenging for Beaucerons. With early socialization, you can teach Beauceron puppy socialization techniques to help it in the future. 

3. Walking and running

Another training requirement of the Beauceron dog breed is regular walks and jogs. This is one of the most relaxed and chill activities that can also work as a resting time for your dog. Starting your dog’s day with walks will prepare them for other physical activities.

You must also train them for leashes and commands while they are on a walk. Leaving Beaucerons unleashed can be dangerous as they might escape. Rest, jogging, and running in a big fenced ground will be ideal for training. 

4. Agility training

Lastly, as mentioned above, the Beauceron dog breed requires rigorous training. This includes agility sports games that exhaust them physically and make them stronger. With a proper nutrition diet, Beaucerons will have enough protein and energy to do the tough exercises. You can involve them in herding activities; interactive games stimulate them mentally and physically. 


Our final thoughts on the Beauceron dog breed are that we do not recommend this breed if you are a first-time owner. They can be challenging to deal with, especially for their training. Rest assured, their affectionate temperament and “chill dude” personality can also suit families, making them good family dogs. 

Rest, if you are a training enthusiast and a dog lover, along with the willingness to give efforts—Beaucerons can prove to be an excellent pet dog. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Beaucerons considered aggressive?

You must not confuse Beauceron’s strong will with aggression. Beauceron is not an aggressive breed; their determination and independence make them look more assertive. This breed is known for keeping its calm even in stressful situations. Their temperament makes them more adorable. If your dog shows unwanted aggression, this can be a behavior problem that must be handled.

Are Beauceron hypoallergenic?

The Beauceron dog breed is not hypoallergenic. If you or someone in your family is sensitive to allergies, we do not recommend this breed. However, with proper brushing and grooming, you can reduce the “hair hair everywhere” situations. If you want a hypoallergenic breed, you can read about Basenji, Affenpinscher, or Airedale terriers.

Are Beauceron good guard dogs?

Yes! Due to their protective nature and guarding instincts, Beaucerons are excellent service and guard dogs. They are not only watchdogs but can independently take action if required. So you can sleep peacefully while they scare away the ghosts and thieves!

Is Beauceron a rare breed?

Yes, Beauceron is quite a rare breed. Even though they are admired in the West, particularly in Europe and America, you don’t find many people petting them. So, if you get hands-on one- consider yourself lucky.

Is Beauceron suitable for new dog owners?

We do not recommend first-time dog owners adopt the Beauceron dog breed due to its training needs and certain personality traits. It is a strong-willed dog that needs to be dominated by its owner. Their rigorous training needs make them a challenging breed to deal with. If you are an experienced dog owner who loves training sessions- Beauceron might be an excellent fit for you!

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