If you are going to adopt the Bohemian Shepherd, we respect your courage! Because this rare dog breed is not an easy one to handle, but if you have a way with dogs, this doggo buddy might be the one for you! 

To figure that out, we have got you everything you need to know about the Bohemian Shepherd dog breed before bringing it home. From their personality traits to their everyday needs—we have it all under cover!


Height18-22 inches
Weight35-55 lbs
Life span12-15 years
Exercise needs1-2 hours daily
TemperamentEnergetic, Loyal, Gentle
GroomingModerate maintenance
OriginCzech Republic

Origin of the Bohemian Shepherd

The Bohemian Shepherd hails from the Czech Republic and is a comparatively rare breed that has a rich history and tales of its origin. Initially, these shepherds were used as guarding and herding dogs, where they protected livestock for the bohemian people. And no, this is not about today or years back, but their origin dates back several centuries, and to date, these dogs carry the same instincts and wilderness that makes them so admirable for dog owners. 

Moreover, just like in the case of many other breeds, people also crossbred many shepherds and breeds to develop and enhance the skills of the Bohemian Shepherd we know today! It’s surprising how, in this modern era, this dog is not only known for its versatility and abilities but also for its cultural and pastoral heritage. 

Appearance of the Bohemian Shepherd

1. Size and body

The Bohemian Shepherd is a medium-sized fluff ball in the body of a dog who is 18-22 inches tall and weighs about 35-55 pounds. As you must have read, in the case of other dog breeds, the females are generally smaller than males. Moreover, if we talk about their build, then these dogs have a well-proportioned and muscular build, which is covered under layers and layers of fur. 

2. Coat

The best part about this dog breed is that they have a double coat that looks super furry and ready to be cuddled. Jokes apart, besides looking cute with all that fur, Bohemian Shepherds have a dense, warm coat that helps them to survive harsh weather conditions. If we talk about the color combinations, then you will mostly see black and tan patches over their body with a mask-like pattern on their face. 

3. Other features

Lastly, this watch dog can either be the cutest poodle for your guests to play with or be the most furious one to scare them away! It is because these shepherds always have an alert expression on their faces, which can literally intimidate anyone the moment they erect their triangular ears. 

Personality and Temperament

Now that you know what these furry buddies look like, it is time to dig deeper into their temperament and personality traits:

1. Intelligent

The Bohemian Shepherd dog breed is known for its witty and intelligent personality. They are quick learners and will blow your mind with their speed of learning the commands and orders. So, if you want a dog breed that is quick on its paws, Bohemian Shepherd is the one for you!

2. Active buddies

These dogs are also known for their high energy levels that can easily tire you up! Basically, if you and your Bohemian Shepherd are on a running spree, then no matter how many miles you can run, these dogs will easily defeat you and any other dog. So beware because high activity levels also demand high stimulation!

3. Love kids!

Do you have kids at home? Then, a Bohemian Shepherd will be a great dog to pet because these dogs are very gentle with children and are good family dogs. However, because Bohemian Shepherds have high protective instincts they can be assertive, so you should not leave them alone with kids. 

4. Alert and loyal

Last but not least, the Bohemian Shepherd dog breed is known for its alertness. These dogs will always have their ears erect and will guard your house with all their attention. So good for you because believe us—no thief will stand a chance in front of these Shepherds!

a Bohemian Shepherd outdoors

Grooming Needs of the Bohemian Shepherd

Congratulations, you do not have to spend hours brushing this dog breed! Even though these dogs have pretty thick fur, they have moderate maintenance and grooming needs, such as:

1. Brushing

As a beginner, the primary focus should be on combing and brushing your dog at least once a day. This will help you to remove any loose fur or detangle the hair; after all no one likes tangled fur during belly rubs! For this, you should use grooming mitts or soft bristle brushes, which will be kind to your dog’s skin. 

2. Bathing

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about bathing Bohemian Shepherds every week or even a month! If you think once in 2-3 months that you can give your dog a nice shower, then grab all the dog supplies and give them a spa treatment. This is probably the bestest part about owning these shepherd dogs. 

3. Cleaning and hygiene

Not to mention that besides bathing and brushing your dog comes other responsibilities as well that revolve around their overall hygiene. This includes cleaning your dog’s eye boogers, ear wax, checking if they have foul mouth odor, or even keeping an eye on fleas and ticks. All these things are super important to keep your dog’s health in check. 

Exercise and Training Needs

If you are a gym freak looking for a four-legged companion to join your hustle hours—the Bohemian Shepherd will not disappoint you! Before you get all tensed about how much you need to train them, here are all your answers. But firstly, you should know that you will need to train Bohemian Shepherds at least 1-2 hours a day to keep them fit; the rest is below:

1. Early socialization

Early socialization is the only key to ensuring your dog doesn’t go shy in front of unfamiliar people. Well, these dogs are not really the most introverted personalities, but they can get scared and might as well bite people. So, if you want to correct this behavior, you should give them proper socialization training.

2. Mental stimulation

As we always say, both physical and mental stimulation is essential for dogs. So, to bring these two together, you should go for agility training, for which you can also look out for a professional dog trainer.

3. Daily walks

Apart from that, you better not forget to take your doggo on daily walks. These long walks around the neighborhood will not only keep your dog fit, but is also excellent for your heart health. 

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the Bohemian Shepherd dog breed might be rare, but if you ever get your hands on one, consider yourself lucky. When it comes to adopting these dogs, these might be a lot to handle for a first-time dog owner, but experienced ones will have a great time training these furry buddies. Moreover, apart from their daily grooming and training, you should also make sure that you take care of their nutritional needs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a German Shepherd and a Bohemian Shepherd?

There are several differences between the German Shepherd and Bohemian Shepherd, including the origins. For example, the German Shepherd is from Germany, while the Bohemian Shepherd is from the Czech Republic. Also, the German Shepherd is larger in size and has various coat colors, unlike the Bohemian Shepherd with only black and tan coloring.

Are Bohemian shepherds rare?

Yes, the Bohemian Shepherd dog breed is not as famous as other dog breeds. You will most likely find them in a large population in their origin country as there is less awareness about this dog breed.

Are Bohemian shepherds easy to train?

We can say that Bohemian Shepherds are easy to train as these dogs are very intelligent and respond very well to positive reinforcement training. Also, it depends on the consistency of their training routines and the motivational treats that you toss for them.

Are Bohemian Shepherds aggressive?

Generally, the Bohemian Shepherd dog breed may come across as aggressive because of their protective instincts. These dogs can be assertive and aggressive if you don’t use proper training techniques. Hence, proper socialization, positive reinforcement, and obedience training are essential for them.

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