Have you gone through all the dog names on the internet? Are you tired of trying all permutation combinations and still having doubts in your head?

Well, we get it! Naming a dog can be a headache! Losing the authentic idea is expected, especially when so many online options exist.

Here in this article, we will give you all the secret tips to name your dog and a bunch of prompts to look into. 

Tips to Give Your Dog an Amazing Name

We recommend you sit with your pooch and discuss all this with them; it is their name!

Here are some tips that would help you find the best-suited name that you and your pooch would love.

1. Two syllables

Words with two syllables are easier to understand than words with multiple syllables. It differentiates the name from the commands and is also easy to pronounce by humans. 

However, you can experiment with syllables and see if they work for you and your dog. But make sure that the word is clear enough for your dog to grab on and is not like any random daily vocabulary word.

2. Practice saying the name with the command

Another way you can give your dog a fantastic name is by practicing if the name suits the command. As mentioned, dogs can get confused with words that rhyme with the commands; you must ensure the name is easy to pronounce.

For example– Barkley, Bark! 

Here the name does not go with the command, and your dog will be sitting licking their toes.

So once you have a list of potential dog names, say it out loud with the commands to check that it’s clear and suits the command.

3. Consider your dog’s personality

You can make meaningful names from your dog’s habits, manners, favorite food, body size, fur, and bark; the sky’s the limit here!

For example- if they are small and love nuts- you can call them “peanuts!”

Or if your dog is quiet and calm, you can probably name them “Whisper.”

4. Think simple

Often, dog parents make this mistake where they keep finding unique names and end up with some gibberish or something like- Sniffbeardo.

But it is essential to know that simple names usually become unique and meaningful. So don’t stop clicking on the most straightforward dog name you and your dog love.

5. Your favorite fictional character

When we think of fictional dog characters- we think of Snowy from Tintin. Similarly, there are Scooby, Snoopy, Goofy, and A LOT of others.

If you are a Studio Ghibli fan, the name ‘Ponyo‘ isn’t a bad one!

6. It ends with a vowel

Last but not least, dogs love words that end with vowels. It is said to believe that it is easier for dogs to understand and react to sounds ending with vowels and not consonants (article).

You can think of or search for names that end with a vowel sound your dog responds to best.

Having said that, while you choose any name, always put that to the test so it is easy for you to pronounce and your dog understands or reacts to it.

What Not to Do When Giving Your Dog a Name

Now that you know how to name them, here are a few boxes you need to click on what NOT to do when naming your furry friend. 

1. Embarrassing names

First things first! Let’s not give your pooch a name you cannot call without embarrassing you and your dog. Just because they poop everywhere, you cannot call them “Poopy Man” or “Poopsmith” (Well, you can at home), but not for your dog to be recognized by that name by other hoomans.

It will be hard for you to call them by this name at a mall, which is why it is a bad idea!

2. Two names in one house

You may love to keep your pooches name by the name of your loved one in the house, but this will not only confuse your dog but here is how conversations will go at your home:

You: Toby!

Hooman Toby: Yes? 

Dog Toby: Bow Wow.

You: I was calling furry baby Toby, not you! 

Hooman toby: Isn’t it confusing?

You: Yep, it is. It may be time to change your name Hooman Toby!

3. Rhymes with the command

Do not name your dog that rhymes with the command. For example, calling your dog “Bo” will confuse them if you say “Bo Go!”. 

Your dog might be learning commands by its last sound, and if their name and command both have the same sounds and syllables, it will be confusing for them when they have to act to their name and when to go run.

4. Overusing the name

For dogs, names are special. It is like a word they have to react to when anyone says it, and if you overuse that word, their name will not be special anymore. It will become just another word in their dictionary used by owners all the time mid-sentence.

5. Changing the name

Adapting to a new name can be challenging for your dog. Once you train them to listen to commands with their name, they may react poorly to the new name. Hence, it is essential to stick to one name to avoid confusing you or your dog.

Here Are Some Cool Ways You Can Think of Your Dog’s Name

i. Dog names A-to-Z

Can’t think of a name for your furry friend? Don’t worry; we understand how challenging it can be. So let’s start from the beginning! In the quest to find a fantastic name for your pooch, we have got you a list of names from A to Z. From the cutest names to the ruffest ones; you’ll find them all here.

1. Dog names that start with A

Ace, Archie, or Abby, you can find some of the classics here! 

ii. Celebrity dog names

If you cannot think of a name for your dog, here is a list of celebrity dog names for some pup-arazzi inspiration! Pick and choose your favorite celebrity, and there you have a paw-fect name!

iii. City names for dogs

Do you and your dog have travel in common? Then why not name your dog after your favorite city? When it comes to city names, there are plenty you can get inspired from! The only catch is- keep your name the same every time you travel.

iv. Funny names for dogs

A name should suit the personality. If your pooch is also known for their humor and comical nature, compliment them with a name that suits them. So before you name them something embarrassing, here are some funny names for your furry friend. 

v. Fictional character dog names / dog names from a movie

You watched a movie with a dog character in it months ago, but now you can’t think of the dog’s name. Don’t worry; we got you! We love dog characters in movies and make lists of names whenever we encounter them.

Our favorite is Tintin, and you can find your favorite among these popular fictional dog names!

vi. Unique and creative dog names

Did you do all the maths and science, stay up till 3 am, brainstorm a unique name for your pooch that no one in this world has, and end up naming them- Droolious?

Don’t worry; it’s not that late(yet), so check out good, unique, and creative names for your pooch!

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