Avocados are famous for their creamy texture and health advantages. If you are health conscious about your dog and wonder, “can dogs eat avocados?” you are on the right track!

In short, YES. You can give avocado to your dog, but it comes with risks.

So before you toss your dog avocados, press your paws and dig into why this luscious green fruit is not a superfood for your doggo. 

Benefits of Avocados for Dogs

The green fleshy avocados with a smashingly smooth flavor are packed with healthy nutrients and fats. 

Here are the benefits of avocados: 

  1. Vitamins A, C, E, and B6 suit the immune system and healthy cell generation.
  2. Avocados are fibrous, which ensures a healthy digestive system.
  3. It also consists of fatty acids that, if consumed in moderation, can be great for the furs and skin.
  4. Moreover, other nutrients are niacin, potassium, and antioxidants.

Reasons Why Avocados Are Toxic to Dogs

After looking at the greener side, let’s talk about why avocados, for woofs, can be woeful. 

Avocados might be a great source of nutrition for hoomans and dogs, but there should be other energy sources in your dog’s diet. 

Here are the things that make avocados dangerous for dogs:

1. Persin

There is a toxin in the avocado called persin. Contrary to popular belief, dogs can be resilient to persin. Yet, articles suggest that high consumption of persin has caused problems in the case of some dogs (1, 2).

Most of the toxin, persin, is found in the avocados’ pit or skin. If your dog ingests massive amounts of avocado pits, leaves, or skin, it can cause vomiting and sickness, so you should consult your veterinarian immediately. 

2. Pancreatitis

Avocados consist of fat that is said to be healthy. But consuming that fat in massive amounts will not help your furry friend. Due to the high-fat content in the body, dogs can get pancreatitis, which leads to unbearable pain in the abdomen (study).

If your dog is intolerant to fat, adding avocados is not recommended.

3. Avocado pit

The most problematic part of avocados is their pit. If a dog swallows a pit, it can cause choking hazards and even be fatal. 

Tiny dogs can find it challenging to eat or digest the pit without choking.

The pit also has persin that can cause problems if ingested in severe doses. Instead of serving your dog avocados, there can be other safer human foods that you can share with your pooch.

a dog staring at avocados displayed on a table

When to Be Concerned?

The most concerning issue behind feeding your dog avocados is the pit. 

Besides having persin, the avocado pit or seed can cause choking hazards to dogs. The pits can easily be stuck into the throat as they are hard to chew on. Such incidents can make it challenging for dogs to breathe. 

However, the size of your pooch also matters. If your dog is smaller, ingesting a large avocado pit is a BIG NO.

If your dog consumes an avocado pit, it can lead to choking hazards, intestinal blockage, and stomach problems.

Moreover, even if dogs might be strong enough not to be affected by small amounts of persin, the two can never be friends! The flesh has a lower concentration of persin than the pit, leaves, and skin. If your dog loves avocado flesh, tossing them a chunk or two will not harm. 

However, giving them the flesh of 3-4 avocados might not be toxic but can make your pooch sick.

If your dog has eaten too many avocados, the symptoms you can expect are vomiting, diarrhea, and even pancreatitis due to high-fat content. 

How to Feed Your Dog Avocados Safely?

We know you are tempted to serve your pooch delicious creamy avocados. And no, we won’t stop you! Instead, here are some ways you can safely feed your dog avocados.

1. Salads

A bowl full of salad is super fibrous and healthy for your dog. Add a spoon or two of fresh avocado flesh and other healthy fruits and veggies. There will be a great balance between primary nutritious food items and avocados. This will make their salad bowl healthy (yet tasteful).

2. Dog food and avocados

You can mix their regular commercial dog food with avocado pulp or puree. Dogs enjoy the creamy texture and will love you for bringing a delicious dish to the table. *chef’s kiss*

3. Cado-sicles

Cadosicles are made of ripe avocados and yogurt. Only these two ingredients are enough for your pooch to hop around the house. You can make the avocado puree or mix small chunks into fresh yogurt and freeze it overnight! And your Cadosicles are ready!

If you don’t have time to make these recipes, toss small chunks of avocados as a dog treat. If your doggo loves its taste, then it is a win-win! Avocado treats as a reward are definitely worth it.

4. Avocado oil

Dogs can safely consume avocado oil in moderation. As it has fats, if it is used in minimal quantities to cook their food, it can benefit your woof without causing them pancreatitis. 

The only catch here is NOT to let your dog ingest avocado oil in massive amounts. Moreover, consult the veterinarian before introducing new oils and diet plans to your dog.


As we have smashed the “can dogs eat avocados?” case smoothly, we can summarize by saying that your dog can eat avocados, but moderation is the key. The serious part of this case is the pit, which has a toxin named “persin” and can cause deadly choking hazards.

If your dog has ingested avocado’s pit or seeds, consult your veterinarian immediately. 

Finally, there are several ways to feed your dog avocados safely or even as a dog treat, giving them the goodness of nutrients without causing complexities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dog eats an avocado pit?

Avocado pits can be dangerous if ingested. Do not panic; observe your dog if it shows any signs of choking or breathlessness. Also, consult a veterinarian immediately; if the pit or seed of avocados is swallowed, it can be challenging to digest.

How often can dogs eat avocado?

Give 1-2 spoons of avocado flesh with their dog food or mix in the salad. Avocados are rich in nutrients but should not be a substitute for your dog’s healthy diet. Also, it is essential to note that only add new food items to your pooch’s diet after consulting your veterinarian.

How do I give my dog avocado?

It is safest to give your dog avocados without the pit. So instead of throwing a whole avocado at them, you can toss them in small chunks or puree so there is no risk involved. Moreover, you can go fancy with frozen yogurt and avocado popsicle or even top a few pieces on their salad.

What are the benefits of avocados for dogs?

Being a rich source of fiber and nutrients, avocados have vitamins A, B6, C, and E, along with potassium, niacin, and antioxidants that help build immunity and the dogs’ digestive health. 

Can dogs eat avocado skin?

Avocado skin has a high concentration of the toxin called Persin, but it is mildly toxic to dogs. However, the peel can be challenging for smaller dogs to digest or stick to their throat, causing choking hazards. Hence, feeding your dog avocado skin is not recommended.

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