Want to add protein to your dog’s diet? You may wonder about feeding your dog turkey, but wait – can dogs eat turkey? Let’s figure that out!

Well, in short – YES! You can safely feed your dog turkey if and ONLY IF you take all the necessary precautions. In this 5-minute read, you will learn everything you need to know about turkeys and dogs. 

Is Turkey Good For Dogs?

Feeding turkey to your dog is a fantastic way to incorporate something healthy and tasty into your dog’s diet. If you feed it in moderation, turkey can benefit your dog’s health in several ways, such as:

1. Protein

Turkey meat is rich in lean protein that can do wonders for your dog! It helps with muscle development and maintaining the overall body health of dogs. Protein gives your dog the power and energy to have rigorous training sessions. If you have dogs like American Mastiff, Australian Kelpie, or Basque Shepherd, we highly recommend that you give your dog a high-protein diet.  

2. Vitamins and minerals

Turkey is also packed with multiple essential vitamins and minerals for your dog’s well-being and body functioning. The nutrients included are:

  • Vitamin B
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Selenium

3. Low fat

One of the most surprising things about turkeys is their relatively low fat. As there is, lean protein is far more healthy than other meats like pork. It is essential that you track your dog’s fat intake, as too much fat can lead to pancreatitis (article). The amino acids also work as building blocks and help your dog to be at their best fit!

Things to Keep in Mind When Feeding Your Dog Turkey

As a responsible owner, you should be careful when feeding your dog human food. This is because both humans and dogs have different tolerance, allergy triggers, and dietary requirements. So before you feed your dog turkey, here are some notes for you:

  1. You should VERY PATIENTLY cook the turkey meat for your dog. Feeding your dog raw meat is neither appetizing nor safe. 
  1. Another very important thing is to ensure that your turkey is boneless and your dog does not get their paws on any bones or splinters. 
  1. We know, we know! Turkey is delicious; you and your dog often lose track of how much you ate. But for your dog’s health, you better keep it in moderation, or it can be a digestive nightmare for your pooch. 
  1. Lastly, keep your dog’s turkey far away from any seasonings or additional flavors. Also, once you have cooked the turkey meat properly, you can chop it into bite-sized pieces so it’s easier to eat for your dog. 

dog looking at turkey meat in a plate

Fun and Safe Ways to Serve Turkey to Dogs

Here are some excellent ways you can incorporate protein and yummy meals into your dog’s menu:

1. Mix with kibbles

All you have to do is mix cooked and unseasoned turkey meat with your dog’s favorite kibbles. This can be a healthy addition that will enhance the flavor and add more nutritional value to the meal. 

2. Salad bowl

You can create a salad bowl by mixing all your dog’s favorite food items. Add fruits, veggies, and other meats to keep it healthy and enjoyable. Here are all the safe and yummy food items you can add:


Our final thoughts on “can dogs eat turkey?” is a BIG YES! Turkey is filled with nutrients, and you and your furry friend can eat cooked turkey as a part of your primary meals. The only catch is that when serving turkey to your dog, you must keep it plain and unseasoned. It is essential to note that feeding your doggo seasoned or raw turkey is NOT SAFE and should be avoided at all costs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much turkey can I give my dog?

You can add a few small-sized chunks of boneless, skinless turkey meat. You can serve it with the kibbles, as a salad, or as a part of your dog’s primary meals. We highly recommend that you also add other human foods like celery, beets, lettuce, crab meat, tilapia, etc.

What to do if dogs eat turkey bones?

Never feed your dog turkey bones or any other bones, whether chicken or fish bones. They can cause severe choking hazards or even cause internal bleeding due to the sharp splinters. If your dog swallowed turkey bone by accident, please have all the medical dog supplies handy and call your veterinarian immediately to assist you further.

Can dogs eat raw turkey?

No. You should not feed your dog raw turkey or meat. They can be challenging to digest and chew for dogs. Also, bacterial attack is a common health concern in dogs, which you should avoid by cooking their food properly.

Is ground turkey healthy for dogs?

Yes! You can safely feed your dog ground turkey. The only catch is to keep the consumption minimal and in moderation. You can add ground turkey to their kibbles or use it as an evening snack.

Can dogs eat turkey sandwich meat?

No. You should not feed your dog turkey sandwich meat. As a sandwich, it includes harmful ingredients like garlic, seasonings, and several condiments. Also, high sodium content can be hazardous or life-threatening for your dog (study).

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