If you are concerned about “can dogs eat honeydew?” then you are at the right place! After discussing muskmelons, watermelons, and cantaloupes, it’s time we talk of their other cousin—honeydew. 

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about honeydews and dogs! In short, yes! Honeydew is safe for dogs, but there is a lot more to them, like their benefits or safe ways to feed them to your dog, and we have it all!

Is Honeydew Good For Dogs?

Undoubtedly! Honeydew is one of the healthiest fruits for dogs; it is not just yummy but also packed with nutrients. It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals like:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin K
  • Potassium 
  • Copper

Along with these, honeydews are also rich in dirty fiber, which, FYI, is great if your dog often suffers from constipation. Not only this, but the reason why we love giving dogs honeydew as training treats is because they have a high water content. So, if your dog is having a tiring summer day, honeydew is all they need for a boost. Moreover, you would be surprised to know that being a low-calorie fruit, your dog’s weight will not affected if you only feed it to them in moderation.

a dog looks out the window with a honeydew slice in front of him

How to Feed Honey to Your Dog

Now that you know you can feed your dog honeydew, it’s time to learn about “how to?” So here you go with some rules you will need to keep in mind when feeding your honeydew:

1. Remove the seeds and rind

The first and foremost thing to do with any type of melon is to prepare it beforehand. The preparation part is mysterious jujus or magic, but simply removing the seeds and peeling the rind. This will ensure your dog does not suffer from choking hazards and can enjoy their chopped bite-sized honeydew chunks. 

2. Moderation

Secondly, no matter how tasty or healthy a human food is for your pooch, you should always keep moderation in mind. It is because overfeeding your dog anything can lead to digestive issues, diarrhea, or vomiting. 

3. Balanced diet

Lastly, even though honeydew is pretty nutritious and healthy, it does not have all the nutrients that can cater to all of a dog’s dietary needs. Hence, you should feed your dog honeydew as a side snack or top on their favorite meals. In fact, our favorite way is to make a salad that includes other fruits like apples, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, avocados, etc. In addition, you can also add some proteins and healthy fats to balance everything and add more flavor to the dog’s meals. 


Our final thoughts on “can dogs eat honeydew?” are BIG YES! You can and should add honeydew to your dog’s diet, as this fruit is tasty and excellent for your dog’s health. However, it might not be the best one in town, but it is far better than any unhealthy treat that your dog got off the dog treat rack. So well, next time you sit to eat honeydew, do not forget to toss some to your pooch and make their day better!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs eat honeydew melon skin?

No, you should not feed your dog honeydew melon’s skin or the rinds. They are not edible and can cause choking hazards. So please keep your dog away from the scraps, be it on the table or in your dustbin.

Can dogs be allergic to honeydew?

There is a very low chance that your dog can be allergic to honeydew. As this fruit is mostly water with some flesh, it does not have any elements that can cause dog allergies.

Is honeydew hard to digest for dogs?

No! Honeydew is not at all hard to digest! However, we recommend starting with small amounts of it, as overfeeding in one go can lead to digestive issues in dogs.

Can dogs eat honeydew seeds?

Besides the rind or the skin, you should never feed your dog honeydew seeds as they can cause choking hazards. Especially with small dogs, you should be extra careful as they are eager eaters and may bite the whole seed portion.

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