If you are a fan of green veggies, you must have heard about the rocket of rucola, a.k.a. arugula. If you are wondering about “can dogs eat arugula?” you are in the right place!

The answer is YES! You can feed your dog arugula in moderation, as it is safe for dogs, but there is more to it! In this 3-minute read, you will learn everything you need to know about arugula and dogs. From the potential risks to all its goodness—we have it all under cover!

Is Arugula Good For Dogs?

As a responsible dog owner, you should always look out for foods with the most nutritional value for your dog. If you are choosing arugula as one of them, you must know its benefits as well, so for that, here you go:

1. Low calories

Arugula can be a great addition to your low-calorie diet if you and your dog are on a weight-loss mission. These crunchy veggies can give you so much flavor without adding much weight to your body. Like other leafy greens, such as lettuce, they are rich in water content, which is also a great source of hydration. 

2. Packed with nutrients

Another fantastic perk of feeding your dog arugula is that it is packed with several essential nutrients for your dog’s health. It has all the essential nutrients like:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Folate
  • Calcium
  • Potassium

3. Yummy!

Last but not least, arugula leaves are super delicious! Especially if you serve them raw and crunchy, these greens can be the only training treat your dog needs! You can top some over their salad or cook them, so make greeny slushie- whatever works for you and your pooch, but arugula will not disappoint you!

Risks to Keep in Mind When Feeding Your Dog Arugula

Here are some things you should keep in mind when feeding your dog arugula:

  1. The only safe way to feed your dog arugula is to keep it plain! It means you should not add any seasonings, be it organic herbs, salt, or anything to do with garlic or onions
  2. You should always prepare this greeny veggie carefully before you serve it to your pooch. Don’t worry! The preparation is not much of a hassle! All you have to do is wash arugula thoroughly under the running water, remove stems, and chop them into bite-sized pieces!
  3. Also, feeding your dog the best quality arugula would be best to avoid any bacterial attack. An essential catch in this whole “arugula and dogs” story is to consume these greens in moderation only!

dog looking at arugula


Our final thoughts on “can dogs eat arugula?” is a BIG YES! Congratulations, you and your dog can enjoy these crunchy delights as a part of your everyday meals. Unless your dog gobbles down a whole bunch of it, they’ll stay all good and might as well get some health benefits from this green veggie. 

The problem with overeating arugula is that its fiber and water content can lead to digestive issues like diarrhea or even make poop sessions difficult for your pooch. Hence, it is best to either serve your dog arugula as a training treat or top it over their favorite meals as a side salad. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs eat purple arugula?

Yes! Eating purple arugula gives the same health benefits as feeding your dog regular green arugula. The difference in the color is due to some mutations, but they are both non-toxic for dogs and serve the same nutritional value. So, if you want to, you can add purple arugula to your dog’s meal to add some color.

Can dogs eat spinach and arugula?

Yes! Dogs can eat spinach and arugula, as they are both very similar in their nutritional content and are super dog-friendly. The only catch is to feed them to your dog in moderation and avoid adding any seasonings. Rest, please confirm with your veterinarian before feeding any new food combinations to your pooch.

Can dogs eat arugula salad?

Yes! You can make arugula salad for your dog. You can use some safe human foods for dogs to make the salad full of flavor, colors, and nutrients. You can add apples, bananas, avocado paste, blueberries, some veggies like carrots and cooked mushrooms, and drizzle some honey or applesauce for taste- and, of course, arugula can be your main character.

Can dogs eat arugula raw?

Absolutely, yes! You can feed your dog raw arugula as long as you maintain moderation and keep it plain. You should not add any seasonings, especially garlic or onion seasoning, for flavor, as these two can be fatal to dogs.

Is arugula toxic to dogs?

No! Arugula is not at all toxic to dogs. It has no poisonous compounds that can potentially be fatal to dogs. However, any food in excess can lead to digestive issues. This is why it would be best to feed your dog arugula in moderation and as a part of primary meals, not a substitute for it!

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