If you are looking for an energetic dog breed that is all about work ethics, strength, and being your gym partner- Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound might be the one for you!

In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about their majestic dog breed. From their personality traits and temperament to their everyday grooming and training needs- we have it all!


Height21-25 inches
Weight60-80 lbs
Life span12-14 years
Exercise needs1-2 hours daily
TemperamentHigh prey drive, stubborn, introverts
GroomingLow maintenance
OriginVirginia, United States

Origin of the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound

Being one of the rarest dog breeds, the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound has quite a fascinating history. These hunting dogs are said to be descendants of multiple dog breeds such as Talbot Hound, Bloodhound, and Foxhound. 

What we can say about their skills is that the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound dog breed was used to hunt big games like bear, wolf, cougar and deer. These dogs were more fond of hunting raccoons than any other animal. Their strength, discipline, and agility show why the hunters chose them for companionship.

Appearance of the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound

The Black and Tan Virginia Foxhounds have very distinctive physical characteristics that can make anyone turn their heads. Here is all you need to know about their appearance:

1. Size and body

This magnificent dog is a medium to large size breed that takes up quite a lot of space in the house. So, for an apartment- they might not be a great fit! These big dogs stand at 21-25 inches and weigh about 60-80 pounds. Being a hunting dog, Black and Tan Virginia Foxhounds have the perfect body proportions like long legs, padded paws, muscled-up bodies, etc. 

2. Coat

As you can tell by the name, the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound has a black and tan colored coat. They are mostly covered in black but have some tan shade patches around their paws, ears, and brows. These hunting dogs have a beautiful, shiny coat that looks wonderful under the sun. Moreover, the fur coat is pretty short and smooth, so there are fewer grooming needs. 

3. Other features

With beautiful hazel eyes, the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound dog breed has droopy / hanging ears. Such ears help these hounds to track and hunt better; how? It is because their hanging ears trap inside the scents of their predators so they can track better. Moreover, these dogs also make strange, melodious voices that they make to be recognized by their owners. 

Personality and Temperament

Every dog has certain characteristics that set it apart from other dog breeds. When it comes to the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound, here are their personality traits and temperament deets:

1. Good family dogs- yay or nay?

The Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound dog breed is mostly calm and composed. This can be a great sign as the dog will not be a havoc at home. These dogs are gentle and playful with children, but they can get bored quickly and may get busy doing their own things alone. They may or may not be an appropriate fit for being a family dog. 

2. High prey drive

It is pretty common for hunting dogs to have a high prey drive where once they find a prey- there is no going back! In the case of the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound dog breed, they wander alot and eventually find something to chase. So, it is essential to tilt their energies in the right direction because we are sure you would not like your small pets being compromised by a big hunting dog. 

3. Independent thinkers

One of the most exciting features of the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhounds is their independent thinking. They can make their own decisions, and well, that may not work in the owner’s favor every time. Their independence can also translate to stubbornness and not being controlled by their owners. They need a dominant owner who can be physically and mentally stronger than them. 

4. Reserved

Lastly, the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound dog breed is super introverted. Especially if you have guests over, these dogs will sense a lot of threats and bark enough to make you aware of that. For this, we recommend giving your dog early socialization training so they can adjust well to meeting new people. 

Black and Tan Virginia Foxhounds often give a look of “and why should I care?” but well, they do care!

Grooming Needs of the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound

With minimal grooming needs, Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound is the best dog to adopt if you cannot make time for super hairy and heavy shedding dogs. Here are the grooming essentials for this dog breed: 

1. Brushing

These dogs are low maintenance and do not require professional grooming or trimming for their coat. All you have to do is brush them once or twice a week to get rid of any loose fur. You can also trim off any long strands of hair around their eyebrows or paws so they don’t get annoyed. 

2. Bathing

To give your Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound the shiny, healthy skin they deserve a good bath! However, you only need to bathe these buddies once in 2-3 months, which is very low maintenance. However, you should be aware of fleas, infections due to smell, foul odor, etc. You can use dog-friendly shampoos, conditioners, and soaps as they are dog supplies made using mild and safe ingredients. Moreover, slathering your dog in coconut oil is always an excellent idea for lustrous and healthy skin. 

3. Cleaning

You should keep an eye on Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound’s ears and eyes. One of the most common health concerns with any dog is eye boogers. You can take a damp cloth and clean your dog’s sweaty areas, like hanging ears, ear wax, debris, or eye boogers, to avoid any future infections. 

Exercise and Training Needs

The Black and Tan Virginia Foxhounds are quick learners and love training sessions. They need at least 1-2 hours of exercise every day to stay fit and healthy. So, if you are a dog trainer, you are in for a ride! Here are the basic training needs of this hunting dog:

1. Dog walking

Taking Black and Tan Virginia Foxhounds on everyday walking sessions would be best. You should start their day by putting on a leash and taking them out for a long walking session of at least 20- 30 minutes. This will be a warm time and help dogs to understand their surroundings. 

2. Agility training

As the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound dog breed is a hunting dog, their bodies require physical exercises. The only way to get them tired is to exhaust them physically with agility training, running, and rigorous training. This will also give you the time to sleep peacefully as your dog would be tired and snoozing!

3. Basic obedience

Before exercising, you must learn how to communicate with your doggo! The good news is that these foxhounds are quick learners and can catch up pretty quickly on commands. However, you don’t have to be harsh on them, as you can start with simple commands like “sit” and “run.” Once they become a pro at that, you can move to tough commands like “swirl” and “shake hands.” This can be a super fun way to interact with your doggo, and well, if they follow the commands correctly, don’t forget to reward them!

Final Thoughts

Our final thoughts on whether or not the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound dog breed is suitable to adopt is a BIG YES! However, you must also know that these dogs can be pretty challenging due to their training needs and high prey drive. So, these foxhounds will not disappoint when it comes to a training freak who loves active dogs! If you are searching for your gym partner in a dog, then these dogs are perfect for you.  

Moreover, a first-time dog owner may struggle to keep up with their energy levels and daily needs. This is why, if you are a newbie, you might need a professional trainer to keep these foxhounds in shape and on their best behavior

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall are Black and Tan Virginia Foxhounds?

The Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound stands at a 22-25 inches height at the shoulder. Just like in the case of most dog breeds, the females are slightly smaller than the males. So, males typically are 22-25 inches tall, while females are 21-24 inches.

Are Black and Tan Virginia Foxhounds hypoallergenic?

The Black and Tan Virginia Foxhounds are not hypoallergenic, which can spread allergens to humans and other animals. Even though they have a short and smooth fur coat, minimal shedding can be expected.

Can first-time owners adopt Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound?

No. We do not recommend the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound dog breed for first-time owners. Although their grooming needs are minimal, the training can take a toll on an inexperienced owner. These hunting dogs can be stubborn and throw tantrums, and it is hard to stop them once they see a prey to chase.

Are Black and Tan Virginia Foxhounds aggressive?

No. The Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound is generally not an aggressive dog breed. However, due to their stand-offish and reserved nature, these dogs can show behavioral problems such as barking at strangers or biting random objects in the house. Rest, most times, these canine buddies are super calm and chill.

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