Imagine munching on yummy pretzels and seeing your dog drooling over it in the corner. What do you do? Toss them some or not? Like other dog parents, if you are also wondering, “can dogs eat pretzels?” you are at the right place!

The answer is no. Though pretzels are not toxic to dogs, they are not an ideal treat either! This article will explain why pretzels and dogs can’t be besties. 

Are Pretzels Good For Dogs?

To dig deep into it, we first need to know what pretzels are made of! They contain refined flour and salt- that’s it! Even though flour is generally safe for dogs, it is not too much. So here are more reasons why pretzels are not suitable for dogs:

1. Low nutritional value

One of the primary reasons is that pretzels have barely any nutritional value. Giving your dog pretzels is like feeding them anything out of the blue to keep them busy and not take care of their nutritional needs

2. Salt content

Another big concern with pretzels is the salt or sodium content! The high salt content is dangerous for dogs, as it can lead to sodium toxicity (article). This can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration in dogs. Although one piece of pretzel won’t cause any harm, too many of them definitely can!

3. Xylitol

If you are feeding your dog store-bought pretzels, be EXTREMELY careful of the ingredients used. As the pretzels themselves are not toxic, the packed commercial ones may contain Xylitol. It is a compound that is toxic to dogs and can even be fatal if fed in massive amounts or too frequently (article). 

Are All Types of Pretzels Safe For Dogs?

Being a human food, pretzels are available in way too many flavors and types to satisfy human’s ever-growing “let’s experiment with food” instincts. But are they good for our furry friends? If not, the regular ones, what about these:

1. Soft and hard pretzels

None of them are safe for dogs! Be it hard or soft pretzels, both contain the same ingredients. Even though one bite of pretzel is unlikely to cause any harm, you should avoid giving it to your dog. The hard pretzels are especially bad as they can cause choking hazards. 

2. Honey pretzels

Again, honey pretzels contain too much sugar to be safe for dogs. If your doggo has diabetes, you should NEVER feed your dog anything so sweet. Please connect with your veterinarian if your dog ate some. Also, a significant health concern with commercial sweets is Xylitol. It is the same poison that is also found in marshmallows (the one that makes these fluffy clouds inedible for dogs).

3. Chocolate covered pretzels

Firstly, chocolate is a poison for dogs! Even small amounts can be fatal to dogs, no matter how delicious it looks. Secondly, no sweet or sour pretzels are safe for dogs in any quantity. Especially the chocolate covered pretzels? They are a recipe for a nightmare for you and your pooch. 

4. Mustard pretzels

The same rules apply for the mustard pretzels! The high salt content, and in this case- mustard seeds, can make your dog very sick. It is a common health problem in dogs to develop gastrointestinal issues if they eat something that is not meant for them. 

5. Cinnamon pretzels

Lastly, cinnamon might be a great spice to sprinkle over your dog’s meals when combined with sugar- they are just not it! It is not worth compromising your dog’s health over some cinnamon and sugar-coated pretzels. They might also contain Xylitol and make your dog sick or even be fatal.

a puppy places her head on a table laden with pretzels

Alternatives of Pretzels For Dogs

Now that you know you cannot feed your dog pretzels, what will your dog munch on now? Well, several human foods will give your dog the perfect crunch as well as nutritional benefits. Here are some of the alternatives to pretzels for dogs:


Our final thoughts on “can dogs eat pretzels?” is no. Dogs should not eat pretzels in any quantity whatsoever! These treats are not healthy for dogs, and far more options are available in the market. 

So next time you sit and eat pretzels by yourself, instead of letting your dog drool, toss them something else that is crunchy and healthy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs have pretzels with salt?

Dogs cannot and should not eat pretzels with salt. Pretzels themselves are not healthy for dogs, and adding salt to them can cause sodium toxicity in dogs. If your dog ate too many salted pretzels, be sure to get in touch with your veterinarian immediately.

Should dogs eat hard pretzels?

No. Dogs should not eat hard pretzels, as they can cause choking hazards. Especially if you have a small-sized or toothless dog, you should not feed your dog food that is hard to chew and digest.

Can dogs eat soft pretzels?

Even though soft pretzels are easy to eat by all dogs, be it toothless or not- they are not safe or healthy. The ingredients used in pretzels hold no nutritional value and do not benefit your dog in any way.

Can dogs eat popcorn and pretzels?

Nope! Even though plain, air-popped popcorn does not cause any harm to dogs in moderation, pretzels make it unsafe. You should avoid giving your dog popcorn and pretzels together, as they neither have any nutritional value nor give your dog any energy.

How many pretzels can a dog eat?

Your dog should not eat ANY amounts of pretzels. Even if your dog insists, please prioritize their health over temporary taste. You can always serve your dog better alternatives that are crunchy and safe to eat.

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