Want to give your dog something crunchy, but the only thing in sight is a pack of chips? It’s good that you asked, “can dogs eat chips?” because you saved your dog’s life!

The answer is a HUGE NO! Dogs cannot eat chips as they are not only harmful to dogs but serve no health benefits. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about chips and dogs. 

Are Chips Bad For Dogs?

When we say chips are bad for dogs, we have reasons to back it up! Below are the significant reasons why you should not feed your dog chips:

1. Fried disaster

Who wakes up and thinks, “Today, I will feed my dog tons of calories and fatty food!”—not you, not us! Chips is simply another name for calories. Most chips are fried and packed with fat that can trigger pancreatitis in dogs (article). And in case you don’t know, pancreatitis cannot be cured; it can only be managed. Also, if your dog already has obesity issues, chips should be the last thing on the menu.

2. Salt content

As a responsible dog owner, you should know that salt poisoning is real in dogs (article). Feeding your dog excessive amounts of salt through chips can cause them to dehydrate and make them sick. Hence, chips that are basically tossed in salt are not safe for dogs. 

3. Additives

Another reason why chips are bad for dogs is that they are packed with preservatives and additives that are terrible for dogs. If your dog eats too much of such junk food, it can cause gastrointestinal problems and weaken their immune system over time. 

4. Low nutritional value

Last but not least, chips hold little to no nutritional value for dogs. They are mostly calories and fat that lack essential nutrients. So, they are definitely not a good snack and contribute to nutritional deficiencies and poor health overall. 

a dog with eager eyes looks on with a pile of potato chips laid out in front of her

Can Dogs Eat All These Types of Chips?

Now that you know this popular human food is neither healthy nor safe for dogs, let’s find out if your dog can have these:

1. Tortilla chips

The primary reason why you should never feed your dog tortilla chips is because of the high fat and salt content. However, some other reasons, like not-so-dog-friendly seasonings and artificial flavors, also make these chips a bad choice. 

2. Pringles

Besides high fat and salt content, pringles can also cause choking hazards in dogs as they are very crispy and shaped a certain way. Also, it has artificial flavors, so you should stick to feeding dog treats to your pooch that are formulated for dogs only. 

3. Sweet potato chips

This might sound safe, but sweet potato chips are also unsafe for dogs. Although they are definitely safer than others, if compared, you are still putting your dog at risk by feeding them. The only reason sweet potato chips are any better is because they hold slight nutritional value. But again, frying, baking, and seasoning is a bummer for dogs!

4. Lay’s

If you asked this question, “can dogs eat chips?” you are probably thinking about Lay’s. But unfortunately, the answer remains the same! Lay’s are also fried in oil and have a lot of fat content. So, if you are giving your dog a pack of it, you are putting your dog at risk of pancreatitis. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you should never feed your dog chips, be it from your favorite brand or a random fried food stall. Potato chips are not toxic, but they can bring a lot of harm to your dog’s health. Even humans should avoid the mass consumption of fried chips due to their high-fat content, so leave alone the dogs! So next time your dog craves something crispy, you should instead toss them some crunchy veggies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs have lay chips?

No! You should never feed your dog Lay’s chips. Even though a piece or two will not be toxic, it does not hold any nutritional value to be added to your dog’s meals. Also, the high fat and salt content makes them a bad choice for dogs.

Can dogs eat chips with salt and vinegar?

No, seasonings and additives like salt and vinegar can cause allergic reactions in dogs. It might also upset your dog’s stomach and irritate their digestive system.

What happens if my dog eats chips?

If your dog accidentally ate 2-3 chips off the floor, it won’t cause any harm. However, frequent consumption of fried potato chips in moderate to high amounts can lead to digestive upset and make your doggo sick.

Can dogs eat chips with cheese?

Even though some types of cheese are safe for dogs, combining them with chips will worsen the nutritional status. Chips and cheese are unsuitable for canine consumption and should be avoided at all costs.

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