Dogs love being sneaky! Be it stealing your favorite scrunchy or treats from the basket. It is bliss when our dogs get their hands on healthy stuff. Here, we are talking about cabbages. Let’s explore more about “can dogs eat cabbage?”

In short – YES. Congratulations! If your dog already loves these crunchy treats, you take a deep breath of relief. Cabbages come with several benefits for your dog. 

But everything comes with drawbacks. Before tossing cabbages to your dog, we will tell you everything you need to know.

So let’s get started!

Benefits of Serving Your Dog Cabbage

Dogs love crunchy veggies, and veggies love them back! It’s an unbreakable bond that comes with many benefits. Feeding cabbage in moderation can benefit your dogs without worrying about the risks.

This section will tell you all the positive points about feeding your dog Cabbage.

1. Digestive health

Cabbage is highly rich in fiber. Cabbages might be their way out if your dog suffers from constipation or digestive problems. Fiber helps strengthen the gut and allows the stool to pass quickly. But you should feed cabbage in moderation, as a lot of cabbage can also cause diarrhea.

Note: If your dog has extreme constipation or loose stools, cabbages might not work. Please consult your veterinarian before feeding them any food item.

2. Nutrients

Another fantastic benefit of cabbage is that it gives your dog a bunch of vitamins and minerals. Every dog has certain requirements and needs all the nutrients to function correctly. Cabbages can aid your dog with Vitamin C and K. While Vitamin C helps keep your pooch’s skin safe from sun rays, Vitamin K strengthens their bones.  

3. Better Vision

The goodness of cabbage does not end here! Cabbage has Beta-carotene, or as you call it, Vitamin A. It is a pigment that helps to improve eyesight (article). Add cabbage treats to their diet if your dog struggles with poor vision. 

4. Low calories

If your dog is on a weight management plan, it can be hard to find something that gives them the taste but has low calories. Well, Cabbages to the rescue! These crunchy bites are low on calories, keeping your pooch’s tummy full.

It can be a great addition to the diet chart. But cabbage should not be substituted for main dietary meals. You can use it as a healthy, crunchy treat.

5. Crunchy treats

Are you still searching for more benefits? This one is for both you and your dog. Cabbages have the perfect crunch to them. If your dog is craving something crunchy, but you are health conscious- cabbages should be your answer!

Are There Any Drawbacks to it?

Nothing comes without the risks! Especially your dog’s favorite human foods. While cabbage can do wonders for your dog’s digestive system, it comes with a cost. And the price is- farts. YES. As cabbage has a lot of fiber, it can make your dog feel gassy and bloated. But you can reduce this:

1. Feed in minimal amounts

If you feed them cabbages as a regular treat, you might need to buy a ton of room fresheners. To avoid that, you should keep the consumption minimal. If you feed in moderation, it will show more benefits than the drawbacks. 

2. Add kibbles to cabbage

Another thing you can do to avoid gassy tummy is not to serve them cabbages alone. Instead, you can add a few bites to their kibbles or meals. This way, they will enjoy the crunchiness without making horrible noises!

3. Avoid big chunks

Also, you must be aware of the choking hazards that cabbages can cause. You should never toss whole cabbage in front of your dog. Especially if your dog is small, they might try to swallow it without chewing. This can block their food pipe.

Even big chunks can create an intestinal blockage. You must always feed cabbage in small pieces and amount to your toy-sized and large dogs

a curious dog next to a cabbage leaf

Types of Cabbages

There are two types of cabbage- red cabbage and green cabbage. Are they both good for dogs? Let’s find out!

1. Red Cabbage

Dogs can eat Red Cabbage. 

Red cabbage, also known as purple cabbage, has its fandom. It is not much different from the green cabbage, but it has more personality than green ones. Red cabbage has the same benefits of Vitamin C, K, and fiber. It is also rich in antioxidants that help your dog fight off the diseases. 

2. Green Cabbage

Yes, you can feed your dog green cabbage as well! 

Dogs do not care about the color; they only care about the crunchiness. Just like the red cabbages, the green one also helps to improve skin health and helps your dog with weight management. It is excellent for gut health but should only be fed as a treat. It would help if you did not make cabbages part of their daily routine. 

They can make your dog bloated, and no one likes to fart all day! Let’s not embarrass our pooches.

Raw or Cooked?

We have good news for you and your dog!

Dogs can eat both raw and cooked cabbages. While raw ones will have more fiber, cooked ones will be less likely to cause choking hazards. We recommend you toss the raw cabbages over their meals. This way, they will not be dry to chew on, and your dog will not choke on them. 

While if you want to cook the cabbage, please ensure that you only serve plain cabbage. Do not add seasonings or spices. Seasonings usually include garlic and onion powder with other addictive ingredients. This can make cabbages unhealthy. 

Hence, you can serve your dog cabbage any way they like, until and unless seasoned. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, cabbages are an excellent dog treat if fed in moderation. They can bring several benefits that favor your dog’s overall health. But, before feeding your dog anything, you must read about the risks it can come with.  

As a responsible dog owner, you must always confirm with your veterinarian before introducing new food. Once all that is done, you can use cabbages as training or happy-hours treats. Your call!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dog eat raw cabbage?

Absolutely, yes. Raw cabbage is rich in fiber and vitamins. They can help your dog with constipation. Fiber is known for improving digestion and making it easy for your dog to pass stools. But if you overfeed your dog cabbages, it can turn the other way around and cause diarrhea and loose stools.

Can dogs eat cabbage soup?

Dogs can eat cabbage soup until and unless it is seasoned. Commercial seasonings often include garlic and onion powder, which is toxic to dogs. Do not add spices or salt when making cabbage soup at home. Your dog will love plain cabbage soup, which is healthier than seasoned.

How much cabbage can a dog eat?

The amount of cabbage that dogs can eat depends on the size and age of the dog. If you own a small dog, you can occasionally give them less than half of a cabbage. You can give up to half a cabbage to your medium to large-sized dog. Every dog has different nutritional needs, so you must confirm with your veterinarian before feeding your dog any amount of cabbage.

Will cabbage upset a dog’s stomach?

Cabbage can upset your dog’s stomach if you overfeed them. As cabbages are fiber-rich, they can create gas and make your dog feel bloated. It can also lead to runny stools or diarrhea. Hence, always feed your dog cabbages or any other human food in moderation.

Can dogs eat cabbage and carrots?

Cabbage and Carrots make a fantastic pair! Both are rich in nutrients and fiber that can do wonders for your dog. But you must ensure that you feed in moderation. Also, you can make a salad of all the good veggies, proteins, carbs, and other nutrients. This way, you can make a balanced diet for your dog.

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