The Bull Terrier dog breed is known for it’s distinctive appearance, but there is much more to them! Especially if you are looking to adopt them, then this article is for you. 

In this 5-minute read, we have got you everything you need to know about this little pooch. So, without further ado, let’s begin!


Height21-22 inches
Weight50-70 lbs
Life span10-14 years
Exercise needs1 hour daily
TemperamentStubborn, Affectionate, Playful
GroomingLow maintenance

Origin of the Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier dog breed story starts back in 19th century England, where multiple bulldogs were crossbred. The purpose was to develop a breed for the sport of bull-baiting where they were supposed to pit against bulls in a confined arena. The motive behind creating these terrier dogs was to have a breed that had the tenacity and courage of a bulldog, combined with the agility and feistiness of terriers. And looking at Bull Terriers, one can proudly say that the mission was successful!

These dogs were selectively bred for their strength, stamina, and ability to control large animals. However, things took a turn when bull-baiting was banned, and slowly, the relevance of these terriers changed too. Sooner or later, big dog clubs and organizations recognized these dog breeds, which led to their popularity among the masses. 

Appearance of the Bull Terrier

1. Size and body

This medium-sized dog stands at a height of 21-22 inches and weighs about 50-70 pounds. Even though they might look tiny due to their distinctive appearance, these dogs weigh enough not to be carried by a kid. 

2. Coat

The Bull Terrier dog breed has a short, flat coat that is close to their skin. The coat itself is soft to the touch and keeps them warm and cozy. As for the colors, you can find these terriers in shades of white, brindle, fawn, red, or a combination of these. 

3. Other features

In addition, one cannot ignore the elephant in the room, or should we say the egg in the room?! It is because Bull Terriers have a large, egg-shaped head with small triangular eyes. They have flat faces and erect ears that give them an alert look. 

Personality and Temperament

Below is all you need to know about their temperament and personality traits:

1. Playful

These medium-sized dogs are known for their love for play and entertainment, which cannot be missed from their lives. So, if you have an active family who loves to participate in various activities, Bull Terriers will love them all. 

2. Stubborn

Another personality trait of the Bull Terrier dog breed is that they can be pretty stubborn. Especially if they sense a lack of leadership or have behavioral problems, they can act like the little boss of the house. In fact, their independent and stubborn nature is one of the reasons why they are not a right fit for newbie owners. 

3. Affectionate

Despite their stubborn streak, Bull Terriers are affectionate and enjoy spending time with family and children. They actively seek physical affection, so don’t fall short when they come and ask you for hours and hours of belly rubs and treats. 

4. Loyal

These terrier dogs are super loyal as they can form deep and emotional bonds with their human companions. They often exhibit protective behavior and defend their loved ones against all odds. 

Due to their comical demeanor, Bull Terriers have earned the nickname “Clown in the Cloak of a Philosopher.
a Bull Terrier outdoors

Grooming Needs of the Bull Terrier

You would be glad to hear that the Bull Terrier dog breed is a low-maintenance breed, which only has these minimal grooming needs:

1. Brushing

You should brush Bull Terriers once a week or two, and that should be enough for their not-so-hypoallergenic coat. So, yes, you can expect some shedding, especially during seasonal changes. To prevent that, you should use a slicker brush that is not harsh to their skin.

2. Bathing

As for bathing Bull Terriers, you only need to make time once every 2-3 months. This will ensure that your dog is clean and free of any odor. However, the key here is to use dog supplies like mild dog shampoo, soap, or conditioner. 

3. Overall hygiene

Lastly, do not forget that overall hygiene is equally important to manage. This includes cleaning eye boogers and ear wax, trimming nails, brushing their teeth, etc. Also, as a responsible pet owner, you should keep an eye on fleas and ticks. 

Exercise and Training Needs

The Bull Terrier dog breed requires at least 1 hour of exercise a day. Their training schedule should include the following:

1. Mental and physical stimulation

One thing is very clear when it comes to training these active dogs—they need both mental and physical stimulation. This means that instead of just focusing on agility courses, you should also include puzzles, treasure hunts, and interactive games to keep boredom at bay. 

2. Socialization

As mentioned above, Bull Terriers can get stubborn and might even exhibit aggressive behavior. For this, it’s essential that you give them early socialization training, where they can interact with social settings and get familiar with the surroundings.  

3. Daily walks

Last but not least, as we say for every dog, you should not miss taking Bull Terriers on long walks every day. Even if you are taking a break day from rigorous training, a walk around the neighborhood will keep your dog disciplined and calm.  

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we can say that the Bull Terrier dog breed can be a great addition to active households. It is because they are affectionate, adaptable, and well, stubborn too, but that can be managed by an experienced pet owner. Moreover, if you are a first-time dog owner, we do not recommend these Terriers to you because of their high training needs and temperament. But if you think you love them too much not to adopt them—get them home, buddy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bull Terrier Kill a Bull Dog?

While Bull Terriers were historically bred for bull-baiting, modern Bull Terriers are not typically used for such purposes. It cannot be said that one dog can kill or beat another dog, as it depends on their training levels.

Are Bull Terriers aggressive?

If you don’t give proper socialization to Bull Terriers, they can develop aggressive behavior. As they have a high prey drive, they are more susceptible to it, but nothing so serious that it cannot be handled with good leadership and training.

Can Bull Terrier live with cats?

As these dogs have a high prey drive, you will need to socialize them properly with cats or other pets in the house. This will ensure that you can peacefully leave the two alone without worrying about one biting the other.

Are Bull Terriers good with kids?

Yes! Bull Terriers can be good with kids, especially if raised with them from a young age. However, we do not recommend leaving them alone with kids because they can unintentionally knock over small children during play.

Do bull terriers have health issues?

Generally, Bull Terriers are hardy and healthy dogs, but they can be prone to some health issues such as skin allergies, heart problems, and deafness. This is why taking them to regular vet appointments and checkups is essential.

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