If you want to bring home a pet dog and are confused about which one to bring home, this is the right place for you! In this article, we will talk about the Braque Français dog breed.

This unique hunting dog has won the hearts of millions with its personality and distinctive appearance. But before you bring this breed home in this 5-minute read, explore everything you need to know about them!


Height22-28 inches
Weight45-70 lbs
Life span12-15 years
Exercise needs1 hour daily
TemperamentAdaptable, Affectionate and Quick learners
GroomingLow maintenance

Origin of the Braque Français

As you can suggest by their name, the Braque Français dog breed originated in France. Their roots trace back to the ancient breeds, where they were developed over the years by crossbreeding. This dog breed was primarily bred by the French hunters in the hope of getting assistance. This is a stage where the skilled hunting dog we know as Braque Français was polished and refined as a working dog. And well, these dogs did not disappoint!

Over the centuries, they helped the hunters locate birds and retrieve them after the hunt. In fact, you would be surprised to know that while breeding, two varieties came into existence—the Gascogne type and the Pyrenean type. Fascinatingly enough, they both have different appearances and hunting styles. 

Moreover, sooner or later, the Braque Français dog breed got the recognition and popularity it deserved. They are especially admired by many dog enthusiasts who see Braque Français not only as a hunting dog but also as a loyal companion to humans. 

Appearance of the Braque Français

Below is everything you need to know about the appearance of the Braque Français dog breed:

1. Size and body

This is a medium to large breed that stands at a height of 22-28 inches and weighs about 45-70 pounds. So well, they can definitely be pretty heavy to carry around. In addition to that, these dogs have a well-defined muscled body that screams strength and agility. (not gonna lie; they can seem pretty intimidating!)

2. Coat

These dogs have a very unique and distinctive fur coat because of the colors it can be seen in. The Braque Français dog breed comes in shades of white bases with orange or chestnut markings. Besides that, their coat is soft to the touch as it is short and dense. 

3. Other features

Moreover, apart from their coat and size they have this special characteristic that is their floppy ears. And before you think that those ears are just to make them look cute, stop! You would be surprised to know that droopy and floppy ears help hunting dogs detect scent and communicate with their peers.  

Personality and Temperament

What sets dog breeds apart from each other? If you answered personality, you are correct! So, on that note, here are the personality traits of the this dog breed:

1. Quick learners

If you are a gym freak looking for a quick learner dog who can instantly grab your commands, then the Braque Français will be your best buddy! Thanks to their hunting history, these dogs are highly trainable and intelligent, making them the perfect pets for training enthusiasts.

2. Affectionate

Beneath their hunting roars is a super affectionate dog that thrives on human connections and strong bonds with family. So, if you are looking for a family dog who can gel and adapt well, we are sure you would love to have Braque Français in your home. 

3. Friends with other pets

Another personality trait that dog enthusiasts admire is that these dogs have excellent social compatibility. This means that despite being hunters, these dogs can gel well with other dogs and pets. However, this will only be possible with proper socialization training. 

4. Adaptable

One of the most fascinating personality traits of the Braque Français dog breed is their ability to adapt. Whether it is the harsh terrains or cozy indoors, these dogs can keep their calm in all situations. This can be a wonderful factor for someone who loves to travel with pets. 

There are actually two varieties of Braque Français breed—the Gascogne type and the Pyrenean type.
a Braque Francais dog sitting on the lawn

Grooming Needs of the Braque Français

Congratulations to all the first-time dog owners! You would be glad to hear that the Braque Français dog breed is low maintenance as they have minimal grooming requirements such as:

1. Brushing

Their short coat is easy to groom and comb. All you need to do is take a slicker brush or a grooming mitt to remove any loose hair so that they can maintain their healthy sheen and coat. As Braque Français dogs are not hypoallergenic, these steps are necessary.

2. Bathing

Coming to their bathing needs, you only need to bath these dogs about once in 4-6 weeks, which is literally the bare minimum! The reason why we don’t recommend over-bathing a dog is because the products can mess up the natural oils. Hence, you should only use dog-friendly dog supplies like shampoo, soap, and conditioner.

3. Cleaning

Another grooming need to keep these things in mind is when adopting the Braque Français dog breed:

  • Clean their eye boogers
  • Remove any ear wax build-up and debris
  • Brush their teeth
  • Trim and clean their nails
  • Keep an eye on fleas and ticks

Exercise and Training Needs

The Braque Français dog breed requires at least an hour of training every day! Here is the guide for the same:

1. Agility training

These hunting dogs require a rigorous training routine that includes agility courses and special training for hunter dogs. For this, you can also use a professional trainer’s help to understand the breed’s natural hunting instincts and practice pointing and retrieving commands.

2. Daily walks

A daily walk is one of the most important everyday essentials for Braque Français dogs. Even if you and your dog are too lazy to do full physical exercise, you should not avoid walking for hours. You can take them for a long walk for 30 minutes or less to keep your dog active for the day.

3. Consistency and patience

Last but not least, while training these dogs, it is super essential that you keep utmost patience and consistency. It is because dogs can develop unwanted behaviors and health problems without it. Hence, stick to a routine and healthy training habits.

Final Thoughts

As for the conclusion, we can say that the Braque Français dog breed might not be the best dog for first-time dog owners. The primary reason is their high training needs and active lifestyle, which can be challenging for a newbie owner to handle. On the other hand, an experienced owner can handle their hunting instincts and energy levels well with proper training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Braque Français hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, no! The Braque Français dog breed is not hypoallergenic; even though they have short fur coats, they can be low-medium shedders. So, if you or anyone in your family is sensitive to allergens, these dogs might not be suitable!

Are Braque Français dogs aggressive?

Generally, this dog breeds is not known for aggressive behavior. They are pretty affectionate and gentle; however, to ensure a well-behaved and balanced temperament, it is essential that you give your dog proper attention and training.

Can Braque Français swim?

Yes, the Braque Français dogs are excellent swimmers. Besides being a fan of outdoor activities, these dogs have an athletic build combined with their webbed feet, making them well-suited for water-related exercises.

What are common health problems with Braque Français?

Fortunately, the Braque Français dogs are generally healthy and not prone to diseases such as those. However, some common health problems include hip dysplasia, ear infections, and skin allergies.

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