Bananas are hard to dislike. They have good texture, delicious taste, and a hint of sweetness with health benefits. We know you love to share food with your pooch, and if the question “can dogs eat bananas?” has crossed your mind, we have good news for you.

The answer is YES. Dogs can eat bananas as there are no toxins to harm your dog. However, keeping moderation in mind is essential, as there are several risk factors that bananas can bring.

 Explore the risks and learn the fun ways to make bananas special for your dog.

Benefits of Dog Eating Banana

Although bananas can be friends with your dog until you feed them excessively, giving your larger dogs one to one and a half bananas and smaller ones a few slices should be fine. But always confirm it with your veterinarian.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of giving your dog bananas.

1. Nutrients

Bananas are rich in nutrients like vitamins B6 and C and come with the goodness of potassium and magnesium. This gooey fruit is also packed with fiber content (article). All these nutrients together help to rejuvenate new skin cells, keeping fur healthy and improving overall health. 

2. Electrolyte balance

Due to its potassium content, bananas are praised for balancing electrolytes. As electrolytes help the body’s functioning, it maintains fluid levels, nerve signaling, and muscle contractions. 

3. Energy boosters

As bananas have carbohydrates and natural sugars, it helps to boost energy levels, so you and your pooch can play all day! Fiber as well helps to improve digestion and slow down energy release. They are excellent energy sources on the spot, as bananas are easy to carry throughout the day.

4. Good for skin

The presence of minerals and vitamins like A and C, antioxidants, and biotin helps keep your dog’s skin and coat free from bacteria, infections, and diseases. While it also makes the coat shiny and healthy.

5. Low calories

One medium-length banana has approximately 90-100 calories, far less than other human foods and treats that dogs can eat. It has low calories, meaning it does not contribute much to weight gain; however, every dog has a unique body type, so consulting your veterinarian about how many calories your dog can have is essential.

6. Constipation

Note: This does not apply to all dogs. Please consult your veterinarian for further advice before giving your dog bananas.

As bananas have a high fiber content, they can help with bowel movements and cure constipation only if given in small amounts. Giving too many bananas to dogs could cause more constipation and diarrhea.

a dog sitting on the kitchen floor with a banana in front of him

Risks of Giving Your Dog Bananas

Bananas are all about being a perfect treat for your dog. However, bananas are not toxic to dogs, they have some cons to consider before serving these yummy treats to your dog.

1. Banana peel

Dogs should not eat banana skin or peel. That part of the banana is not edible and will cause digestive issues. The peel is super fibrous, which makes it challenging for the dog’s digestive system to break it down and digest it. 

It can cause gastrointestinal problems, intestine blockage, or severe life-threatening problems. To avoid this, you should not give your dog a whole banana to chew on; instead, peel off the skin and serve. 

The dog parent must consult a veterinarian for immediate attention if there is intestinal obstruction.

2. Choking hazard

Giving whole bananas (peeled or unpeeled) can cause choking hazards in dogs. Tiny or toy dogs can face such incidents as they are eager eaters and can be hyperactive while eating. 

Moreover, unripe bananas can specifically cause more problems as they are hard to chew and can be stuck in the dog’s throat, causing breathlessness and choking hazards.

3. Allergies

Before introducing any new food item to your dog, you must seek a veterinarian for approval. Generally, if your dog tries something for the first time, keep them under your observation. 

Notice if there are signs of allergic reactions such as uneasiness, weakness, rashes, infections, coughing, vomiting, upset stomach, etc. If your dog is allergic to bananas, give them immediate veterinarian attention. 

To avoid running your pooch into their nightmares, start with small amounts of bananas and gradually increase the quantity as they get familiar with the treat.

4. Weight gain

Even though yummy bananas are low in calories, serving them in massive amounts can lead to weight gain, so it is essential to keep your dog’s weight and diet requirements checked by veterinarians or at home.

As a responsible parent, you should feed bananas as per the dog’s weight after you have confirmed with the veterinarian. 

Safe Ways to Serve Your Dog Yummy Bananas

Don’t be scared of the cons of bananas, as there are several fun ways to give your dog the goodness of bananas without dealing with the risks. 

Here are some paw-licious ways to serve your dog bananas safely:

1. Mashed bananas with dog food

While serving your furry friend their favorite bowl of kibbles, add mashed bananas for that extra texture, flavor, and nutritional value.

It is essential to note that bananas alone are not nutritious enough to keep your dog healthy. Hence you can add it to their regular meals for that extra punch.

2. Sliced salad

This recipe is for when you are running late for your office and need a quick, easy-peasy solution for your dog’s breakfast. You slice a banana into pieces, adding more fruits, like melons or apples, to enhance the flavor. 

Your furry buddy will love the salad bowl; make sure your dog is not allergic to whatever fruits you use. To be safe, you can consult your veterinarian.

3. Hide pills

If there’s anything your dog side-eyes to other than gloomy rainy days, it’s medicines and pills. So, if you are tired of running after your dog to give them their medications, we have got your back! 

Bananas can be a great way to hide pills. As small chunks of bananas can easily be swallowed, you can sneak in their pills inside and give your dog to gulp down. 

Is this cheating? Yes.

Is it worth it? Super Yes.

4. Banana chips

Dogs love crispy treats. That’s why banana chips can be your dog’s new favorite treat. However, store-bought chips can contain preservatives, spices, and other artificial ingredients, so it is best to make them at home.

You can microwave thin slices of banana for a minute or so until it gets crispy and dehydrated. Avoid adding any spices, as they can be harmful to your dog.

Instead, you can keep them plain and store them in an airtight container.

Final Thoughts

So, can dogs eat bananas?

To peel it all up, bananas are not just tasty but also a great source of nutrients and goodness for your dog’s child. However, the same rules apply to all human foods– moderation is the key, and anything beyond that can cause problems.

As a responsible parent, knowing the potential risks of giving your dog bananas is essential and should be followed by a parent’s fantastic cooking skills. As bananas are not toxic to dogs; there are several ways to serve your dog banana in a “not so boring” way.

Now that you are a pro, you no longer have to hide bananas from your dog!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs eat bananas for constipation?

Yes, bananas can help with bowel movement and make digestion easier. If your dog suffers from constipation, you can feed them one and a half banana to ease their digestion. However, if you overfeed your dog to get rid of constipation, they can get diarrhea. Hence, moderation should be kept in mind.

Can dogs eat banana peel?

Dogs cannot eat banana peel as it is hard to digest due to its high fiber concentration. It can also cause choking hazards, gastrointestinal problems, intestinal obstruction, or blockage in small dogs. Hence, do not feed your dog banana peel. If your dog has ingested banana skin/peel, immediately seek medical assistance from your veterinarian.

How much banana can a dog eat?

Dogs can eat up to one and a half bananas or a few slices daily, depending on their size and age. It is recommended to consult your veterinarian before introducing any new food to your dog to be on the safer side. Moreover, bananas are not harmful but should be consumed in moderation as a treat, not as a substitute for primary meals.

Can dogs eat banana chips?

Yes. Dogs love crispy banana chips; the only condition is that they contain no processed chemicals, preservatives, or added harmful sugar or addictive substances. You can DIY banana chips to ensure your dog is munching on healthy banana treats. This should be an occasional treat and not be added to their regular food menu.

Can dogs eat banana bread?

Banana bread for dogs is a big NO unless you bake it at home without addictive or harmful ingredients. Commercialized banana bread may have preservatives, walnuts, added sugar, and other toxins for dogs. Therefore, before buying banana bread, check the ingredient label, or make it yourself for your pup with all-natural and safe ingredients.

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