When you’re looking for a new best friend, just anyone won’t do, right? Especially when it comes to dogs. Whether you’re looking for a small, a medium-sized, or a large dog breed, you need to do your research.

Especially when there’s a big list of dog breeds to browse from.

Think of it as looking for a partner and finding all your desired qualities. You may be more into adventure, or perhaps you’re into sports, or maybe you need a dog that’s good with children and easily trainable. 

These are some of the important questions you’d be thinking of. Unlike small dogs or medium-sized dogs, large dog breeds tend to be overwhelming, especially if you need more space, time, and commitment to meet their needs. To help you decide which one’s perfect for you, we’ve compiled a list of the largest dog breeds:

Large Dog Breeds A-to-Z

1. Akbash

Standing at 34 inches, the Akbash is a large and powerful breed. With their incredible guarding instincts and protective nature, this breed makes for loyal family protectors. If raised with children, they will be highly protective due to their strong bonding tendencies. However, they are fiercely independent, so it could be challenging to train them.

2. Akita

Originating in Japan, this muscular dog is known for its loyalty and courage (remember Hachiko?). Burly and double-coated, they stand at 28 inches at the shoulder and shed quite a bit. While they are not fond of strangers, Akita are quite affectionate and playful, making them good companions.

3. Alano Espanõl

Despite its sturdy size, the Alano Espanõl is a highly energetic dog that can run at high speeds for a long time. So don’t be fooled by its size as they’re crazy athletic! Their social nature allows them to have a lot of friends, while these large dogs are easy to train and incredibly hard-working. Even though they were bred for bullfights, they make an excellent family dog. 

4. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Known as the “catch dog,” this bull breed from South America was initially bred to herd cattle. Alapahas are alert, outgoing, and aloof towards strangers, and hence, make for an excellent family dog. However, they need socialization from an early age and are not a suitable fit for inexperienced owners.

5. Alaskan Malamute

The powerful Alaskan Malamute is one of the oldest Arctic sled dogs. Built for stamina and strength, they are not suitable for novice pet owners. This adorable and fluffy dog displays tremendous strength and intelligence, which helps them succeed in many sports. Malamutes are gentle giants and do not make excellent watchdogs due to their friendly nature.

6. American Mastiff

American Mastiffs are gentle giants who are known for their remarkable guarding skills. However, their distinctive appearance is what catches the eye first. And well, they might pose themselves as strict and serious but are super calm and protective. These dogs are great for owners who love to train a dog who is always up for hitting the gym with them!

7. Anatolian Shepherd

Famous for their role as ancient livestock guardians, these dogs have gained popularity over the years. Being loyal, thinking independently, and having a noble persona makes them admirable to dog enthusiasts.

However, they are introverts and lack social skills (BIG TIME!). If you are also someone who prefers sitting at a corner of a party enjoying pizza, the Anatolian Shepherd will be great company for you. 

8. Armenian Gampr

This mountain dog, Armenian Gampr, also commonly referred to as Armenian Mountain Dog, is an excellent dog to pet. Whether being your cuddle bugs or guarding your house- these furry babies are masters of all trades! These dogs are very emotional and can form deep bonds with their owners and hooman families. 

9. Bakharwal Dog

You call them Bakharwal Dogs; we call them teddies! These Himalayan dogs are super protective of their owners and well- owner’s best friends too! If you keep them appropriately groomed, you can make them cute dogs with a round head. Besides this, these dogs are very loyal and will never turn their back on anyone they love!

10. Beauceron

Starting with a fun fact, Beauceron has been cast in a science fiction film called “The Moonraker,” and we loved their acting!! Apart from their media presence, these dogs have a striking appearance and loyalty. Not only this, but Beauceron has everything you want in a dog- brains, brawn, and a heart full of joy. 

11. Bergamasco Sheepdog

Playing hide and seek with the Bergamasco Sheepdog is the most fun, as you will keep finding them, and where will they be hiding? Probably the pile of laundry! These dogs are excellent listeners with a super calm temperament. They may look massive and aggressive but will not refuse a kid asking for a ride. 

12. Berger Blanc Suisse

If you are looking for a mountain dog who loves to spend time outdoors and will never let you go on your expeditions alone—Berger Blanc Suisse is your perfect buddy! These dogs have a striking white coat and are admired for their overall persona. 

13. Bernese Mountain Dog

These gentle giants can steal your heart with their comical approach. These dogs have the most “teddy” personality, which also includes their furry and tri-color appearance. If you look at the Bernese Mountain Dog, you only want to give them a warm hug! Their “sweet boy” looks also landed some TV roles in family dramas.

