If you are a nut and a dog enthusiast, you may wonder what all the nuts your dog can eat with you! So after cashews, almonds, pecans, and peanuts, let’s learn about “can dogs eat pistachios?”

In short- Yes. Pistachios are not toxic to dogs and can be fed in moderation. But before feeding your dog, here is everything you need to know about the risks, benefits, and alternatives!

Are Pistachios Bad For Dogs?

Pistachios are not toxic to dogs, but they are not the healthiest either! Nuts like pecans contain poisonous compounds, but pistachios are different and can give your dog multiple health benefits as well. Although, you should not feed your dog too many pistachios because of the risks involved. To give you a clearer picture, here are the pros and cons of giving your dog pistachios:


  1. Pistachios have high nutritional value. For humans, at least- they serve a great purpose in maintaining good well-being. For dogs, if you serve pistachios in moderation and occasionally, they can serve benefits. 
  1. These nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals. For example, pistachios have high levels of vitamin B6 and potassium. 
  1. The antioxidant properties of pistachios make them a great occasional training treat for dogs. And, of course, the nuttiness and flavor add up to the pros of feeding your dog pistachios. 


  1. One of the most scary things about feeding your dog pistachios is that it can lead to choking hazards. Especially if you have a small-sized dog, the pistachio shells can get stuck in their throat. 
  1. As pistachio is a nut, it has a high fat content. Just like any other nut, if fed in huge amounts, the massive level of fat content can cause pancreatitis in dogs (article). It can also lead to diarrhea and vomiting-like symptoms. 
  1. It is also essential that you feed your dog good-quality pistachios. Some shops may sell old and molded pistachios, which can make your dog sick and even be life-threatening. 
  1. Giving your dog nuts in massive amounts is like directly feeding your dog calories! Also, salted pistachios are a BIG NO for dogs, as if overfed, it can lead to sodium toxicity in dogs (article). 

a curious dog with a bowl of pistachios in front of him and some strewn around

What Other Pistachio Products Dogs Can and Cannot Eat?

If you are confused about what and what not to feed your dog, here are some pistachio products available in the market. Before feeding your dog all these, give it a read:

1. Pistachio shells

The hard pistachio shells are not for consumption, and the same rules apply to both humans and their furry friends. Especially if your dog is an eager eater, you must keep an eye on them if pistachios are around. Dogs may sniff their way to pistachios and gobble up a few along with the shells. This can lead to choking hazards. If so, please get in touch with your veterinarian immediately.

2. Pistachio ice cream

Feeding your dog any ice cream is not recommended as it is not a healthy option for dogs. Be it pistachios or other flavors, ice-creams are packed with sugar and fat. This can be a disaster for a diabetic dog. However, one spoon (NOT A SCOOP) will not cause any harm to your dog. 

3. Pistachio butter

Butter is rich in fat and can imbalance your dog’s cholesterol levels. Every nut, be it peanut, cashews, or almonds, are high in fat, so they makes amazing butter for humans. Even though pistachios are not toxic to dogs, you should not serve your dog pistachio butter.

It may lead to allergic reactions or even deteriorate your dog’s health over time. Instead, you can find alternatives like peanut butter, which is the safest for dogs. 

4. Pistachio muffins

No, it would be best not to give your dog pistachio muffins. Not only are they super sweet, but they also may include other dairy products that can be intolerant to dogs. It would be best to look for alternatives like soft dog treats or human foods that are safe and tasty for dogs. 

Alternatives of Pistachios For Dogs

So, if you can’t feed your dog pistachios daily, there are always better alternatives! Please remember that all nuts have some level of fat content, which can be intolerant to some dogs. Below, we have mentioned the safer alternatives to pistachios, but still, the consumption should be minimal.

1. Peanuts

If you want to feed your dog nuts, nutty butter, and treats loaded with nuts, then there is nothing better than peanuts! You can toss your dog a few pieces of it as a training treat or a reward. In fact, the best way to feed your dog peanuts is to spread peanut butter on their chew toys. Peanuts are a great source of vitamins and minerals, which makes them an excellent alternative to pistachios. 

2. Cashews

Another safer alternative for your dog is cashews. Although you should keep the consumption very minimal, cashews are yummy, crunchy, and healthy. You can make cashew paste and use it as a dressing for your dog’s salads. Cashews also have health benefits if fed in moderation. 

3. Coconut

Last but not least, coconuts are also safe and healthy for you and your dog. However, you should not feed your dog coconut oil directly, as there can be a risk of pancreatitis. You can serve your dog small pieces of de-shelled coconuts.

Coconut oil can be used in small amounts while frying crabs, scallops, chicken, etc. Also, we highly recommend slathering your dog in coconut oil as it has excellent antioxidant properties that keep skin shiny and healthy.


So, if your question was – “are pistachios bad for dogs?” then there is no straight answer to that. It all depends on the amount of pistachios you feed to your dog. If you feed your dog 2-3 pistachios once in a while, it will not be toxic to them. However, feeding your dog too many pistachios can lead to severe implications and health hazards. 

We recommend that you feed them the alternatives so you and your dog both can be in your best health!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs eat pistachio shells?

No. Dogs should not eat pistachio shells. It can cause choking hazards and lead to life-threatening situations. If your dog ate one shell and it came out with their stool, you do not have to worry about it. But if your dog shows choking or breathing problems, consult your veterinarian immediately. 

Can small dogs eat pistachios?

Yes. You can feed your small-sized dog 1-2 pistachios occasionally. It should not be a part of your dog’s everyday meals. This is because pistachios may be harmful to dogs if overfed over a frequent time.

How many pistachios can a dog eat?

You can feed your dog 2-3 pistachios on an infrequent basis. They should not eat pistachios like humans do, as large quantities can cause health problems. Due to the high fat and nut toxins, too many pistachios can cause life-threatening problems in dogs.

Can dogs eat pistachios and almonds?

No. Both of these nuts are not the best choice for dogs. Especially almonds should not be fed to dogs in any amount whatsoever due to their high-fat content. Dogs may or may not digest the two together correctly. You can instead feed your dog peanuts and cashews for nutty flavor and health benefits.

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