Kiwis are the best fruits for a scorching summer afternoon. They are sweet, a bit tangy, and very hydrating! These may seem like the best treat for your dog, but can dogs eat kiwi?

In brief, the answer is yes. Dogs can eat kiwis with ease. But, just like most fruits, kiwis should be fed only in moderation. While it can definitely be one of the best human foods that’s edible for dogs, it also comes with a few health risks when fed in large quantities. 

Let us find out why that is the case.

Are Kiwis Safe For Dogs?

A little kiwi that replaces your mid-day junk food cravings is always so much better. Kiwis are delicious but are packed with nutrients. They can benefit your pup in plenty of ways when fed in moderation. But what are those health benefits?

1. Overall immune health

Kiwis are an absolute explosion of vitamin C with every bite. Do you know what vitamin C does?

It stimulates the body’s immune response and works by collecting and discarding free radicals from your pup’s entire body. Free radicals can cause illness, diseases, and progressive aging (article); therefore, getting rid of those makes their immune health 10x better.

2. Support heart health

Kiwis can lower your beloved puppy dog’s blood pressure if they have hypertension issues and keep the blood pressure at a healthy level. This means that now your dog is much less prone to conditions such as stroke or heart disease. 

Furthermore, kiwi contains a high amount of dietary fiber. Fiber can reduce factors for heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol.

3. Healthy tummy functions

As mentioned above, kiwis are filled with dietary fibers. So, if you feed your constipated pooch some kiwis in moderation, their bowel movements will significantly improve. 

Kiwis will also eliminate any type of existing gastrointestinal issues and discomfort. A happy and healthy tummy will ensure that your pup can play around and have the time of their life!

4. Treating asthma

Asthma is a scary issue that sucks life out of our beloved furry friends. Therefore, keeping their diet in check is always a necessity in such cases. 

The vitamin C in Kiwi is known for its asthma-treating properties as it significantly reduces wheezing symptoms. 

Now, on to why you should always control the amount of kiwis your dog eats.

Health Risks of Feeding Kiwis to Dogs

All foods that your dog can eat have to be in limited quantities. Because, obviously, you and your canine companion do not have the same kind of digestive system, duh! 

And not just that, there are other risks as well that can mess with their body. A few of them are:

1. Choking hazard

Kiwi pieces that are too big can get stuck in your dog’s airways, which we know as choking on food. Small dogs are always especially at risk in these cases.

Any fruit or veggie you will give your dog must be sized up according to your pup’s requirements. So, even if they swallow them as a whole, they have a low chance of choking on them.

2. Digestive issues

Kiwis are filled with dietary fiber, as we just discussed. But as healthy as they are, too much kiwi in your pup’s diet will likely cause a nutritional imbalance. 

An upset stomach is the first symptom of nutritional imbalance, and your pup could show signs such as vomiting, diarrhea, and digestive discomfort.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the skin of the kiwi fruit can cause intestinal blockages or constipation. If you do not get them checked as early as possible, they may develop issues such as obstipation (impaction of the colon) and megacolon (a dilation of the colon).

3. Unhealthy weight gain

At the end of the day, even if the sugar in fruits is much healthier than the added sugar in sweet junk food, but still eating too many kiwis can lead to excessive weight gain.

Sugar… is the real villain here. Because sugar does not just lead to obesity, but it also causes issues such as stomach upset, spike in cholesterol levels, etc (article).

Obesity in dogs can strain their joints and muscles and can significantly restrict their movement… Not a good look!

a curious dog next to a bunch of fresh kiwis

Healthy Ways to Serve Kiwi to Your Dog

Kiwis are so yummy and nutritious that you cannot just keep your lovely furry friend from feeling their goodness, right? But how do you safely serve kiwis to your dog?

1. Choose organic

Not to sound like a boomer, but most fruits and vegetables nowadays are not free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. This is why you should go for organically grown and locally grown kiwis so that your pup does not ingest those poisonous chemicals.

2. Peel the kiwis

The kiwi skin is unsafe for dogs as it is known to cause digestive blockages and physical discomfort. The tough outer skin of a kiwi contains high levels of insoluble fiber.

3. Chop them up in small pieces

Small dogs are prone to choking on large pieces of kiwis. You must always dice the kiwi into small pieces (almost into a pea size) as this is the ideal size for even quick eaters and small dogs. 

Even better would be mashing them up to create a puree-like consistency. Fruit purees are always easier to consume and can simply be added to their regular meals. 

And we’ll later add how to make a little fun snack with kiwi puree.

4. Portion control

Your pup’s diet should not consist of more than 10 percent kiwis. The rest, 90 percent, should be their regular well-balanced diet. Consuming too much kiwi, or literally any fruit, is never okay due to nutritional imbalances.

Note: No matter what fruit you choose to feed your lovely canine buddy, you must introduce it gradually. Trust, you DO NOT WANT TO PLAY with their nutrition.

Frozen Kiwi Treats For Your Dog

Kiwis on a hot summer day are heavenly, but do we even have any better word to describe what a kiwi frozen treat would be like? These treats are not just nourishing but will be the best training treats after a rigorous play session due to the natural sugar.

You will need one kiwi, one medium-sized peach, ½ coconut water (you can use plain water as well, but coconut water just adds the extra flavor and nutrients to it), and your favorable ice cube tray.


  • Peel the skin off from both the fruits.
  • Mash the fruits together. You can either use a grinder or do it manually.
  • Fill them in your ice cube tray.
  • Pour in the coconut water until the cube is filled.
  • Freeze overnight.

And your delicious icey kiwi dog treats are ready! These are the healthiest snacks to satiate your pup’s sweet cravings. (A little secret, but you can add them to your own fruit juice so that you and your dog both get to enjoy your summers).

Can Dogs Eat Kiwi Seeds?

Kiwi seeds do not contain any toxins that can harm your dog. And the best part is, that the seeds are also tiny enough to easily pass through your pupper’s food canal. 

You do not need to worry if your dog eats kiwi seeds along with the fruit or you do not need to separate them from the fruit flesh.

In fact, Kiwi seeds provide a small amount of omega-3 fats. Omega-3 fats are also known as the “good fats” that support brain and heart health.

Final Thoughts

Your pup’s scorching summer afternoons can now be safely filled with this sweet fruit! The nutritional value of kiwis outweighs the risks. But! But… do NOT overfeed them! 

Overconsumption of kiwis is just as dangerous as any other dog-safe fruit and will lead to serious issues in the long run.

Also never feed any new food to your dog without consulting your veterinarian beforehand. Same with kiwis. Any fruit or food may contain elements that are specifically unsafe for your dogs. So, do not take chances with it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs eat peanut butter sandwich with kiwi?

A little peanut butter sandwich is just the best treat for your furry friend, right? Well, it won’t be if there are toxic ingredients in it that can harm your dog. So, make sure you only get dog-safe peanut butter and then you can add some mashed kiwis in your dog’s peanut butter sandwich.

Can dogs eat strawberries or kiwi?

Yes. dogs can strawberries and kiwis in moderation. Both of these fruits are not only delicious, but filled with healthy nutrients. However, the sugar in both of these can lead to obesity and other health issues.

Should I remove kiwi seeds?

Kiwi seeds do not contain any toxic elements that can harm your dog. So, it will be completely fine if you let the seeds stay. However, you need to be careful, if you have a small dog, as they might choke on them.

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