Does your dog go on a treasure hunt in your neighbor’s backyard? On their nutty journey, you want to keep them safe. So you might wonder, “can dogs eat apricots?”

Well, yes and no! Apricots are not directly toxic to our dogs. Plenty of human foods are toxic for dogs and should be avoided at any cost. Read this article to learn how to make apricots safe for dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Apricots? Is it OK?

Apricots contain various nutrients and benefit your dog’s overall health. It contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which strengthen the immune system of dogs. Your pup can enjoy the flesh of apricots. 

While it is safe for your dogs to go nuts over dried apricots, you should always consult your vet before feeding them. Like any fruit, apricots have a high fiber and sugar content, which can cause stomach issues for your dog. That said, it is PERFECTLY SAFE for your pooch to munch on apricots. 

Remember, moderation is key! No matter how hard your dog tries to convince you, do not let your dog overindulge in apricots.  

Are Apricots Poisonous to Dogs?

YES! The accessories of apricots scream danger for dogs. It is not suitable to pass your dog whole apricots, which means ending your dog’s apricot loots. 

Please do not feed your dog apricot stems, pits, and leaves as they contain cyanide (article). Your dog might risk cyanide poisoning from eating an excessive amount of these items. De-pitted and de-stemmed apricots make for a delicious treat for dogs. 

The high risk associated with ingesting cyanide-containing leaves or pits is why dogs should not be allowed to eat unsupervised apricots. As pet parents, you must step in and make apricots dog friendly. 

Symptoms of Apricot Poisoning

While apricots can be a tasty treat for dogs, it doesn’t mean that you go about serving it to them willy nilly. This tasty fruit is usually laced with poison, especially due to its seed. If your dog has gone apricot hunting in the wild, you must watch him for the following symptoms. 

  • Drolling
  • Watery eyes
  • Vomiting 
  • Difficulty in breathing 
  • Seizures 
  • Shock

If your dog has any of these symptoms, CONTACT A VET IMMEDIATELY. Be vigilant if your dog’s breath smells like apricots. 

a dog sniffing an apricot that's presented by his owner

How Many Apricots Can Dogs Eat?

Pet parents are always advised to follow the 10% rule while feeding dogs apricots. Vets recommend that treats should not make up for more than 10% of a dog’s diet. The bulk of a dog’s calorie intake must be a well-balanced diet. 

A good rule of thumb is tossing your dog a bite-sized chunk of apricot. Feeding your dog delicious treats such as apricots in moderation keeps them mentally stimulated. The serving size depends on your dog’s breed. Always consult a vet before adding apricots to your dog’s daily diet. 

Health Benefits of Apricots

Apricots are low in sugar and calories. Those small nuts make for excellent snacks for your pups. They do not add any unwanted weight to your dog leaving behind worries of obesity and diabetes.

Its skin is high in dietary fiber, which helps keep your dog regular in the bathroom. It can be a great relief if your pup is constipated. However, excessive fiber intake causes stomach problems for your pup. The high iron content helps in blood regeneration for anemic dogs (study).

In moderation, those furry fruits help your dog’s digestion and regulate blood pressure. It is vitamin and antioxidant-rich, which helps in improving your dog’s eyesight and skin health. 

Can Dogs Eat Dried Apricots?

Dogs can eat dry and de-stoned apricots safely. Cut them up in pieces so your dog can gobble them down. 

Dried apricots contain more sugar, so make sure you are feeding your dog an excessive amount. It will surely satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth and give him an unhealthy dosage of sugar. While feeding your dog store-bought dried apricots, ensure they do not contain harmful additives.

Can Dogs Eat Apricot Jam?

Yes, your pup can occasionally indulge in apricot jam. While the jam does not contain harmful ingredients, they usually have excessive sugar in them. 

The high sugar content can lead to diabetes and obesity, not to mention it also makes your dog hyperactive. Do not introduce apricot jam as part of your canine friend’s diet. 

Can Dogs Eat Apricot Yoghurt?

It is perfectly safe for dogs to have the occasional spoon of apricot yogurt. Always check the ingredients to ensure they contain no harmful additives. Ensure your pup is not lactose intolerant before indulging them in this treat.

Important Note: Do not feed your dog apricot yogurt or jam if it contains xylitol. It is hazardous for dogs and can cause death in extreme cases. 


Yes, apricots do make for a fun treat. It offers a change of taste while being low in calories and sugar. So, the next time you’re wondering, “can dogs eat apricots?” understand that occasionally indulging your pup in this treat is perfectly harmless. 

Remove the seeds, stem, and leaves to prevent cyanide poisoning. In extreme cases, it can even lead to death. Seek help immediately if you suspect your dog is showing any symptoms of cyanide poisoning. 

Remember to cut apricots into small pieces and feed them to your sugar-addict pup in moderation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many apricots can a dog eat?

The amount of apricots a dog can eat depends on his size. While serving apricots to a dog, you should always follow the 10% rule. This rule means that you’re feeding them no more than the recommended amount of daily calories. In the case of small dogs, half an apricot should do just fine. Remember to remove the seed before serving.

Can dogs eat apricots dried?

Unlike fresh apricots, dried ones are much safer, so dogs can eat them. The seed has been removed and portion sizes are small. However, you shouldn’t make it a habit as dried apricots would contain added sugar and calories. An addiction to sugar would lead to obesity in dogs. 

Why can’t dogs eat apricots?

Dogs can eat apricots. But you shouldn’t overindulge them with this fruit. Large chunks can be a choking hazard, while the apricot seed contains small amounts of cyanide, which can be toxic, for dogs and humans alike.

What do I do if my dog ate apricot?

If your dog ate more than the recommended portion size for apricots, take them to the vet immediately. Additionally, if you’re worried about them having swallowed an apricot pit, rush them to the hospital. Consulting the vet before serving apricots is essential for your dog’s health.

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