Are you finding ways to make your dog’s meals more nutritious and yummier? How about some duck? But wait, have you ever asked, “can dogs eat duck?”

This article is all about it! In short- the answer is a huge yes! Duck is a superfood for your dog, as it is not just healthy but palatable for dogs. But there is a lot more that you need to know about this. And guess what? This 3-minute read will tell you all you need to learn about ducks and dogs.  

Is Duck Good For Dogs?

Yes! Duck is absolutely fantastic for dogs and a great source of nutrients if you prepare it properly. But don’t believe it; believe the goodness that you can find in duck meat below:

1. Lean protein

Every dog has nutritional needs that should be fulfilled for a better lifestyle and well-being. Keeping this in mind, lean protein is something that would help in dog’s muscle development and give them abs after gym! So, if your dog’s meals lack protein, duck meat is something your doggo will love!

2. Hypoallergenic option

Now, when it comes to protein, a lot of dogs are allergic to it and may not react positively after meat consumption. Although, the good news is that duck meat is hypoallergenic and suits dogs with food allergies or sensitivities. So, don’t worry—your dog will surely be safe!

3. Bacterial contamination and fat

Last but not least, there are also some cons to meat, which brings us to two super important things to remember: bacterial contamination and high-fat content. Firstly, we do not recommend feeding dogs raw duck meat as there is a high chance that it is contaminated with millions of bacteria that are ready to make your pooch sick.

Secondly, meats have a thick layer of fat, which can harm dogs if moderation is not maintained. This is because feeding your dog high-fat meals can lead to pancreatitis and obesity (article).

a dog curiously looks at a plate of duck meat

Are All These Parts of Duck Safe For Dogs?

Now that you know this human food is excellent for dogs, it is time to see whether you can give your dog all parts of duck:

1. Bone

Nope! You should not feed your dog bones, whether cooked or raw duck bones. This is because bones can splinter or break into small pieces, which can cause choking hazards. And believe us—this condition can be no less than a nightmare for you and your pooch. 

2. Skin

If you are wondering whether or not duck skin is safe for dogs, the answer is no! It is because the skin is often covered with thick layers of fat that can cause obesity, which is a common health concern in dogs. Hence, it is advisable to remove the skin before feeding the duck to your dog.

3. Eggs

You can feed your dog duck eggs as they are nutritious, and their taste, just like chicken eggs, will not disappoint you! The catch here is that there is a bacteria called salmonella, which can be a threat to your dog’s health (study). In fact, this is the major reason why you should cook eggs. 


Our final thoughts on “can dogs eat duck?” are a BIG yes! You can feed your dog duck meat as it is not only a great source of protein but also very palatable for dogs. Besides its nutritional value and benefits, please keep in mind that you cannot serve it raw, and bones should always be off the table! Also, make sure that you clean the duck properly before it makes its way to your dog’s meal bowl. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs eat cooked duck breast?

You can and should feed your dog duck cooked duck breast because why not? They are tasty, juicy, and packed with nutrients that are amazing for your dog’s health. In fact, duck meat is also found in good dog foods that are full of protein.

Can I feed my dog raw duck

You can feed your dog raw duck as it is excellent for the dog’s well-being, especially if you prefer a raw diet for your dog. However, the reason why we do not recommend feeding your dog is because of its high-fat content and possible bacterial contamination.

Are duck feet good for dogs?

Feeding your dog duck feet can be really beneficial for your dog’s health as they have collagen content, which supports joint health. However, as there is high bone content in feet, it can cause choking hazards if not fed in moderation and carefully.

Can dogs eat duck fat?

Well, yes, you can feed your dog duck fat, but it is high in unsaturated fats, which can be beneficial, but it should not replace a balanced diet. We do not recommend it, as fat can lead to obesity or pancreatitis in dogs.

Is duck better for dogs than chicken?

Both chicken and duck are an excellent source of protein and nutrients that are wonderful for your dog’s health. It would be best to feed both the superfoods and other nutritious salads or rice that would make it a balanced diet.

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