14. Billy

This French dog breed is not only the master of their trade but also one of the cutest medium-sized dogs. They have a striking white coat and a muscular build that makes them look large in size. The impressive thing about the Billy dog breed is that they look sleek, clean, and “lost in their own world.” Moreover, with their scenting skills and stamina, these dogs are perfect for training.

15. Black and Tan Coonhound

Even the media could not resist but flaunt the Black and Tan Coonhound‘s hunting abilities, as these dogs have been cast for similar roles. Other than this, these dogs have melodious baying barks that would be a lullaby for your neighbors!

16. Black Russian Terrier

As their name suggests, these dogs have a striking black coat that makes them look cute and elegant. These furry buddies also have mustaches and a beard that complement their overall appearance. Besides, the Black Russian Terrier also has a heart of gold that is fierce and loyal! But when it comes to bouncing around, they don’t listen to anybody!

17. Bloodhound

Detective Sherlock Holmes is in the skin of a dog! These dogs’ remarkable scenting abilities set them apart from other dog breeds. Other than this, due to their tracking skills, they have appeared in crime-solving TV shows. These dogs always have a serious look on their face with droopy eyes, one of the identification features of Bloodhounds

18. Boerboel

A South African dog, the Boerboel is the only bodyguard you need! They are super loyal and are super attached to their owners. These dogs are the life of the party as they spread their slippery smiles and kisses to everyone in the room. If trained properly, these dogs can also be great friends with other pets. 

19. Borzoi

This elegant and graceful dog is all you need to win a doggo fashion show! Their fur is like gentle and soft feathers on their skin and flies in the air when these dogs run. The Borzoi has the most stylish and “model-like” walks. Taking them outdoors means having all eyes on you and your dog!

20. Bouvier des Flandres

The angry-looking furry teddy dogs are known for their impeccable style and strong work ethic. If you adopt them, you definitely need to focus on their grooming a lot! With their cutest furry tails and distinctive appearance, the Bouvier des Flandres has won the hearts of many dog enthusiasts. 

21. Bracco Italiano

Introducing you to one of the elegant dog breeds, the Bracco Italiano! These dogs love to track things and hunt them down. So if you lose your slippers again, they’ll know exactly where to sniff and hunt them. These dogs are not only skilled but also affectionate and loving companions to hoomans. 

22. Broholmer

You might remember this breed from the name “Danish Mastiffs.” These gentle giants are cherished for their loyalty and territorial nature. So, if you are looking for a large guard dog as your gatekeeper, you are on the right track—the Broholmer would do it for you!

23. Bucovina Shepherd Dog

Bucovina Shepherd dogs have a quirky side to them, and they forever carry a love for mischief! Although they can be intimidating for a stranger at first, once you know them, be ready to lose all your socks, as these dogs will probably hide them as toys.


Scooby Doo and Clifford have set the standards for big dogs everywhere. Despite their size, most of them are gentle giants. We wouldn’t be surprised how large breeds can be one of the best. And the best part is, unlike smaller dogs, these 100-pound and up dogs have been bred for various activities besides companionship. 

Large dogs are talented, from St. Bernards saving people in the snowing mountains to Siberian Huskies pulling sleds to Newfoundlands saving lives in the water. If you have the space to accommodate them and meet their exercise needs, give these big goofs a go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which dog breed is the largest?

The Great Dane is considered by many to be the largest dog breed. With males reaching a height of 32 inches and weighing anywhere between 100 to 120 pounds, and females growing up to be 30 inches tall, and weighing another whopping 100 to 120 pounds, these are truly giants among dogs. 

What is the 2 biggest dog?

The Boerboel is the 2 biggest dog after the Great Dane. With a blocky head, powerful jaws, and thick muscles, this dog is a force to be reckoned with. Traditionally used for hunting baboons and leopards in packs, they are now great as guard dogs for the family.

What large dog breeds are hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic large dog breeds include Poodle, Irish Water Spaniel, Giant Schnauzer, Portuguese Water Dog, and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, among others.

Which large dog breeds live the longest?

Great Dane, Australian Cattle Dog, Bernese Mountain Dog, Dogue de Bordeaux, Alaskan Malamute, Newfoundland, and German Shepherd are some of the longest living large dog breeds.

What are big dog breeds that don’t shed?

Big dog breeds that don’t shed are Portuguese Water Dog, Giant Schnauzer, Airedale Terrier, Goldendoodle, Greyhound, and German Shepherd, among many others. 

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